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"Father, your traveling cloak."

"Thank you."

"Can I still persuade you to delay the trip?"

"A life depends on it. You know that."

"I do. It's just -"

"All the Portkeys have been scheduled."

"The storm will subside in a short while. Please, Father. For me."



"Why are you so fascinated by the rain?"

"It's a great equalizer, like time."

"Yes. Everything turns grey."

"You're just like your mother."

"Sorry, Father, but I find the rain depressing."

"See it as a promise. Think of all that is tainted. The rain cleanses."

"Why is it a promise?"

"Because the rain does not last. The sun will return and the dust will fall back in place."

"This is hardly a cheerful perspective."

"It is, from the eyes of the tainted."

"I don't understand."

"There is faith placed on them. Faith generates hope. Hope inspires change."

"But as you just said, the rain will stop - "

"And time erodes. Spoilt or pure, the aged will eventually leave the world for the fresh and pristine. They may remain marked as destiny has elected, but it is their choice what they pass on, as example, as wisdom, to those who inherit from them."

"Father, my apologies, but you are confusing me."

"Do not feel sorry. Sometimes I feel as mystified as you do."

"When did you come to understanding it then?"

"A long time ago, at Hogwarts."

"When you were -"

"That was the time."


"It was shown to me."

"Shown to you?"

"Yes. Someone, an enemy, had placed faith in me, more faith than I had ever deserved."

"Was that someone also a lover?"

"Yes. And you are asking too many questions."

"Gossips about my father are rare commodities."

"For a very good reason."

"Come on, Father. A name?"

"No. The discussion ends here."

"I need something to contemplate during your absence. My deprived soul will be undernourished."

"How's your research on Ancient Runes?"


"Listen then. Many years ago, one of the knots on this traveling cloak was passed on to a child who bore a strong resemblance to that someone."

"Isn't it true that only those who cherish the Malfoy name as their own can take possession of these knots?"


"Yet you do not know the child. He cannot be a Malfoy by birth nor marriage."

"Indeed. My only knowledge of him was that he had saved you a bag of sweets."

"Then the knot would have been lost within a day."


"Father, this is not a clue."

"I beg to differ. I am sure it will intrigue you during my time in Siberia. Speaking of which, it is truly time for me to go."

"Promise me you will take care of yourself."

"I promise."

"And write. I'll be waiting for your owls."

"I will."



"I love you. Please remember that."

- Fin