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Chapter two: No Point in Walking into the Past

'Mum, who was that man in the fire?' Sarah locked her eyes with her mother.

'No one. Just forget you saw that.' Tonks said, getting up from the dinner table. Sarah had persistently been asking Tonks about the mysterious man in the fire for a day now.

Sarah sighed. She was going to get no where with her mum today.

'I'm going to the creek. I'll be back in an hour.' Sarah stood up.

She put on her trainers and sprinted for the creek. She was an exeptional runner, and could out sprint anyone. Her mum said one day that would prove to be very useful.

The first thing she did was crouch down, and gaze at her reflection, just thinking. She reached out to touch the water, causing her reflection to ripple, and fisted her hand, taking in the feel of the water, and closing her eyes, taking a deep breath. She then stood up and started walking, backwards, to the nearest tree. Counting to ten and taking a deep breath, she sprinted the distance of about 100 meters, and jumped swinging her arms and legs for momentum far enough to land perfectly in the middle of the widest part of the creek on a rock.

Then she heard a second, smaller splash.

'My locket!' she cried, reaching into the water as fast as she could, but that wasn't fast enough. The locket sunk to the bottom, and unable to stop herself, Sarah started crying.

She heard a twig snap, and even though she was usually very alert, she didn't even attempt to look up and kept crying. Her mum was going to kill her.

A hand rested itself on Sarah's shoulder.

'Don't cry. What's wrong?' and Sarah looked up to see a young girl, who looked about a year older than her, looking warmly into her face. The girl had brown hair with red tips, green eyes,and her hair was in a messy ponytail.

'My locket... mum... me... family... heir... and I... sunk... bottom...' Sarah managed to spit out in between huge sobs.

'Don't worry. Here.' and the girl jumped from rock to rock until she was on land. She then took off her tank top, revealing a swimming top, and took off her long trousers revealing shorts. Then she gracefully leapt back across the rocks to the spot where Sarah sat. 'Sorry. I don't have many clothes to wear, so I try to keep them dry, which means I have to take measures just in case.' she winked at Sarah, and dove into the six foot creek water.

Sarah watched her dive in amazement. She felt stupid because she hadn't thought of that, but then again, she couldn't swim well, and the water was really deep today.

She snapped out of her thoughts when the girl reappeared, bursting through the water and taking a deep breath. 'I had trouble pulling it out of the rocks. Here,' she tossed Sarah a river rock, 'I found this for you. I thought it was nice looking. And here's your locket!' She said smiling, holding up the locket, then getting up on the tall rock Sarah was sitting on.

'I'm sorry... I can't swim. Thank you so much. You just saved my life!' Sarah took the locket.

'It's no big deal. What's your name?'

Sarah looked up. 'My name?'

'Well, you've got to have a name, don't you?' she laughed kindly.

'It's Sarah. Sarah Wolfe. What's yours?'

'Sydney. Sydney Fennly.' she held out her hand, grinning widely.

'Fennly? That sounds familiar.' Sarah shook her hand, Sydney's big, goofy smile making her laugh, thus causing a bigger smile than Sydneys to cross her face.

'Come on. Let's get you back to your house.' Sydney said, skipping off on the rocks, until she stopped mid-step. 'Or would you like to come and hang out with me. I could use a friend, I have a feeling my dad will be worried becuase I was out like this. If it's alright with you that is. I know I just met you so...'

'No, I love making new friends. That's how my friend Zoe and I met. Only we were at school with a bunch of other kids.' Sarah said, some obviously on her mind.

'Well then, let's ask your Mum and Dad.' Sydney said reaching the bank.

'Actually, it's just me and Mum. I've never met my dad. I think Mum said he went into hiding... or he was killed... or maybe it was that she left him before I was born, not knowing about us... no, wait! I think he dissapeared, and my mum just moved on one day. But whatever the reason, she says he was a good man.' Sarah tried to force a smile, and got a little one. 'I don't really know - Mum never really talks about him.' Sarah put her hands in her pockets, shrugged, and lokk at Sydney, her smiling getting a litte bigger.

'I know how you feel. I knew my mum and dad, but I was only a few weeks old when they gave me up to the orphanage. Then my dad adopted me. It was just him. He's not married.' Sydney sighed. 'Sometimes I wish he'd just move on...' her eyes got big, as she glanced at her watch. 'Look, we better go! It's almost lunch! My dad's the best cook! How is your mum?'

