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Chapter 15



Each of the teen-aged Cullens began a slow trek into the house, they figured the longer they could put off the punishment the better.

"I know what you're doing and the longer Esme and I have to wait, the longer your punishment shall last. Am I clear?" Carlisle's voice boomed from the living room. Picking up the pace, no one noticed Bella start to sneak off toward Edward's Volvo. Making small soundless steps, Bella gently grasped the driver's side door handle, how hard could it be to hot wire a car?

"I would get inside with the rest of them if I were you, or would you like me to call Charlie and tell him about your little crime spree?" Esme said from behind Bella making her heart jump to the speed of light.

"Esme! I was just… Getting my sweater! Oh, it's not in here. Shall we?" Bella nervously chuckled. Beginning a light jog into the house, Bella's nervous feet stumbled but luckily she caught herself before she could fall to far. Esme took her hand in a firm grasp, leading Bella to the dining room table where the 'vote' had been made.

"Can't believe you tried to get away." Edward mumbled with that lovable crooked smile playing upon his lips.

"Figured it was worth a try." She shrugged sliding into the chair next to his.

"Alright. Let's get this over with so you all can get to your punishments." Carlisle rubbed his hands together before slapping them onto the table. Bella was certain she had heard the table splinter under his granite like hands.

"Emmett McCarty Cullen your video games and their respective systems will be locked in the family vault for one week. That includes the computer. If you are caught breaking your punishment, we will be forced to take drastic action and separate you and Rosalie for two weeks." Carlisle hated doing this to them but they needed to learn.

With a gulp, Emmett nodded.

"Rosalie Lillian Hale, your garage will be locked for one week and you are not allowed to drive for that period of time. You will ride to school with Edward. If you are caught breaking you punishment the consequence will be the removal of all of the clothes in your closet and they will be replaced with clothes that Alice has stolen from Bella's closet."

Rosalie looked appalled but kept her objections to herself.

"Jasper Whitlock Hale, your punishment is that you will be denied access to your computer for one week. If you have homework, you will do it all by hand. If you need research, you can look it up in a book. Should you be caught breaking you punishment, you will be temporarily committed to a rehab clinic for sex addicts. Without the company of Alice." Carlisle had to fight back his smile when he saw Jasper's mouth drop open in shock.

"Mary Alice Brandon Cullen, your credit cards have been temporarily cancelled and all of the stores that you frequent have been notified to have you escorted from the premises immediately should you try to buy anything. This shall only be for one week. If you are caught breaking you punishment, Bella will be dressing you from then on until we feel that you have learned your lesson."

"What is so wrong with the way I dress?" Bella interrupted.

"Nothing, dear. I love the way that you dress." Edward leaned his head in to kiss her neck, his cold breath sent shivers down her spine.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. You must surrender to me your entire music collection and your piano will be locked up for one week. The only music you may listen to includes modern-day pop." Carlisle watched as Edward cringed knowing that his oldest hated modern bubblegum pop. "If you break your punishment you will be taken to Denali and not allowed to see Bella for however long we see fit."

This seemed to sober Edward up as he sat up straight in his chair. "Yes sir." He mumbled.

"Isabella Marie Swan, there isn't much we can threaten you with by taking it away but there is one thing we can do. We are very disappointed in you and we expect this to never happen again. Should it happen again we will support Edward's choice to leave you a human." Carlisle delivered the fatal blow that he knew would put the fear of God in the poor girl.

Tears flooding into her eyes made Bella's head swim. Internally she fought that sarcastic little voice that told her to mouth off, tell Carlisle that she would just go over his head to the Volturi.

"Now how do you all feel?" Esme spoke up for the first time since they had all sat down.

"Sad." Emmett looked to his hands clasped in his lap.

"Like I want to behave." Rosalie had her head turned to the side, refusing to look at anyone.

"Scared." Jasper was genuinely frightened of his punishment.

"Depressed." Alice.

