End your sentence like you are going to say more but don't.

When he catches on poke him in the head and run away.

Steal his keystone, hide it somewhere he won't find it and tell him that shadows are attacking.

When he finds out there is no shadows tell him "False alarm" and give him his keystone.

When he gets the keystone quietly walk away no matter what he says.

Tell him that Milla has a crush on him.

Tell him Gill has a crush on him.

Put a pie on the ground and put a very thin rope a few feet behind it between two walls. Watch as he trips and falls face first into the pie.

Take his picture and show it to Milla.

Then show it to Ebitt.

If he gets angry and is about to chase you scream in his face and whimper rolling on the ground.

If he tries again later run to Ebitt or Milla and start crying saying he wants to murder you.

Constantly ask if he wants to play colours.

If he agrees and he wins stamp your foot and start complaining that he cheated and you want a do over.

If you win start gloating until he starts to turn red with anger.

Run from him.

If you see him in the corridor scream and point at him and run in the other direction.

Whenever you see him elsewhere scream "I found you!" and run up and hug him.

When he asks you to let go start singing the Star Wars theme song and follow him.

When all the Icecarls and the Chosen are at a gathering shove him into random people and film him apologizing when he knocks people down.

Give this tape to Ebitt and when Tal is there start to laugh loudly and discuss with Ebitt what part was the funniest.

Push him into Milla and start singing "Love Is in the Air" loudly.

When they chase you stand still and wait until they reach you, then give Tal a noogie and run.

Tell him that you lost his keystone when he is wearing it.

When he gets angry at you say "I found it!" and point at where it was the whole time.

Quote the Simpsons whenever he talks to Ebitt.

When one asks what that is from say you found it on the ground and walk away.

When he is sleeping put his thumb in his mouth and take a picture.

When he wakes up show it to him and force him to take you light diving or else you'll show it to Milla.

When he does show it to her anyway.

Walk up behind him and scream.

When he turns around with a shocked look on his face take a picture.

Make this picture into a big banner and hang it in the throne room.

Take his throne and put it in Millas room and put a note on it saying from Tal.

When he finds it film him awkwardly trying to explain that he needs it back and he didn't give it to her.

Post this on Youtube and make him watch it each day.

Every time you talk to him shout at a random time "EVIL!"

Constantly poke him and when he asks you to stop it tell him Malen did it.

Make him watch every scary movie you can think of.

When he is walking down a dark corridor start following him in the shadows just loud enough so he can hear.

When he turns around hide.

Wake him up at exactly 3 a.m. by banging pots and pans and yelling "Witching hour, witching hour!"

If he doesn't get up pour a bottle of milk over his head.

Throw stones at Milla and tell her Tal did it.

Say the crones have set a mission for him and lead him out to a remote area of the ice.

Ask him why he stranded you there.

When he said that you told him to ask him why he believed you.

Give him a very big box for his birthday, and then he finds out its empty.

Tell him his real present is hidden somewhere in the Tower.

Film him searching for it.

Constantly shine light in his eyes.

Hide behind Milla when her and Tal are talking and make a radiant yellow glow behind her head for him to see but not for her to see.