'She's pretty good. She's still really clumsy, but she's not as bad, so when she's cooking, she either burns it or it goes flying across the room. It's funny and entertaining, but she's not as bad as she used to be so...' Sarah pretended that she was balancing on a tight rope for no particular reason at all, except to cure her boredom and have some fun. 'Hey, I'll race you to... see that fence? I'll race you there! First one there wins!' Sydney nodded.

'1... 2... 3...-' Sydney counted.- 'GO!' they shouted together. Sarah sprinted but was shocked to see Sydney neck and neck with her. Not many people, no one she could think of in fact, were as good as her. When Sarah sped up, Sydney sped up. She could jump just as well as Sarah.

In three minutes they were all the way from the creek to the fence.

'Wow, it must be genetic to run that fast. I mean, you look like a fast runner, so I'm assuming it runs in your family? I don't think I've run against anyone that good.' Sarah said panting.

'I know. I haven't either. But you sure did give me a run for my money. It looks as if we tied. Where's your house?'

Sarah pointed straight ahead.

'Nice!' cheered Sydney, and she followed Sarah into the yard.

'Come in, I want you to meet my mum. She's really cool!' Sarah opened the door and stepped over the threshold, motioning for Sydney to do the same. Sydney cautiously stepped over it, as if she was intruding on a mine field.

'There you are Sarah. I was getting worried about...' she stopped when she saw Sydney. 'Hello, I'm guessing you're a new friend of Sarahs? That's good. I'm glad Sarah has made a new friend. Pardon the mess, we just moved in. I'm Ms. Wolfe, Sarah's mother. ' Tonks smiled, still stirring the lunch she was making.

'Hello Ms. Wolfe. I was wondering if Sarah and I could go to my dads for lunch. But it seems you're already making it.' Sydney was looking around distractedly whilst she was talking; she was blankly looking at and old photograph on the counter, then glanced at the lamp, then at the kitehen, and finally looking at Tonks, still as blankly as she had looked at the old photogragh. Tonks looked familiar, but she couldn't exactly place it.

'Would you like to join us? Your father to. He's welcome to come.' Tonks smiled.

'No, he won't be able to make it. But I'm sure he will let me eat here, if I'm not intruding. I'll ask him.' and Sydney called her dad to get the okay, and stayed for dinner.

Dinner was like a shouting fest. The three of them were laughing, screaming, and talking all at the same time. It was like Sydney was family, and belonged there.

'Ms. Wolfe, I was just wondering. What was your first love like?' Sydney asked her, smiling between bites.

'Why do you want to know?' questioned Tonks.

Sydney shrugged. 'I just want to know. I'm into this stuff. I'm sorry if it's too personal.'

'She's not going to tell you. She won't even tell me. And I'm assuming her first love was my dad?' Sarah glared over at Tonks.

'No, Sarah, he was not your dad.' Sarah got this shocked expression on her face; what little her mom told her about their dad made it sound like he was her only true love. 'No, my first love was tall and handsome. He was studious and kind, and was a good friend.' Tonks pointed her fork at Sydney, then at Sarah, 'and that's all I'm saying.'

But Sydney still pressed her for information. 'What was it like? Was it love at first sight? Did he sweep you of your feet?'

Tonks sighed, and put her fork down. Her plate was almost empty and she was about to clean up.

'Sydney, I'll tell you this. It was love at second sight. But he never knew how much I loved him.' Tonks stood up. 'And he'll never know to what extent I loved him. But I don't anymore. So, there's no point in staying in the past.' and Tonks left and went into the kitchen.

'Yes well... I vote for she still loves him... she's just lost and doesn't know it yet... or she doesn't want to admit it.' Sarah confessed to Sydney.

'The way she sounded, I think she'll always love him. Which begs the question of who's your dad. If he wasn't the love of her life, then who was he? For all you know, he could be some random person off the streets.' Sydney put a hand on Sarah's lap and one over her heart, and put on a "caring" face. 'It's okay if that's true. I'm here for you!' Sarah slaped her on the arm playfully

'And who is your mum and dad are.'

Sydneys face dropped. 'Oh, I found him a long time ago. It wasn't what I expected. I'd rather not talk about it.' Sydney rushed, trying to get off the subject.

'Sorry Syd. I didn't know.

'It's okay. We could work together and find out who your dad and my mum are?' Offered Sydney.

'That would be great.' Sarah laughed, nodding and smiling.

They got up and put the dishes in the kitchen, when Sydneys dad called.

