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Axel's POV

I hate Barney. You know, the big purple dinosaur? I say this because I can still hear that psychotic bastard's voice in my head when I brush my teeth! His greatest philosophy was to never let the water run while you went about your merry way to brush the plaque off your pearly whites. Why I ever watched that show when I was little was and still is a mystery. Now my brain is permanently fucked up with those damn songs. It was twelve O'clock at night when I finally stopped writing music for Nixon to perform, to go brush my teeth. Nixon is my guitar. Don't screw with Nixon. He owns your mom. Stretching as far as my arms would reach, I stood up and walked into my bathroom. I'd never really redecorated since I was seven, so everything in the room was Spiderman themed. Even down to the tissue box. I didn't give a fuck. Hey, opinions do change though. I'm living proof of change. In all my years of school, how I was now couldn't have been less than bad ass. I smoked, I was Gay, a skater and to top it off, I'd lost my virginity two years prior- and to a guy no less. My stages went kind of like this. Tie died, t-shirt nerd in grade school, polo wearing prep up till eighth, from then on I became skater. Honestly I don't think my parents even knew I was, well, me at the time. My dad was a total homophobe and my mom… well let's just say my first girlfriend dumped me the next day at school because of Elaina's cooking. She's my step mom. I never had the pleasure of meeting my real mom. All I know is that she was a prostitute and my dad was a horny, drunk, idiot at the time.

I'm getting off track. I do that a lot. Any way, I was brushing my teeth when my Barbie doll of a sister came bursting through my bathroom doors. We were twins, yet total opposites. The only thing that certified our relations was our flaming red hair.

"AXEL! You'll never believe what Nami told me!" She giggled, clasping her hands together in an overly girly fashion. Of course I was uninterested, in anything a teenage girl had to say. So I continued to scrub at my molars. Groaning exasperatedly, she crossed her arms.

"You know it's useless to drown me out!" The kid had a point.

"What is it Kairi." I asked with a mouth full of toothpaste.

"There's a new foreign exchange student coming to school! I hear he's from France. " I gargled the water before spitting it out, some of it getting on the faucet.

"Just what this country needs. Another Frog." I'm not racist or anything but French people really get on my nerves. A couple years back this kid named Toby came from Paris. He was a dick-A snobby ass dick. Of course he was a teachers' pet, so he aced every class with flying color. This kid had the worst acne issue in the world, yet every fucking girl fawned over him. Not that I care to date girls, it just bothered me what horrible taste girls had in men.

"Be reasonable Axel! He's new here so you and Demyx better behave!" She glared at me through the back of my head.

"Now what have I ever done to make you think I'm such a bad guy?"

"Don't be a smart ass!"

"Yes your majesty." I bowed and walked out from the bathroom. I swear when that girl grinds her teeth the Eskimo's can hear her. As on schedule, I heard a tap at the window. While venturing over to the window I hid the box of chocolates my Grandmother gave me for my birthday. It was still half eaten but knowing Demyx, it would be gone within seconds. Sure enough, Demyx was perched on my balcony, with his favorite pajamas on. I opened the window and pulled my lover in.

"I'm guessing Namine called Kairi huh?" Namine was Demyx's younger sister. Honestly I thought they resembled each other more than me and Kairi did.

"I guess so." I chuckled, pulling the dusty blonde in for a kiss. For as far as we had gone it was only natural that the kiss would turn passionate. It was Demyx's fault really. He was horny that night. Our tongues moved in a competition with each other. Not to brag, but I won every time. I was always on top and as far as I was concerned that was how it would always be. Rolling over, I adjusted my position so I was straddling his hips.

"Nice Pj's Dem." It was a cute outfit for maybe a nine-year-old girl, but hey Demyx was quite girly.

"Shut up! I like kitties!" he pouted as I pinned his arms above his head.

"They'll be off soon enough though." Smirking I moved to began to unbutton the blue shirt. Demyx whined, shifting his weight. God he was adorable when he did that! He made the most submissive faces; I could have melted into a puddle of Axel goop.

"Axeeeel…" he bucked his hips forward obviously wanting more attention on his lower half. "Someone's extra frisky tonight huh Dem?"

"You idiots!" And there stood the Barbie queen herself. "Mom and dad are trying to sleep! I'm not going to cover your two ass's" Demyx groaned in disappointment.

"Fine just knock next time!"

"Night retard." Kairi smirked and shut the door behind her. That was that. One warning from Kairi was all you got and then your ass was screwed. I cuddled up next to Demyx, brining him into my arms.

"I can't believe we're seniors this year Axel!" He giggled lightly. It was strange that was for sure. I'd never thought this year would come and yet here it was. Wetting my lips, I nibbled lightly on his ear. He squeaked in surprise, but soon fell submissive into my arms as my tongue lapped at his ear.

