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A New Student?

'Curse him!'

Vlad Masters shouted in his head as he struggled to remove several extremely sharp shards of ice from his back and a fairly large one from his rear.

'Curse that little brat!'

Wincing in pain as out came another one, dropping it into the pile that was in the trash can that laid on the floor next to his counter. It was already half full and there was still plenty waiting on his backside to be picked.

'I was so close too!'

After finding out where the Infi Map was, Vlad had began to formulate a plan to get it back in order to find some magical and ancient artifacts that had captured his interest while reading up on the Ghost Zone's mythology and folklore. Unfortunately, he had no idea how to get to several of them and all of them, according to the book, were heavily guarded and would take a very carefully planned plan just to get through it alive.

Of course Vlad didn't doubt for a second that he could succeed, there was just one problem…

Danny Phantom

It seemed that no matter where he went the little ghost punk was right there countering his every move and ruining his plans for conquest. If Vlad was ever going to get anything done he needed time. And time was something against him at the moment.

'Daniel is getting smarter and more powerful,' Plasmius said to himself as he pulled out the last of the ice shreds. He threw it roughly into the trash making it clatter nosily against the metal and chime when it hit its fellow ice brethren.

Pacing back and force in his lab, he tried to come up with a plan that would temporarily get rid of his little 'problem' long enough for one of his plans to go into effect.

True that he might have won the election for this pitiful town's mayor, but that didn't matter now. The only he ran was to keep an eye on Daniel and to get him to see that the only way out of his misery was to join him.

But, being as stubborn as he was, he had showed even more dislike towards the idea and rebelled against him as much as possible. He had even outsmarted him when the halfa was passing all of those stupid laws by making it looked like Vlad had attacked an innocent human child.

Even though the billionaire turned politician would never admit it. Danny was still on his list of things he wanted but has yet to obtain list. He already had the Packers after over shadowing the last owner into selling for a cheap price, all he needed was his queen and son to rule by his side for all iternity.

The fifteen year old was the son that should have been his if it weren't for that idiot in orange who had stolen the love of his life and there for stealing the life that he so badly deserved.

The boy was someone just like him, struggling between two worlds that would most likely shun them if they should ever discover what they were. Dealing with the same pain and confusion that had plagued him for years until he discovered that his powers made him better than the common ghost or human.

He could give the boy the world, anything he wanted would be at his finger tips, all he had to do was ask and it would be his in an instant. There was so much that Vlad could teach him about his powers that he didn't even know about yet. Considering how far Danny has gotten know with out any help just imagine the possibilities if he had a chance to properly harness all of that raw energy inside of him.

Nothing would stand in their way of becoming the rulers of the human and ghost world. They'd be invincible.

'If only Daniel could stop playing his little fantasy of hero it'd be possible,' Vlad thought walking over to his computer. His heels clanking against the smooth, spotless tiles on his lab floor.

"Computer," he commanded.

A hologram the resembled Maddie Fenton appeared next to him, "Yes dear?" she said in a cheerful voice.

"Show me Vladbot B75I9,"

"Oh course dear," the hologram responded clicking a few keys on the keyboard. The screen in the middle of the triple monitor computer flashed on showing Danny's room with him in it busy doing homework. A thermos was beside him shaking a bit and a shrieking sound could be heard inside. Danny picked it up and slammed it against the side of the desk making it stop without ever taking his eyes off his homework.

"Switch to scan mode,"

"Yes dear, and I love that new cape of yours,"

Vlad beamed at the comment before focusing back onto his current task. The screen turned black and green as a green grid covered Danny's form on the screen and then copying it next to the screen of him in his room.

"Analyze subject," Vlad commanded.

"Right away, lamb chop,"

A few more clinks and a series of tests were being done in the computer as it went through all of the previous information that it had stored up in its memory chip and then the current information it was feeding on now. A couple of boxes showing DNA, and graphs that only made sense to lad appearred on the third screen on the right to the middle one that had changed to a picture of Danny Phantom and Fenton standing side by side

"Analysis complete cupcake,"


"Subject as full health, powers stable and have increased force of attack mode and defense by seven percent as of last analysis,"

Vlad looked down at the ground deep in thought with his arms behind his back as he once again began to pace back and force.

"Is something wrong dear?" asked the hologram.

"Yes," Vlad responded with a hint of annoyance, "Though Daniel's powers are progressing quite nicely, they're growing too fast and if I don't do something right away to grab hold of his attention, I fear I may never get any of the artifacts that I want."

He sighed and continued to think out loud, "I need to find a way to keep Daniel busy long enough for me to accomplish anything. Hiring ghosts won't due because they're sure to gossip and Daniel is smart enough to figure out that if I'm hiring ghosts then that I'm up to something, and I can't exactly kidnap the boy, or his friends are sure to interfere."

