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Luna entered the street, stepping out from the train.

Devastation, from after the battle. The last battle. When would things be back to normal? Would they ever?

I know you have questions

Same ones as me

How long has it been?

How long will it be?

When will come the morning

To drive the night away?

Tell me when will come the morning

Of a brighter day?

Many Death Eaters were still on the loose, and no one knew what to do. She still had one year left of school. Her last year had been so strange, unfamiliar. Luna looked around. Some people were coming off the train. Some never made it to the train. People were trying to fix everything up.

To make it seem like nothing ever happened. Could they do that?

Patience, little sister

Patience, little brother

Patience, patience

Take each other by the hand

Patience, little sisters

Patience, little brothers

Let us walk together

To the promised land

What would happen when everything was fixed?

There's a river to cross

And a mountain to climb

Patience, patience,

It's gonna take some time

We must walk in peace

It's the only, only way

If we want to see that morning

Of a brighter day

Of a brighter day

Everyone was going about it the wrong way. They couldn't just pretend like nothing happened and be done with it.

That wasn't the right way.

Patience little sister

Patience, little brother

Patience, patience

We're gonna find a way

Patience, little sisters

Patience, little brothers

Until that morning of a brighter day


'Til that brighter day

It would take some time, and some things couldn't be undone.

Patience, patience

'Til that brighter day

Because sometimes, you just have to wait for things to happen instead of forcing them. Because the brighter day starts today.