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Harry and Buffy both longed to go back to Howarts. Though Uncle Vernon hadn't physically hit them he still locked them in at night and sometimes made them go without food. Buffy had the cabinet under the stairs to herself as the Dursleys had given Harry Dudley's second room. Both Buffy's and Harry's clothes were in Harry's room along with both their trunks that were padlocked. All their magical items and school books were locked in there. Both Hedwig and Cinnamon had padlocks on their cages so that Buffy and Harry couldn't let them out. Uncle Vernon didn't want them sending messages to their friends and he was afraid the neighbors would see the two owls. This morning as they all sat down for breakfast Buffy couldn't help the twinkle in her eye. It was their birthday and she was determined to find a way to make it special for her brother. After breakfast she and had spent the rest of the morning in his room. They had just finished exchange the gifts they had made for one another when they heard the doorbell ring. A few minutes later they heard Vernon scream their names.

"You don't think we finally got some mail do you? He sounds upset." Buffy said through their link.

"Only one way to find out."

The two looked toward the door and then hurried downstairs. Buffy's eyes lit up at who it was. She had yet to meet her Godfather but before they had stopped getting mail he had sent her a picture of himself. He slowly nodded his head hoping that they wouldn't mention who he was.

"Harry, its Remus."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, He looks just like the picture he sent before our mail stop coming."

"This man is from Social Services and wants to talk to both of you. He claims that I have been abusing you. Tell him that I haven't."

"Mr. Dursley, I will be taking the children back to the office so that I may talk to them without the fear your presence might represent. Come along children."

Buffy and Harry didn't have to be told twice. Lupin put a hand on both their shoulders and led them out to the black Sedan that was on the street. Harry climbed in first followed by Buffy and then Remus.

"Happy Birthday you two."

"Thanks. What are you doing here?" Buffy asked.

"I take it you didn't get my letter?" Buffy and Harry nodded no. "Dumbledore figured as much. He sent you several letters inquiring about how the Dursleys were treating you. When you didn't respond he became concerned. I told him I was planning to come today and I would find out for him, but first of all we need to celebrate your birthday. So where do you two want to go? We only have two hours and then I have to get you back."

Both children nodded excitedly. It was the best present they had gotten. To spend time away from the Dursleys and with someone who knew their parents.

"How are we moving if there is no driver in this car?" Harry asked when he noticed no one was up front.

"The car is enchanted. I don't know how to drive and I knew I would need one if I was to pull this off. Any muggle that looks at this car automatically sees a driver."

"Can go for pizza and ice cream?" Buffy asked.

"Sound good to you Harry?" Remus asked. Harry nodded.

"Remus, what can you tell us about our parents?" Harry asked.

On the way to the pizza parlor Remus told Buffy and Harry a few things about their parents beginning with how he met James.

Buffy and Harry had a wonderful time with Remus. When he had returned them to the Dursleys he questioned Vernon about the missing mail and of course he denied everything. Remus left with the promise of seeing them before they head off to school. Several weeks passed and Uncle Vernon was dressed in his best suit as were the other two Dursleys. Aunt Petunia made Buffy put on a pink frilly dress that looked absolutely horrible on Buffy. Buffy glared at her brother who chuckled slightly at how funny she looked. Harry had been lucky to be left out of this circus.

"Now the Mason's should be here any moment. Now. Let's run through our schedule one more time. Petunia, when the Masons get here, you will be…"

"In the lounge, waiting to welcome them graciously to our home." Petunia said moving toward the fireplace.

"Good. And Dudley?"

"I'll be waiting to open the door."

"Excellent. Where will you be Buffy?"

"Standing beside you Uncle Vernon with a smile on my face waiting for you to introduce me."

"And what do you say?" Vernon asked her sternly.

"Nothing, other than a greeting and if they ask me something I say nothing about the "M" word."

"Very good, and you Harry?"

"I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending I don't exist."

"Too right you will. With any luck, this could well be the day I make the biggest deal of my career. If either of you mess this up for me you will not see the light of day for a very long time. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Uncle Vernon." The twins said at the same time.

The doorbell rang and Uncle Vernon hurried Harry upstairs and took his place by Buffy. With a nod Dudley opened the door.

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