"You're always so warm…" Demyx was a real snuggler. I don't think I'll ever find another like him.

"It's only because you're here Dem." He sighed as I whispered into his ear. The red letters on my clock read twelve fifty five and for once I was very content. Just lying with Demyx in my arms. Everything seemed complete. All the pieces were in place.

"I love you." He yawned and pulled the covers onto us.

"I love you more…" and I was sure I did. I wasn't usually wrong, maybe slightly off center but not wrong.

"Jerk…" Demyx laughed quietly. The room grew into a comfortable silence as sleep overtook us.

The first thing I heard that morning was the shower water running. Figuring it was Demyx, I decided to pay him a 'visit'. I grabbed the cup of water next to me, and I quietly walked into the bathroom. Of course he was singing. Something about coconuts, I think, and he was doing a really bad job. Don't get me wrong. Demyx is an amazing singer, just not at six o'clock in the morning. There really wasn't any need to stand on my tiptoes to reach over the shower curtain. I stood about six feet. Yah, I know I'm giant. Right after I dumped the water Demyx hit an uncanny and eerily high note as the cold took it's toll.

"A-AXEL!" I burst in to laughter and bolted from the room. God he was so much fun to annoy!

Two minutes later, he came out with the cutest pout on his face.

"You meanie!" Somehow seeing him so flustered with the towel so low on his hips was quite arousing. "Sorry baby I'll make it up to you."

"O-Okay…" Demyx's face lit up as I placed my lips on the crook of his neck and a little mewl passed his lips. He was so easy to please and that was just fine with me. He tilted his neck to give me better access. I crept my hand around his back and undid the towel around his waist. He visibly shivered as the piece of cloth left him exposed.

"A-Axel…" "Dem, you're really sensitive…" I teased.

"Just k-keep going…" he whispered as I moved a hand to stroke his arousal. After all the times of giving hand jobs I think I should have gotten paid for it. Okay, Demyx would get it free. After all he had the cutest reactions. He shuddered as I ran my thumb over the head and clung tighter to my shirt. "O-Oh..Axel…" I placed a soft kiss on his forehead as I sped up my pace. I could tell he was close. He pulled my face forward into a heated kiss which I was all for. He gasped into my mouth as he spilled his seed into my hand. We broke the kiss looking at each other, panting softly. Demyx was first to speak.

"I-I guess I can forgive you for the water…" I chuckled and brought my hand to my mouth, licking off the sticky liquid on my fingers.


"EWWWWW! Why does this happen whenever I come in?!" Kairi stood in the door frame along with a blushing Namine. She looked more pissed than embarrassed. I guess she was used to our antics.

"It wouldn't have to happen if you knocked once in a blue moon!" Kairi stuck out her tongue.

"Get ready for school you'll be late!" She motioned for Namine to follow.

"Sorry Dem." I was going to kill Kairi when I got home. She had no idea what kind of shaving cream plot I had enveloped.

"I-It's alright…" he blushed and picked up his towel, quickly wrapping it around his waist. "Say you know that Hayner kid?" Ah Hayner. The little prick was about as annoying as a flea.

"Yah what about him?" I asked as I slipped on a pair of jeans. "The French kid is staying with him. Naimne's supposed to show him around school."

"Better her than me." Demyx rolled his eyes. Yes, I was very stubborn and more than often I didn't care about anything except ice cream, alternative rock or sex so it was kind of pointless to start a conversation with me. Well, at least one that didn't pertain to those subjects. Finally the both of us were fully clothed and ready to go. I gave Dem's ass a little squeeze as we walked down the stairs causing him to yelp in surprise.

"You just love my bum don't you?" He asked lacing his fingers in mine.

"You know it. You're coming to the gig tonight?"

"I wouldn't miss it!" I was the lead singer and guitarist in my band, and every Friday night we'd play at the local coffee bean. Yum. Free discounts on coffee. About two years ago Marluxia and I had named our band The Back Allies of Heaven. Hey I got to admit, it wasn't half bad. Hell it was better than our first name. I'd rather not talk about that either.

"Are they serving those little bagels with chocolate butter?"

"Dem you're gonna get fat if you keep eating like that." As if. Demyx was the most gluttonous guy in San Francisco yet he didn't gain an ounce of fat. I guess being on the swim team had something to do with it.

"Am not!"

"Don't come to me when you need liposuction." I chuckled as Demyx pouted.

"Axel let's go we're going to be late!"

"No. If anything we'll be early. It's still only seven o'clock." Kairi had student council every morning before class started. So of course the honor of driving her to the high school at an ungodly hour was bestowed upon me. At least I had my Corvette. After about three months of fixing it up, Demyx and I had ourselves the hottest car.