"Outraged." Edward had to use everything he had not to snarl at Carlisle for breaking Bella like he had.

"Alone." Bella could feel the hole in her chest beginning to rip open again, her heart speeding up at the thought of losing Edward.

"Calm down sweetheart. Nothing they could do would ever make me leave you." Edward whispered low enough for only her to hear. "I'll never leave you. Never again." He placed a gentle kiss on her cheek, pulling her from her chair into his lap.

"That was what we expected." Esme stood walking around to stand by Carlisle's side.

"We have something to tell you. This was just a scare tactic. Next time, we will enforce the punishments but we feel that the fear of your punishments is enough for now. You must remember that just because you are all in the bodies of teenagers doesn't mean you can't act like mature adults." Carlisle took Esme's hand in his as he got up and left the room with his beloved wife.

"Come on Bella, I'd best get you home." Edward picked her up and carried her to his car, placing her gently on the passenger seat.

The ride to her house was silent. Pulling into the drive way, Edward helped her out and walked with her to the door.

"You'll come back right?" She asked as he turned to leave.

"I'll be back and waiting for you in your room within ten minutes." He winked, pressing a quick kiss to her lips. "I love you Bella." He smiled and was gone.

Shaking her head with a smile, Bella let herself into the house.

"Bells?" Charlie called from the kitchen.

"Yeah dad?" She asked walking in to see what he was up to.

Congealed spaghetti lay on two plate covered with sauce. In the corner, the microwave gave off little puffs of spoke.

"What's going on?" She asked sitting across from him, ignoring the near inedible food on her plate.

He paused. "Bella, how would you feel if I were to start dating again?"

"If you want to dad. You don't need my permission." She smiled, she had thought that he had found out about her little indiscretion fest today. And yesterday.

"Great." He grinned cutting up some of the food.

"So who is she?" Bella asked choosing to pick at a piece of garlic bread.

"Well, I haven't even met her yet. I was in the office today and I heard her voice and caught a glimpse of her as she was leaving. Her name is Genevieve House Osiris Luigi Brandon Brighton. She is so beautiful Bella." Charlie sighed.

"Bella?" Charlie asked when she didn't say anything. Looking over to his only child he saw her wildly motioning to her chest and neck. "Oh my god she's choking!" Charlie leapt up to give her the Heimlich maneuver. When the chunk of bread was dislodged from her throat, Bella began to speak.

"Can't…Date…Her…Dad. She's…bad…No…good." Bella gasped between breaths.

"Well, I think I'll decide that." Charlie cleaned his plate and left the room.

Having lost her appetite, Bella set her dish in the sink so she could clean it later. Taking the steps to her room two at a time, Bella made it there with only some minor stumbles.

Opening the door, Bella was met with a sight that she never wanted to forget, Edward laying on her bed with his shirt unbuttoned and spread so she could see his glorious chest.

"Heard you had a rough night." He chuckled pulling her into his embrace.

"You have no idea. Charlie's in love with Genevieve who also happens to be me." She sighed, inhaling his sweet intoxicating scent.

"Poor baby." He ran his hands along her back, easing out the tension knots that had formed.

"Is it always like this in the Cullen family." She asked lifting her head to meet his gaze.

"Unfortunately, yes. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And after Carlisle's threat tonight, I don't think you'll be human much longer. Alice is already planning on moving up the wedding and Rosalie actually has a great plan for stealing a car and driving to Vegas should Alice's plan fail. Of course Jasper has the backup backup plan. He's bought tickets on seven different flights so they won't know where we went. And Emmett, being Emmett, added Aro to his speed dial." Edward and Bella laughed at how his family could have the best ideas.

"I love your family." Bella whispered, her eyes drifting closed.

"Our family. I love you Bella." He whispered letting his lips rest on the top of her head.

"I love you too squishy fish." She mumbled as sleep finally claimed her.

Stifling a laugh, Edward pulled the covers around her more tightly before closing his eyes and letting himself revel in the closest thing to sleep he would ever get.


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