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You Can't Doubt

Riley's Point Of View

"Listen Riley," The raven-haired woman said, her silky voice carrying over the wind. "This is not about them," she referred to the raving vampires who were on a little trip. "It's about you and me." Her lips just inches away from my ear.

My red eyes searched hers. But I couldn't find what I sought for. I didn't see longing, I didn't see love. I saw nothing but hard cold eyes. Eyes that flickered away every few seconds. Anxiety? Fear? I didn't know. All I knew that I wanted to believe her. Believe the beautiful woman standing before me.

"Don't you trust me?" She challenged. "I don't care for those others, Riley." She touched my arm. "Think about what I've told you. Once we get rid of the C-," She caught herself just in time. "Those yellow-eyes, we get to rule. Just think about it, all those mortals. Can you taste their blood already? It'll be just you and me." She persuaded. "I love you." She added.

I had to admit. This was not the life I signed up for. Little over a year ago, I was just a normal teenage boy. Enjoying life, school, family and friends. But this 'life' wasn't all that bad either, I reasoned. I was immortal, faster than the speed of light, stronger than mankind... and there was someone insanely beautiful claiming to love me.

I sat down on the ground, My hands running through my hair. Is this all really worth it? The amount of effort Victoria put in just to destroy them. NO. I shook my head sharply. Victoria forbid me to think about them. It would be dangerous. I cursed myself. I wouldn't screw things up for them. Not when there was this much at stake. I knew, oh I certainly knew that this wouldn't be as easy as Victoria made it to be. Would she turn this many people if things were different? I didn't think so. Something else was going on. Something that was going to be hell.

I didn't like lying to the others. I leaned backwards, my back touching the cold wall. But it was me who was in charge of the group ravenous vampires. Me who Victoria counted on. I didn't like misleading people. But if this was what it would take for Victoria to love me, then I had no choice.

"We will strike in a few days," I spoke to the group. I held up a few articles, "This is the scent of the girl. Memorize it." I said while passing them through. "Whoever gets to her first, can have her."

The lot growled excitedly.

"Riley," A young girl spoke up. "I don't get it, what are we supposed to do?"

"I'll explain when it's time." I said to the dark-haired girl. "Trust me. You know I can't tell anything Bree. They'll find out. We can't take over the city that way."

She nodded reluctantly as my eyes focused away.

I didn't know who to believe. Should I give in? I had my doubts before, but to hear the guy say stuff that has never left my lips beforeā€¦ that was strange. Victoria was right about them. They were odd. Yellow-eyed and willing to die for a girl. I took a brief glance at her. And for some reason, she reminded me of myself. A year ago, it was me that was looking terrified. It was me who was facing Victoria. I didn't remember much of it. The only thing that was engraved in my mind was the excruciating pain that washed over me the second her lips touched the base of my neck.

"He's the liar, Riley." My eyes flickered to her face. She wasn't looking at me. Her gaze was focused upon the two figures standing before her. I knew what to do. I couldn't doubt. I emptied my mind.

-The End-

A/N: Riley is an interesting character in my opinion. I wanted to write something about him.