'What do you mean? Well... could I ask to stay here while you're... gone? I don't want to stay home alone. It gives me the creeps... yes, I understand... OK, and if they say yes, can I stay? Thank you. Okay, yes sir. Bye.' and Sydney hung up.

'Do you think it would be too much of a burden if I could stay over? My dad has some... business to take care of, and I don't want to be stuck home alone. It gets kind of creepy. Especially at night.' Sydney asked, twiddling her fingers nervously.

'Sure, we don't mind. We have a sleeping bag you could use. What time will he be back tomorrow?' Tonks asked her.

'He should be back around noon, I suppose.' Sydney turned pink.

'Well, tonight should be fun. Don't stay up too late girls.' Tonks smiled.

Later that night, Sarah and Sydney pitched camp in Sarah's room. They were both sleeping on sleeping bags, but planned on talking first.

'What do you think your dad's like?' Sydney asked her.

'I don't know. My mother barely talks about him, but does say he was a good guy. Nothing more. But if I had to guess, I would say he had brown hair. It explains my hair colour. I would also have to say he was tall, because I'm tall. I'm taller than mum, and I love reading. What do you think about your mum?'

'Well,' Sydney turned over. 'I believe she's the best in the world. I don't think she abandoned me because she didn't want me, I think she gave me up because she couldn't raise me, and she wanted me to have a chance at life. I bet she's tall, with red hair, fiery red hair, like the tips of mine, and has this weird shade of purple blue eyes like me.'

'Wow, that's a lot of detail. I wish I had that.'

'Yes, well, I've given it tons of thought while I was growing up. Most of it is about her. I have expectations. I would love for her to be like your mum! So kind like that! Just makes you wonder.' Sarah scooted more into her sleeping bag. 'But enough day-dreaming. Let's go to sleep, I'm tired.' and Sydney fell asleep, followed quickly by Sarah.

'Is the order ready, Taley?' Remus Lupin stood towering over the figure hunched over at the desk.

'Yes, this will help you find the person you seek once and for all. No one must know. I expect you told no one?'

'Rest assured I told no one. My daughter is at her new friends house, thinking I'm away on business. This is too important for me to tell her. She doesn't know, and she musn't know.'

'She will find out. She's cunning, which I admit, she gets from her mother. But we must not help her out with finding the truth. These things never stay quiet.' The man called Taley told him wisely.

'And when that day comes I shall be prepared. Now, how much do I owe you?'

'Well, that's...'

But the conversation was heard no more, as Sydney woke screaming, all sweaty and gasping for her breath from her nightmare.

'Sydney, what's wrong? You were yelling in your sleep and kicking.' Sarah told her, sitting worriedly by Sydneys sleeping bag.

'It's just been a long day.' Sydney told her, afraid that she might let something slip in this state.

'Is everything alright?' Tonks appeared at the door, torch in hand, still wearingher clothes from the previous day. 'I was just about to go to bed when I heard the circutbrakers get cut, and then I heard Syndey scream.'

'Mum,' smiled Sarah, 'You were still awake at 4 in the morning? Why?'

Tonks didn't want to say because this might happen, so she lied. 'I was caught up on this old Mu... movie.' Tonks, said catching herself in time.

Sydney looked at Tonks curiously. 'Well, I don't want to linger on thsis moment. I'm just going to go back to sleep.' and Sydney pretended to go to sleep.

Tonks stood in the doorway wondering whether to stay or go and she decided to leave, knowing she could always Apparate or sprint in if they needed her help.

When Sydney heard the door close, she surreptitiously looked around to make sure Tonks was really gone. Seeing this she turned to Sarah who sat watching her.

'Sarah, she knows. I know she knows.' Sydney told her, tears starting to break through their barrier.

'Knows what, Sydney? What does she know that I don't know, that somehow you know?' Sarah asked her, coming closer.

'That he's here, Sarah.'

'Who? Who's here?' Sarah asked more urgently.

Sydney, who had been crying into her hands, looked up into Sarah's confused face.

'He's come to take her home.' was all Sarah heard before Sydney broke into incomprehensible rants, until Sarah motioned for her to stop.

'Somethings wrong. I can feel it.'

Tonks opened her bedroom door, closed it securely, then went to lie flat on her bed, closing her eyes. She felt something move in the background and smiled.

'Well, well, well, it's about time. I was wondering when you were going to show up. Nice of you to show up tonight, very special night indeed. Sarah is having a sleepover with your daughter.' Tonks smirked.

'Hello Nymphadora. It's been 11 long years.' Remus appeared from the shadows.

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