We all filed out of the house and had the daily fight about who got shot gun. Actually it was more of a Kairi and Demyx fight. Namine didn't give a shit and of course I was driving so we were settled. Kairi won and about ten minutes later we arrived at the high school.

"OOOOH! I'm going to be so late!" Grabbing Namine by the arm Kairi hustled out of the car.

"Well we've got some time." Demyx blinked and moved into the front seat. He smirked and brought his lips to mine. I sighed and wrapped my arms around his slender waist. We fell back onto the seats as the kiss deepened. This was a great way to start the day. Everything was going to be great. I moved my hips against Demyx's, causing my lover to moan into my mouth.

"Hey, we don't want to get all turned on before class." He whined as I began to suckle his neck. "A-Axel…not now…" I felt him squirm underneath my weight. He had a point. I pulled back and sat up. "We'll finish this later." I whispered huskily into his ear.

"Uhum…" he sighed and opened the car door.

"Where do you go first for class?"

I frowned and looked down at my schedule. "Art. You?"

"Dang I have Geometry. You have first lunch right?"

"Um…yah. So I'll see you then okay?" I gave him a chaste kiss as we entered the school. Demyx and I went our separate ways for class. I was walking down the arts hallway when BAM it hit me! I stopped dead in my tracks, looking at the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. His blonde hair spiked up in awkward positions yet it totally fit him. He was petite, and he wore blue polo shirt and tan khakis. Quite sophisticated. Forgetting I had a boyfriend for the moment I put on my most charming face and walked over to where he was.

"Hey baby." I leaned on the locker next to his trying to be a little, well, seductive. He stopped for a moment and looked a little shocked.

"What did you just call me?" Damn! He was the new exchange student, no mistake. His voice was flooded with a French accent. Okay. I lied. I love French people! This kid was fucking adorable. Toby didn't mean a thing.

"So where you headed?" I moved closer so our faces were about three inches apart. He moved away slightly and looked anywhere but at me.

"Class of art." He frowned and jutted his lip out as If he'd realized his grammar mistake. AW! He was so cute! I felt like I was a schoolgirl fawning over a puppy. Oh well.

"Me too. Walk with me?"

"Er…Only if you don't walk too close."

I chuckled lightly. "Sounds fair." I motioned for him to follow me. "So what part of France do you come from?" Yes! Small talk is good!

He finished putting his binders away in the locker and caught up to my side. "Paris." This kid wasn't much of a talker. I guess that was to be expected, being a foreigner and all.

"The closest I've been to Paris is Ireland. Is it amazing like everyone says it is?" Yes I was very curious. Actually my mom was talking about taking a trip there. Dang I'm getting off track again!

"People who live there believe so." He paused for a moment, his eyes looking quite thoughtful. God they were the brightest blue eyes I'd ever seen. "Very pretty. The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is gorgeous. The Lourve is amazing. Mona Lisa does follow you with her eyes."

I chuckled lightly. Now all I had to do was invite him to my gig that night. "So what kind of music do you like?"

"Uh...I don't know much American music..." Again his eyes faltered into thought. "Not screaming." Interesting. He must have heard some real bad screamo somewhere. Probably from Hayner. I had to laugh at that.

"Good. I hate that kind of music." I stopped at our classroom. "Well if you aren't doing anything tonight maybe you'd like to come check out my band at the Coffee Bean?" I gave him a charming smile. And then it hit me! Gah! I forgot to introduce myself. "And before you answer my name is Axel." I smiled and held out my hand. He looked down at my hand and for a minute I thought he didn't know how to shake! He then shyly took my hand and shook it once.

"I'm Roxas. I'll have to ask Hayner and Catalina first."

"Sounds good. I really think you'll like it." I smiled as I shook his hand. "So what grade are you in?" "Um. Uh." It looked like he had trouble counting, but I stayed patient. He held up ten fingers his cheeks slightly red with embarrassment. "This one."

"Tenth grade huh? That's cool I'm in twelfth grade." Okay normally I would have laughed at how pathetic that looked but I really didn't want this boy to hate me after five minutes. He whispered something under his breath quietly and then looked back up to me.

"Two higher?"

"Umhumm." I smiled at him. "In America you'd be a sophomore and I'd be a senior."

"Oh." He seemed rather puzzled at that. "Why are they called that?" God this kid was just too cute! I couldn't get over that.

"I don't really know myself. Maybe it's just easier to say I'm a senior than an twelfth grader." I looked towards the clock. "We should probably go in. Class is gonna start soon."

"Yes." He nodded and walked into the class. This year was going to be my best. I just knew it!


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