You know, I just realized that there's no reason why she was crying...Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Not G. Ivingname (anonymous reviewer, btw)

I think I'll write a second part, but from Raven's POV... Oh, and I guess I'll also put up a "Thanks for reviewing" thing up here (I'm not sure if you were e-mailed a thanks for your reviews, and if you weren't, I'm very sorry) (I also had started this review thanking, but never got around to putting it up...oops?)

bbissocute: Thanks, and I'm glad you liked it. Neither of us is good at writing English, especially tenses...

roniloveu: it was pretty sappy, huh? Yeah, I didn't know she (my cuz) could write like that. She always said she hated sappiness...

Agent of the Divine One: Thanks! I helped my cuz with the part where BB was talking to Rae, and we both figured BB would have a soft, sappy, loving, etc. side to him. And hey, guys hate seeing girls crying, right? Glad you liked it!

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titanfan45: thanks! it was sappy, but was cute (in a sappy way ;) )

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Juliet-Blodwyn: yeah, she was, but it's hard to keep Raven in character when she's crying. Of course, having her rolling on the floor laughing is a bit too much (unless she's Happy. literally.) lol, jk. Glad you liked it

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Not G. Ivingname: Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Like i said above, I'm gonna go ahead and add on to her one-shot (it is kinda confusing)

Oh yeah. I'm gonna make the time-line to be about a week before "The End" (episode).