The Last Samurai Poem

The Great Captain Nathan Algren

Was a warrior in great denial

For what he did in his past was because

Of his commander with a mind so vile

He was sent on a ship to Japan

Sleeping in a room like a smelly den

He was given a job with good pay

To train the emperors army men

No sooner had he arrived

Then a battle had begun

He was captured in the end

Under the rising sun

Strangely these people touched his soul

In this beautiful and peaceful place

And Nathan stayed an entire year

For their culture had given him a sweet embrace

As he left with his new companions

He wouldn't know what he was about to see

As the general of the emperor

Had fully trained the emperor's army

As he realised the truth

To the samurai a message he did send

As he arrived back to the village on his horse

He promised to stay with them to the end

About a fortnight after

The emperor's army came

And even the samurai knew

After that nothing would ever be the same

Men were killed on both sides

It was katanas verses guns

All the samurai were taken down

Until Katsumuto and Nathan were the only ones

As Nathan killed his friend as his dying wish

He shouted out his sorrow in a great cry

The soldiers bowed down to him in honour

For he was the last samurai

He then rode his horse to Tokyo

Thinking of how he had finally killed his sick commander.

As he rode off to the palace

To give something to the emperor

As Nathan finished walking down the carpet

To the emperor he knelt down and bowed his head

Then he said "I won't tell you how Katsumuto died.

I'll tell you how he lived instead"