End of Days

By Ash Kaiba

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Full Summary: World War 3 has finally happened. Yugi and his friends attempt to flee Domino City as the armies march in. But, the unexpected happened. Duel Monsters, primarily vampires and fiends, invade the human civilization. In efforts to stop them, magicians allied themselves with the humans. But, they were late for Domino. Yugi and his friends survive…at the cost of one's life. Now, Joey finds a Duel Monster in an enemy compound…and Hell breaks loose. What is this thing? More importantly, who is it?

Ash Kaiba here!! I've had this on in my head for sometime. And since Save Me, Cold Case: Blue-Eyes, Murderous Perfection, and Now They Know are on hold --since the laptop I'm using can't read the disc all my fics are on--, I will for right now be working on this and Year of the Dragon. I hope you like this.

Chapter 1

Iron walls surrounded them. A brunette with a spike hair do carried a boy with raven hair. The female brunette glanced around with fright filling her eyes. Two males with star hair dos ran in front of him. A younger Duke Delvin led his sister beside him. A six foot brunette male led them down the corridor. Joey saw him turn his head to check on them. The usual hard eyes were soft…and scared.

"He yelled.

The blonde watched as the brunette tensed. He turned around and faced them completely.




Dry wind bashed his tanned skin. Metal plates refused to glow in the sunlight. The armored jeep, however, snatched as much rays as it could. Honey brown eyes swept across the barren land that was once his home. Blonde strands hung in his face, begging for another trim. Scars of his current life lined his muscles.

"Hey, man. Being depressed isn't going to help," a black head snapped.

The man shifted his attention to his partner. His body was a little muscle than before. Midnight black hair still hung in his face. Emerald irises glared at him.

"I know, Duke."

Duke Delvin sighed, "You know the Commander will be meeting us soon with the rest of the troops."

"Find the enemy camp and kill all monsters you find. Save the humans trapped inside." The blonde moaned.

"You're thinking about Kaiba, are you Joey?"

Joseph, or Joey, Wheeler glanced at him. "Yeah… It's been years… I wish I had chance…"

A hand landed on his shoulder. "I'm sure that's he's happy you remember him."

The blonde nodded. Duke smiled and crept back from him. His slender body settled back into the passenger seat. The emeralds went back to the light blue sky. "I've been thinking about him too, Joey. I'm sure all of us have; one way or another."

The man nodded again.

Joey sighed. He turned back to Duke and climbed into the driver seat. His right hand turned the key. The engine whined and complained. Joey growled as he turned the key again. The engine gasped and immediately started to purr. He reached down to the shift, changing it to drive. I want to believe that he's alive. But, my mind keeps saying he's dead… How are the others?

After we escaped, we went in our directions. Mokuba, I think, lives in the ruins of the city. I wish I know what the hell he's doing there. The rest of us joined the Allegiance, the only resistance to those bastards. But, we went into different companies. Duke and I are in the Red-Eyes Squadron. Our name comes from the time you see a pair of red dots, then you're dead. We've been fightin' for about fifteen years. Not once have I seen Kaiba…or his body. Not even in the camps… Joey recalled.

The camps were prison camps. The Allegiance attacked them to save what humanity they can. Most of the time, the prisoners are already dead. The soldiers would have to burn the place. In the last couple Joey and Duke raided, the blonde saw bodies of mutated bodies. Most of them were younger than him, only children.

Rumors, then, soared across the land. The vampires had done the impossible. An artificially made Duel Monster. At that, Joey's stomach cramped up. Nausea swept over him. But, no one could prove the rumor. No evidence was found within the prison camps. Only that they attempted. Now, that is all it became a rumor…or as Kaiba would put it, a fairytale.

A brown eye glanced in the rearview mirror. His right foot applied the brake; the vehicle slowing down. Another jeep pulled up to them. A light flashed at them from the dark interior. Joey nodded and started her back on the gas. The solar energy reached back to the engine and moved the vehicle. Duke peeked into the back seat. Then, he turned back around. Joey glanced at him and "Dice Boy" nodded.

The squad moved quickly across the compact dirt. The dark walls of a compound loomed over the horizon. Hatred boiled in Joey's blood. His ivory teeth sank down into his lip, slowly drawing blood. Duke's hand on his shoulder was the only restraint from gunning ahead of the pack. So, he maintained speed.

The compound's stench already reached his nose. Death threatened to kill him. Joey quickly attempted to snort it out. No avail. He glanced at his partner. Duke appeared to be fighting it as well. Joey tried to ignore it. This compound…Kaiba could be here…

The Commander signaled a stop. The jeeps obeyed. Soldiers flooded off of them, reaching for the back seat. Duke reached into theirs, pulling out Joey's board sword with a dragon craved into the blade and his energy pistol. Joey accepted his blade, swinging it onto his back. Then, he added a knife to his belt as Duke added an energy rifle.

Feeling the two were ready, they slid into the mob surrounding their leader. "If you find any Duel Monsters, kill them. Save any person you can! Now, go!"

The squad charged. Heavy artillery blasted the door down. Joey froze as many others did. The camp was already ruined. Dying flames attempted to flare back to life, but grew weaker every minute. Duke also stared.

"Someone beat us here." Joey whispered.

"Yeah…or the holders burned it." Duke added.

Joey didn't respond. He ventured into a half standing building. His eyes noticed the roof collapsed. Desperate, he clawed through the rumble, praying someone was alive. Despair stabbed his heart as he cleared the dirt floor.

"NO!" He screamed, kicking the ground.

Dirt rose up, revealing a gleam that it covered. Duke rushed to him as the blonde dusted the ground. The emeralds widened as his partner pulled the metal up. The stab opened, leaving its partner down. Joey looked at his partner before charging into the dark. Duke growled as he turned the fully charged flashlight on. Then, followed his partner down.

Joey panted as sweat finally started to form on his skin. He could hear Duke behind him. The light of the flashlight highlighted his shadow and a couple feet ahead of him. He jumped the last step and looked around. Metal walls reminded him of the corridor he ran in 15 years ago. In some panels, there was a burn mark. Other places it was a ripped, reminding the blonde of the third Jurassic Park movie (which possessed three scratch like marks). As he ventured more, something stopped him is his tracks.

It felt like a wall, one that he couldn't see. Duke stepped up to him, looking at him with concern. Then, further into the room.

"Joey…" He gasped.

Joey directed his eyes to where his eyes were staring. A pale form sprawled on hay in the middle of the room. Long white/silver hair covered most of its back. It appeared human; two legs, two arms. Both possessed smooth skin. Joey reached out again; his fingers sliding against the barrier.

"Duke, there has…"

"Already looking at it…" His partner snapped.

The green eyes stared at a device Joey's mind would've exploded on. He mumbled to himself. Joey turned his attention back to the thing. Until a crash resounded behind him.

"What the hell???"

"It was in the vampire language. I couldn't read it!" Duke snapped back.

"So, ya broke it?"

"Pretty much."

Joey growled as he dashed to the form. He didn't crash as he thought he was going to do. Duke followed him as he stopped of the thing. White cloth draped over the body, blending into the hair. The black head gently rolled it over, revealing a face. He placed his index and middle under the jaw.

"It's alive…"

"What is it?"

Duke brushed some of the hair to the side. A pointed ear greeted him. "I think this is a Duel Monster. And a cold one for that matter."

"Let's keep it…"

Emeralds stared at him like he was crazy.

"It may be an ally."

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