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One More Team Mate

"Why do things like this always happen to me, Ryuk?" Light groaned as he rubbed at his temples with the tips of his fingers. Matsuda had left to go pick up Misa from the hospital so he had some time to himself to try and sort out this social jigsaw puzzle mess. A piece of half eaten cake sat on his desk that disgusted Light to no end because all this stress caused him to have a craving. For Cake. He'd had a craving for chocolate cake with vanilla icing which made him, of course, think of L and that always put Light in a foul mood. "Why?"

Ryuk snickered and took a bite out of an apple. A yellow one this time- Matsuda had insisted Ryuk expand his apple palate. Ryuk knew that Light wasn't expecting a real answer, but the shinigami decided to give him one anyway. "I think you humans have a little story about mice and men?"

Light turned deftly on his heel and pointed directly at the smirking shinigami. "Yes, but it shouldn't go wrong all the time!"

"If I recall, quite a few of your plans worked." Ryuk shrugged and went back to watching Light pace. "And this really isn't ruining your plans, I don't think."

"Misa ruins everything she touches." Light snarled and moved to sit back at the desk and mentally prepare himself. Misa meant trouble and both Ryuk and Matsuda were forcing him to play nice. Though Ryuk's threats held more weight, Matsuda was sure to add in his own meager ones involving talking to the local detectives about his predicament. Not that Light actually believed Matsuda would do it, but that wasn't the point. The real point? Light had to play the happy fiancé again: or else. "Getting her involved was my downfall. I just know it."

"But she made things so much fun!" Ryuk chuckled and gazed off into the distance happily as memories of the bubbly little lady flooded his mind. "Only human girl I've ever met who wanted to give me a hug."

Light scoffed and shoved a forkful of cake in his mouth. He spoke around the food in an off moment of rudeness. "More proof she's missing vital connections in her brain."

Ryuk poked Light in the head with a pointed finger. "So you gotta' have a screw loose to be crazy about you then?"

"Apparently. It would definitely explain you and Matsuda." Light smirked and put the fork down on the table willing himself to avoid another piece of the pastry. Light then turned towards the window and watched the cars busy down below before Light buried his head in his arms. "Just tell me this is all a dream and that Misa isn't coming here?"

"It's all a dream and Misa isn't coming."


Ryuk paused as Light let out a relieved sigh in his arms. He tilted his head and took another bite out of his apple. "You know I'm lying, right?"

Light threw a stationary pad at Ryuk's head.

Aizawa was in disbelief.

Misa Amane was walking out of the hospital arm in arm with Touta Matsuda of all people. He almost believed it when Ide told him she was kind to the idiot over the phone, but she was hanging off his arm with the biggest smile he'd ever seen on her face. Had Matsuda said something that profound? Hell, her lifted mood and his company allowed her to leave the hospital early (the fact the wound on her neck had been less severe than they originally thought helped too, but still.) So, Misa was leaving arm in arm with her current suicide-watch guardian Matsuda and looking all the world like she was going on a date. The detective couldn't stop the thoughts from circling in his mind as he tried to find some logic to it. Aizawa felt a slight hit to his side and looked down at Ide who's first was still on his arm. "Problem?"

"If you don't wipe that scowl off your face, Matsuda's going to think you're upset with him taking Misa out." Ide chuckled and thumped Aizawa's arm again. Despite his superior's misgivings, Ide was very happy for Matsuda. It was no secret he was head over heels for that girl. "And we both know it's good for them."

"But it doesn't make any sense." Aizawa muttered and sighed when Matsuda opened a car door for Misa. The younger detective wasn't a bad man by any means, but he still wasn't exactly in the Light Yagami ballpark when it came to Misa's taste. Plus, the two were supposedly on their way to her apartment to change clothes. But change clothes for what? Was he really taking her out on a date? "I don't understand what's going on all of a sudden."

"Really? There's a lot of evidence to support this if you think about it." Ide wondered aloud and crossed his arms. He started to tick off his thoughts on his fingers as he mused. "They both adored Light and the Yagami family. They've both suffered a huge loss and," Ide paused before dropping his voice, "they're both in the same mental bracket."

