When a word has more than one meaning, watch out for misunderstandings.


Definition 01: Chick

The day seemed rather uneventful to Chika, which was both good and bad. He wanted to pay his debt back as soon as possible and the more dangerous illegal zombies he hunted, the faster he would be debt free and alive. He quickened his pace down the semi-empty streets on his way back to the dorms and he heard a sound. It was high pitched and continuous, unmistakably the sound made by baby birds, chicks to be specific.

Just a few steps ahead, he found the source of those sounds. There was a little girl with a basket full of cute little yellow chicks. The chicks chirped happily, occasionally drawing attention from passing children who asked their mother or father if they could have one, and every now and then, one of the cute little animals would be purchased.

Chika happened to like chicks and the little girl who was selling them reminded him so much of his sister, he couldn't help it but to buy one. All the way back to the dorm, the tiny yellow child was happily nested in Chika's hair. He made sure to buy some food and supplies for it on the way, stopping at a pet shop to do so.

"These are good for little chicks like that one." The sales clerk showed Chika a bag of food. "It's small and easy to eat for the youngest chicks."

"I'll take two bags then and these." Chika emptied the contents of his arms on the counter. There was a cage in case he needed to travel anywhere and take his pet, a basket with soft blankets and dishes. "Is this chick a boy or a girl? I asked the little girl selling them but she didn't know." Chika took the chick off his head and placed it on the counter.

"It's kind of hard to tell at such a young age. My guess is this one is a female, I suppose you'll know for sure when it gets older."

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Success! Chika had snuck in with his new pet unnoticed. Not that he was planning to keep her a secret forever, but he didn't want to overwhelm her meeting too many people at once. "We're home, Jenova."

The chick, whom Chika had named Jenova Akatsuki, was currently perched on her daddy's shoulder. She only chirped in response.

Chika gently took the little chick in his hands and placed her on his bed. "Now to get things set up for you." He unpacked his purchases from the pet store and began to distribute them all over the room. "Your bed is here, right next to mine so you won't get lonely." He placed the basket on the nightstand. "Your dishes and food go on the table. Would you like a snack now?"

Jenova chirped and Chika took it as a yes. He filled up the little food dish with chick feed and poured some fresh water into the other dish. Then he picked up Jenova and placed her on the table. She seemed happy with her meal and began to eat immediately.

"How is it? Good?" Chika smiled. "You have to eat healthy and grow up to be big and strong. Then you'll lay lots of yummy eggs for daddy." He could hardly wait until she started laying eggs, then he would make a fortune selling them.

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"Then I knocked on Shito's door and he said he would be out soon, so I knocked on Chika's door next." Koyomi, Michiru and Shito were having breakfast while Koyomi narrated the day's events from the moment she woke up, cooked breakfast and went to wake her friends. "But when I got there, the door was open and Chika was there with a chick I've never met before. It looks like he really cares about her and she's so cute." Cue choking noises. "I told him that we were going to eat breakfast soon and... Are you okay?"

"I'm fine miss Koyomi, just a bit surprised." Michiru voiced.

"It can't be..." Shito was shocked. Akatsuki was not seeing a girl without his knowledge. Akatsuki did not sneak her into his room. This was not happening. Shito tried to push the thoughts away, what Akatsuki did was none of his business, but then again, given their situation, it was. Things could get complicated for the two zombies and... and...

"Good morning!" Chika cheerfully greeted everyone. He placed food and water dishes on the table next to his plate and picked up the chick from his head, gently placing her on the table. "Everyone, I want you to meet Jenova!"

"Hi, Jenova, nice to see you again. She's so cute!" Koyomi chirped.

Michiru blinked as the misunderstanding was cleared, then smiled and gently petted the chick. "Aw, she's adorable!" Chibi Zarame shook his head. Humans were experts in jumping to conclusions.

Chika looked at Shito waiting for him to say something. "C'mon Shito, say hello to Jenova."

A chick, as in a little yellow animal, of course... "Hello Jenova."

End of Definition 01

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