A/N: Some EdwardBella fluff for your viewing pleasure. Takes place in either a future/AU world in which they are happy and in love. Yay.

DISCLAIMER: If you see a familiar pronoun in this story, I don't own it. Stephanie Meyer does.

Bella smiles as they approach the familiar store, car lurching to a stop in the driveway. She unbuckles her seat belt in record time, while Edward takes on the task with a sense of uncharacteristic lethargy, not caring that his companion is rolling her eyes impatiently.

"Come on!" She urges, seconds away from just doing it herself. He continues to take his sweet time, not exactly ecstatic about the task at hand- wishing he had the power to say no to her for once.

Once Edward knows that the chore can be avoided no longer, be begrudgingly follows a skipping Bella into the quaint shop. "You better behave," She warns in a dangerous tone "hear me?" He grumbles to the affirmative, and before he has the time to blink, they're inside.

It's the smell that hits him first. He finds himself thanking whatever God that there might be that he isn't thirsty, or else he might make quite a spectacle of himself, leaping on the innocent little rabbits. He's pretty sure Bella would never forgive him- speaking of her, where is- ah. By the kittens. Of course.

She's crouched beside a small pile of them, cuddling one to her chest. A tiny white black and orange calico no bigger than his hand, with eyes the size of baby worlds. Her maternal instinct shines through bright and clear as she nuzzles and speaks to the small creature.

"Isn't she just adorable?" Bella gushes once he's in hearing range. Edward crouches beside her and looks the kitten up and down.

"Well, she looks just delicious." He replies nonchalantly, enjoying the chance to get a rise out of his lover. Her face contorts into the all to familiar 'If you weren't such a Greek god I'd slap you silly' expression as she hides the vulnerable animal from his sight. Edward holds in a laugh.

"You're impossible." Bella Breathes, exasperated. "Scaring poor Vivian like that."

"Vivian?" He asks, intrigued by the choice of a human name. Her eyes suddenly shift places from his face to her shoes, expression becoming slightly pained.

"I always wanted to name my daughter Vivian." She says, impassive. He feels his heart lurch at the mention of the one thing he may never be able to give her. Carlisle had been researching the chances, but so far the outlook was grim in that respect- he had told them he would try everything he could and assured them that they should stay optimistic, many new advances were being made in the world of medicine.

So far they hadn't bothered getting their hopes up.

"Well," Edward says, getting up briskly and pulling out his wallet "Let's take her home, then." He can feel Bella's shocked expression fixed on him.

"Really?" She exclaims, standing and favouring him with an incredulous look "You aren't going to eat her or anything."

"I wouldn't dream of it, love." He says, leaning to press his frigid lips against the adorable crinkle above her nose, feeling it smooth out immediately. She smiles up at him and breathes those three words that he adores so deeply, and everything is right with his world. Maybe, he thinks, I can't give her all she wants. But I suppose I can compensate pretty damn well.