Aizawa snorted and tried to cover up the laugh with his hand. It almost wasn't a fair statement, but coming from Matsuda's best friend it was pretty funny. At the very least he meant no harm in pointing out Matsuda's more, childish, nature. "I guess there is that." He rubbed his head before turning back to the building to head for his own car on the other side. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked up at the sky. Maybe it was about time for something good to happen to that kid. "And it's not like Matsuda hasn't had a crush on her since forever."

"I hope this works out for them." Ide spoke, happy that he and Aizawa were on the same page as far as Matsuda's feelings were concerned. He smiled watching his friend drive away with the prettiest girl they'd ever met. "They both deserve it."

"Yeah, I guess so." Aizawa nodded and clapped Ide on the shoulder briefly before rubbing his nose. He'd think about Matsuda and Misa later when his head was clear. "If you'll excuse me, I've got a little lady of my own to visit."

Ide waved as his remaining friend disappeared in their respective directions. He took one last look back where Matsuda's car had been and tried to ignore the slight feeling in his chest that something big was coming.

Misa was standing outside the hotel door breathing heavily. According to Matsuda, Light was sitting on the other side of his door waiting for her. The ride on the way there had transformed Misa from a happy, ecstatic woman to a cluster of nerves and jitters masquerading as a girl. She was barely able to change into a new, cuter, outfit when they reached her house and climbed back into the car. Matsuda had been rambling nervously the entire time apologetic as a puppy who'd been caught chewing on a child's toy. Misa had ignored him until they got back into the car and her nerves calmed slightly as the topic shifted to what was really important.


During the second car ride to the hotel, her clumsy friend had also explained everything. The Zombie, the apples, the plan. All of it was quick and in needed of deeper explanation that Misa assumed she would be getting from her beloved, but most subjects were touched. It was almost as if he was trying to justify himself for keeping everything a secret. Misa had already forgiven him; if Light had given her a direct order she would have followed it, too. Misa understood and she wished Matsuda would pick up on that connection. He did, however, also mention Light may not be happy Matsuda had explained, but he felt it was important. She had a right to know, he said. Promise or not and Misa had yet to weigh how she felt about that.

But that was in the car, now she was standing outside a door dressed with a hotel number trying to breathe and make sure that none of this was a dream. That she hadn't been able to kill herself and that Light had really talked to her over the phone and that gods of death were real. Kira had been real and he was behind this door. Misa lifted a hand armed with the key to open the door and hesitated slightly. She had waited and wanted so long to see Light again and her she was unable to open the single obstacle in her way.

Matsuda himself had been quiet and did his best to allow Misa time to gather herself before she entered the room. The girl was dressed up in a cheery pink outfit she hadn't worn in a long time. Her frilled skirt was adorable and her face was painted; lips a very adorable shade of pink. Once again, Matsuda had been taken in by just how lucky the man in this hotel room was to have a girl like Misa. She wanted to look her best, she had said as shaky hands pulled on an equally frilly pink overcoat. Light had liked this outfit on her; he had said so. Matsuda sucked in a breath and prayed desperately Light wouldn't break her again. That he'd lie through his teeth and make Misa happy.

She at least deserved the same courtesy that Matsuda himself was receiving.

Misa held the key just over the slot in the door and closed her eyes, frozen in place. She twitched when a warm hand fell over hers and tightened slightly with a reassuring squeeze. Misa looked to the side to see Matsuda smiling, hand still covering hers. "Matsuda?"

"We shouldn't keep him waiting, right?" Matsuda pressed his hand down with Misa's and watched as the little light turned green. Misa pulled the key out herself and pushed the handle down to the door as she pushed it open on her own.

