End of Days

End of Days

By Ash Kaiba

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For those that are asking if there is a pairing, I haven't decided yet. I'm still working other fics. I will hint that the white head is not an OC. He's just out of character for while.

Chapter 2

The wind tousled his hair. A honey eye glanced at his partner. Duke sat still; the boy lay still in his arms. The emeralds stared at it; concern starting to overflow from them. The freezing chill held onto their find's skin. The white potato sack draped off its frame.

"So, what are we going to do?"

"You know what, Joey! The Commander wants us to kill it! Not to keep it as a pet!"

"WHA??" The blonde gasped. "But, this thing could hold something that the Duel Monsters don't have!"


The blonde driver growled again, pouting as he focused on the road. His partner remained silent as he watched the boy.

His white hair allowed the wind to style it. The unknown irises hid from them. Porcelain skin clung to his bones. The breathing was silent. The only evidence Duke had was fluttering strands of hair that hung in his face. Despite the situation, he looked so calm, like he'd been sleeping for years. Duke carefully lifted its lip, revealing the fangs he suspected would be there.

Just watch it. It's a vampire and will kill the whole squad while we're asleep. He growled. Once we stop for camp, I want to put it in a cage. So I don't have to watch it.

Duke shifted his gaze to the barren that surrounded them. The lifting dust cloud signaled the rest of the squad. He glanced at the body in his arms. Even if it is a vampire, it's too weak to be alive. Plus, at least whimper about the sunlight. But, what if it isn't? Then, what is this thing? Should we alert the magicians?

He charged from them; his feet landing in the same places that they were on before. He could hear the blonde crying out for him, pleading him to come back. He refused to give in. His brother's future rested on his shoulders. The man slowed down and listened to the howls of his enemy. Goosebumps covered his skin as a shriek echoed in the tunnel.

"Find what you can. The Lord is the only one that can choose a human's future!"

His attention increased, but wished it hadn't as various Duel Monster creatures rushed toward him. A figure with blue skin and a dark armor led the group with a calm approach. His red irises stared him down. His mind told him to run, but his body was a deer frozen by a pair of red headlights. He jumped as the vampire rushed and forced his body against the wall.

"You must be…"

"Look what wakes up." A voice taunted.

Blurs clouded his vision. Where am I? I'm still cold. Why am I waking up?

"Hey, Wheeler! Your 'guest' is taking your jeep's power." The voice hollered.

"Wha!?" Another voice cried; this one sounding familiar to him.

Joey screeched to a halt. The white head started to uncurl on jeep hood. Clouded blue eyes tried to make out its surroundings. Maxwell sneered with his energy rifle pointed at it. Blue eyes!! Just like Kaiba and his dragons!! Maybe this guy could help me find Kaiba!! He gasped.

The white head yawned as its body stretched out like a feline. The cloud started to clear. Joey rushed to its side as it attempted to slide off the vehicle. His arms wrapped around it. The cold figure snuggled deeper into his scarred body. Joey gasped and embraced the young man, wrapping him in a blanket of warmth. He found it awkward since the mystery man was only a couple inches taller. Yet, he had curled up that the blonde peered over his head.

"Wheeler, you're blocking my shot," Maxwell growled.

Joey shot him a glare and pulled the boy closer to him. Maxwell hissed and lowered the rifle. He stiffly marched away as Duke approached. His partner's green eyes wondered around their surrounding before landing on the pair. Semi-loose pants protected his legs and vanish into his combat boots. A dark green vest covered the black shirt. The pistols peeked over their holsters and begged Duke to pull them out.

"Joey," he addressed as a thin black eyebrow raised itself in question.

Joey blinked and glanced at the poor boy's body. Stretched skin covered bone. Weak muscles tried to announce their presence, but failed. Finally, the boy looked into Joey's eyes. Wide sapphires asked him questions that haven't yet come out of his mouth. White strands block his line of sight, but it didn't completely stop him.


"It's awake," Duke whispered; his statement sounding more like a question.

"Yeah, probably hungry too. Are you hungry, buddy?"

The male continued to stare, occasionally glancing at Duke over Joey's shoulder. A pink tongue licked his lips. Joey chuckled as he turned towards his partner, guiding their find. The boy lifted his head and sniffed. He broke Joey's gentle hold, nearly falling to the ground. Both men rushed and caught the boy. The male looked at the twigs he had to walk on, wondering.

"Hey," Joey breathed.

The male turned his head towards him. His mouth partially opened, revealing the tips of his pointed canines. Joey ordered his body to stay when his brain repeated, "Get away."

"Are you a vampire?"

The boy's eyebrows frowned as his mouth did as well. Hatred started to surface in the ocean eyes. Joey raised his hands in the air. The male turned his attention else where. As far as they could figure, he was calming down.

"If you're not a vampire, then what are you," Duke asked.

The boy's only response reminded them where they were going. He licked his lips again. Joey and Duke stared each other down before chuckling at themselves. The young looking captive glances Joey. Then, he attempts to stand. Joey lifts him up and positions himself next to the young man. The boy didn't seem to care as they progress to the mess tent. There, the boy eats what he could. Joey could feel everyone watching the white head. The young captive doesn't seem to notice. The Commander scowls in their direction really disappointed that the two didn't follow his orders.

"Hey, come on. You can sleep in my tent," the blonde whispers to the white.

The boy looked at him again with the wide blue eyes, but still said nothing. He mimicked Joey rising to his feet, but allowed the stronger man to help him. His eyes watched everything, but stopped as slumber claimed him.

The man's brain finally kicked into gear, but it was too late. The vampire forced his tall, slender body close. He tried to push away, but the Duel Monster started demonstrating its demonic strength. And one-handedly. The other swooped in between the man's legs and jammed into his flesh. The brunette unconsciously threw his head back as he gasped. Then, the vampire struck, sinking it's fangs into the exposed flesh of his neck. The man felt his strength leaving him. His mind slowed down. He can feel the fangs retract from his flesh. His eyes stare the monster down with weakening strength. The red eyes taunt him.

"Let's bring him with us… This human could be excellent…"


The boy shot straight up as Joey was about to wake him up. For the majority of the night, the blonde watched him twist and turn. Whimpers escaped the young boy's lips. He watched the teen pant up a sweat before curling up into a ball. Duke peered in behind him.

"Didn't know a Duel Monster could have nightmares…"

"Apparently so." Joey sighed.

"I contacted the Black Squadron. Yami says that Mahaado is willing to take a look before we shoot him."

At that, Joey could only nod. His mind, on the other hand, clicked and turned. Events of the past 15 years surfaced briefly, but submitted to one question. What were you dreaming about?

"Duke," he paused, "where are we heading to next?"

Duke sighed heavily before responding with, "The ruins of Domino City..."

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