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Let the Story BEGIN!!!

Chapter 1

It was yet another stormy day in Forks. Impenetrable grey clouds blotted out the sun letting down thick torrents of rain. Esme and Carlisle darted in the only door to the Front Office of Forks High School, startling the secretary. "May I help you?" Her voice was heavy with lust, the typical human reaction.

"We received a call from the principal stating that he wished to speak with us immediately concerning our children." Carlisle spoke in his charming British accented voice. The secretary dumbly nodded, falling off of her revolving chair in her attempts to get to the principal's office. She disappeared behind the mahogany door only to reappear a moment later.

"The principal is busy right now. He'll be with you in a moment. If you would just have a seat please." Her chubby hand motioned to the two folding chairs situated against the faux wood paneled wall. Together, Esme and Carlisle sat down. Since they had nothing to occupy their time, the took to watching the secretary sit at her chair spinning in mindless circles.

The minutes passed by in agonizing slowness. The hands on the clock would go forward a minute then hop back two minutes. Time was playing games with them. All they wanted to know was what the boys had done to get in trouble this time. When approximately seven minutes had passed, the secretary got up and motioned to the door. "The Principal will see you now."

Carlisle and Esme shared a look. This was ridiculous. No one had come out or gone into the principal's office. They had been sitting there bored out of their minds for nothing! Suppressing their growls, they walked hand in hand into the principal's office. Immediately, they saw Emmett looking scared, hunched down in his chair, biting his fingernails. That didn't phase them at all. What surprised them was the figure huddled in the chair next to him.

"Rosalie Lillian Hale! What on earth did you do?" Esme gasped. Things began to come together in her mind. Emmett and Rosalie in the principal's office, the urgency regarding the situation, their state of dress; it was all starting to make sense. Rosalie wore her usual tight designer t-shirt with a ridiculously short skirt, her feet clad in four inch stiletto heels. Her hair was in somewhat of a disarray, strands tangled. Emmett was worse off. His shirt was fine, a black muscle t-shirt. His pants, on the other hand, had seen better days. The zipper looked as if it had been ripped off, threads hanging carelessly from the torn seams. Through the gaping front one could see his Scooby Doo boxers. Esme held her head in her hand. 'Oh no.' she thought of various excuses they could use to write this situation off.

"I swear mom, it's not what it looks like." Rosalie began but was cut off by the principal.

"You would do well to keep quiet Miss Hale. I shall explain to them the situation your brother and yourself have created." He turned back to Carlisle and Esme. "Please have a seat." They looked at each other before gracefully sliding into the stiff backed chairs.

"Please, what has happened?" Esme needed to know what kind of damage control they needed to do. At the last school they had donated so much money the school got a new football stadium with a retractable roof; all because the boys had streaked through the school. The school before that had gotten a new gymnasium because Jasper couldn't control his pride when they were discussing his beloved Dixie-land in History. She could only imagine how big the monetary figure would be this time.

"I am aware that you allow Emmett and Rosalie to date even though they are siblings, that in itself is quiet disturbing. But-" Carlisle held up a hand to stop the principal.

"Emmett and Rosalie are in no way blood relatives. We do not see the point of denying them the right to date, it keeps them from sneaking behind our backs." He justified, keeping up their well rehearsed charade.

"I understand that and respect your decision no matter how much I disagree with it. However, your choices are not why I have called you here. Emmett and Rosalie were caught skipping class." At this news, Carlisle and Esme shot the teens strange looks. This was all about them skipping class? Why had they been caught? What had happened? How much should they make the check for? Questions buzzed through their minds at the speed of light.

"Please, don't drag it out like this. Just tell us what they did." Esme plead, her poor undead heart couldn't take the suspense.

"Emmett and Rosalie were caught in the Computer Lab. Miss Hale was performing an unspeakable act on Mr. Cullen when the entire fifth period Biology class walked in on them. Many of the students are now scarred and need psychological treatment." The principal shot a smug smile at Rosalie and Emmett.

"That's not what happened!" Emmett nearly shouted, turning he spoke to Carlisle and Esme, "Listen, that is not what happened! Please let us explain." His desperation seemed to win them over.

"Now that we have heard your side of the story, I believe that it is only fair we give the children a chance to explain themselves." The principal's face turned a purplish red, but he nodded anyway.

"Go ahead. We're listening." Everyone's eyes were now on Emmett and Rose.

"Well, it all started this morning…"

End Chapter

What really happened? Just so you know, the Biology class that walked in was Bella and Edward's class.

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