Light looked up as the door opened and couldn't help but think finally as Misa entered the room with Matsuda trailing behind her. She was wearing a familiar pink dress and her steps were timid as she entered the room. Ryuk had notified Light the moment the two had arrived, but they had been standing outside the hotel room door, probably drawing attention, for a good fifteen minutes. The wait to face his doom had been agonizing, really. Light stood up from the desk fully intending to meet the girl before she could cross the room and smiled happily despite his temper, Ryuk giggling behind him like a loon. "Mi-"

Matsuda gaped as Light hit the ground, cut off mid sentence by Misa's (quite impressive) punch to Light's face. Ryuk was now falling over himself, laughing hysterically, but Matsuda was frozen in place. Misa looked ready to kill something and Light was still on the ground groaning. Matsuda watched her stalk over to the boy on the ground and he quickly backed up against the wall to stay out of their way.

"Misa! What the hell was that?" Light's hand was covering his throbbing eye and temple as he watched the girl decked out in pink loom over him. He looked over at the hand she had punched him with and noticed the blood around her knuckles. Light pulled a hand down and realized himself that his head was bleeding. His tone was an odd mix of disbelief and anger. "You punched me with your engagement ring."

"And you deserve worse!" Misa shouted as she looked at her beautiful Light, in the flesh sitting on the ground. This was no dream. He was real and here and now that everything was all right in the world – Misa could finally get angry. "How could you come back to life as a zombie and not come see me immediately!? I'm your fiancé!"

Light ducked his head back into his hands and groaned. That, that zombie thing was back again and now Misa was doing it. Couldn't she have just hit him again? He grit his teeth and seeing Ryuk now staring at him intently from the corner, remembered to play nice. "I didn't exactly tell anyone, Misa."

"You told Matsuda!" She pointed at said man trying to blend into the wall and inching towards Ryuk to further hide. Smart man. "How is he more important than me!?"

"He found out on his own, Misa." Light reasoned and stood up from the ground to regain his height advantage. He held his hands out defensively in case she lunged. "That's all."

"I almost killed myself to see you, Light Yagami" Misa's voice was even and her eyes locked onto Light's. "I never would have forgiven you if I had succeeded and not been able to see you on the other side because you were here."

Light's ready reply was cut off from the sheer gravity of Misa's statement. She was deadly serious about this whole thing. And suddenly Light was amused, because even if they had both been dead there was nothing to see because the only thing that waited for them on the other side was a whole lot of nothing. Though, knowing his luck, Misa would have found him. Somehow. Yes, she would be the one person to hunt him down in nothing and make sure he was never rid of her. It was almost funny. Light bit his lip fighting the morbid smile. No, it was definitely funny.

Misa waited for Light to say something back, but it appeared he was off in his own little world, with an odd smirk edging at his lips. He was holding back a laugh. Light was going to laugh at her for something so serious! Misa took a deep breath and let it out with a tiny smile of her own. Light hadn't changed at all; not one little bit. But, Misa supposed, when you love someone, you love them completely. Flaws and uncaring attitude and all.

Light flinched when arms found their way around his shoulders and a head digging into his shoulder, blonde hair under his nose. The grip was suffocating and he could feel Misa breathe him into herself. Apparently her roller coaster of emotions was down the slope of the track. Her arms were warm around his middle; Light had almost forgotten what a real hug felt like.

"I missed you so much." Misa whispered. Light was firm and whole in her arms and it just felt right. Misa didn't know how she had possibly lived so long without this. Her voice was quiet and tiny; for Light's ear's only. "Hate me if you want. Laugh at Misa and her feelings if that's what you need to do. I don't care, just please, please don't leave me again."

Light finally closed the hug with his own arms and rubbed Misa's back with his thumb. He looked over at Matsuda who was fiercely rubbing his eyes to stop his own tears and Ryuk who was shaking with silent laughter. Like he had a choice about this whole ordeal. "I'm not going anywhere, Misa. Not again."

"Thank-you." Misa sighed happily before opening her eyes. She looked up to take in his face that she had memorized time and time again and gasped audibly scaring the other two voyeurs in the room to attention. Throwing her hands over her mouth, Misa squeaked. Her voice came out in a sort of shock that sounded as if she'd completely forgotten the events of only a few mere minutes before now. "You're bleeding!"

Mood completely shattered with the idiocy of her statement, Light felt no remorse yelling right back at her. "Because you hit me with a diamond ring!"

"Well! Well!" Misa's cheeks puffed up in defense as she grasped for words, anger in full force once again. "You didn't come see me! What did you expect me to do?"

"Hug me! Squeal that you missed me! Maybe announce you were angry!" Light threw his hands up. "Not hit me in the face!" He pointed at the wound. "And now I'm bleeding."

"It's okay! I'll take care of it!" Misa dashed off to the other side of the room and stood in front of Matsuda. He was now fighting a smile, clearly amused by her and Light's arguing. Well, that wouldn't do at all! Misa and her Light needed to get some things straight and they didn't need a couple of perverts staring at them while Misa laid down some new laws. Thankfully, she had a good excuse to get rid of him. "Do we have first aid supplies?"

"Uh, not in the room." Matsuda answered slowly trying to avoid bringing a woman's wrath upon himself. He noticed that Ryuk had slunk away back to hide behind Light.

"Then go get some!" Misa shoved at the man until he started walking towards the door. She turned the handle and flung the door open, hand shifting from Matsuda's arm to his back with s hove. "Go, go, go! He's bleeding!"

"I'm going!" Matsuda yelped before he found himself in the hallway. A few seconds later, Ryuk phased through the wall with a slightly horrified look on his face. Matsuda stared at the door and back at the god of death. "She kicked you out too?"

Ryuk looked down at the stupid man and pointed back towards the wall, still slightly in shock. Human girls were scary. "She wanted them to be alone."

At the sound of Light yelping and Misa yelling, Matsuda and Ryuk quickly dashed down the hallway together with the intention of making it one very, very long shopping trip.

Misa and Matsuda were sleeping on the hotel bed, exhausted from earlier events. Matsuda and Ryuk had returned to an overturned room and a very disheveled Light and Misa breathing heavily on opposite sides of the bed. Light's shirt had been open and Misa's sleeves ripped. Ryuk was mourning a few apples that had been squashed or smashed against walls. Neither Light nor Misa had any intention of sharing what had gone on in the room in the few hours Matsuda and Ryuk had been absent acquiring bandages and new apples and said detective and shinigami had no intention of asking.

It was for the best of all members of Team Kira and they liked it that way.

Chats, rambling and innocent conversation complete with giggling had followed now that the mood was much lighter and the two 'lovebirds' had gotten everything out of their systems. Ryuk had been an active participant in said conversations amused by how much it annoyed Light that such a huge recap of events was needed to get Misa fully into the loop. Light himself had kept up polite conversation and made points when necessary but made no effort to cover up his irritation with the other two. It seems he no longer felt the fake smiles and buttering he made use of previously to keep their good moods were needed. Ryuk couldn't decide which was more entertaining: Fake Light or Grumpy Light.

At the moment, the boy was dead to the world in the lounge chair he had fancied since entering the hotel facing the window. Light's head had lolled over and his breathing had evened, he wasn't asleep just yet but his eyes were closed. Ryuk almost hated to wake him, but there was something that needed addressing. He poked at the boy's shoulder with a clawed finger, rings clinking together. "Hey, Light."

Light remained still in the chair hoping Ryuk would just go away and bother him some other time. He wanted to sleep already. After about four more pokes and a sharp tug to his shoulder, Light let out a deep breath. "Yes, Ryuk?" Light mumbled as he shifted in the chair trying to get more comfortable. Ryuk poked him in the shoulder again, clearly wanting his full attention. Light cracked an eye open to stare at the stupid thing that didn't need sleep. "What?"

The shinigami chuckled at the glazed, angry look coming in his direction. "Did you forget the time?"

"The time?" Light looked down at his watch, glancing at Matsuda and Misa as they slept soundly, sprawled on the hotel bed. It was almost two in the morning. "What about it?"

Ryuk tapped the face of the watch and his grin widened, showing off his crooked sharp teeth. "It's not so important to me, but I'm pretty sure you care about what time it is."

"It's two o'clock." The boy spoke blandly as the shinigami chuckled even louder and watched as Ryuk fell back to sit against the window. What was so important about it being two in the morn- Light jerked upright and his eyes widened like saucers as it hit him like a punch to the gut. "Mikami!"