The hologram just stood (or rather floated) there watching her master pace back and forth on the tiles of his underground lab.

"Why not send him off somewhere like camp?" she suggested happily.

"No, no that won't do. The school year has already begun and a weekend trip sort of thing would also make him suspicious, no doubt after the whole episode in the Rockies."

"Then why not another school far away enough for his ghost sense not to go off?"

"That's- that's a good idea actually…" he muttered to himself.

"Thank-you honey!" the hologram chirped beaming, for its programming made it so that she pleased and assisted her creator.

Along with calling him stupid pet names…

"The problem is that I just can't send him to any school just like that," he snapped his fingers to emphasis his point. "Daniel and his friends are getting better and better at predicting my moves and that does not abide well with me. The school thing isn't out of the question it just has to be in a way that doesn't draw attention and it has to be something Daniel cannot refuse."

Vlad huffed in frustration as he looked up the clock seeing that it was midnight he decided to go upstairs, he still had some paperwork to do, get ready for a press conference in the morning, and feed Maddie.


"Yes sweetie?"

"Keep a close eye on Daniel and search the web for any schools that might be what we're looking for,"

"Ghost Zone web or Human web?"

"Both and send me a report on any likely candidates," he instructed.

"Of course dear and don't worry, there is nothing that you can't do not with your brilliance and that wonderful hair of your's," the hologram of Maddie Fenton quipped with a smile and enthusiastic tone.

"I know," Vlad grinned as he headed up the stairs to his mansion.

His Maddie hologram two-point-o was better than his first one. This time he had made sure to make it so he was the only one for her and that Jack Fenton was always insulted when he asked who Jack Fenton was.

Reaching the end of the stairs he took out a button from the interior of his coat pocket and pressed making the entrance hidden so that it looked like a regular stone wall.

It could only be opened by his voice, touch, or the remote control he always had with him.

Virtually undetectable by ghosts or humans and complete with state of the art security designed by Technus and Skulker.

Past experiences didn't go to waste. Vlad Masters was a man who learned from his mistakes and always found what went wrong and worked to ensure those problems did not happen a second time.

Failure was never a welcomed thought for him.

He didn't tolerate it with his employees and he hated it when it occurred to him. But lately, failure has been the word that's been in his mouth leaving behind a bad taste.

It was getting frustrating, the pattern of him almost succeeding but then somehow tripping over the finish line because of Danny Phantom, or him and his friends.

'There has to be a way to ensure that this time Daniel or his friends don't interfere with my plans,' he thought walking to the kitchen.

His cat Maddie was right there waiting with an angry expression on her furry, white face as she yowled angrily at him for choosing such a late hour to remember to feed her.

"Oh come down Maddie," Vlad apologized taking out a can of 'Kitty Yum Yum' (the Italian grilled fish flavor), "But Daddy had a small set back with a certain someone that delayed my coming home and then I had some work to do."

Maddie just yowled again and turned her tail upward as she made her way onto the computer and started playing with the buttons making the screen go off and on, from one file to another.

She clicked another button and the web opened up showing a screen savor of Maddie Fenton in a fighting stance with an ecto bazooka blazing in her arms and a serious expression and a glint of a hunter behind her goggles.

A female voice that resembled Maddie Fenton's asked where the user wished to go to.

Not interested in what the computer had to say, the feline just jumped onto the keyboard and walked on over to the other side to play with the mouse swinging it back and forth between her paws.

"Now Maddie stop, that is not a toy and you know that," scowled Vlad dumping the contents of the can into Maddie's diamond and silver cat dish with the her name engraved on the front in French letterings.

Placing the dish on the counter next to her, she stopped playing with the mouse, accidentally hitting enter.

"Request being processed, please wait for results,"

"Oh butter biscuits," Vlad said out loud looking at Maddie as she gobbled up her food, "I hope that you haven't accessed another hotel website."

Maddie just yowled and turned back to eating her food.

Sighing Vlad looked onto the screen to see what was on.

"Request still being processed dear heart,"

Vlad raised and eyebrow, his connection was fast and accurate always getting things done in a blink of an eye. The only times he had known his computer to be this slow in accessing a web page was when it was something top secret.

A few more moments passed by and it was done, "Request granted, Welcome to the Sky High school website."

Vlad was perplexed, Sky High? He had never heard of such a place.

He looked at the screen curiously, "What did you do Maddie?" he whispered as he read over the page.

It looked like a normal school website except that where the usual classes were listed, like math or science, instead there was Hero Support, and Mad Science. There were pictures of inside a gym like room that had an arena where two teams of two were facing off each other and there was a manikin hanging over sharp blades and a timer with three minutes on the clock could be seen in the back.

Vlad scrolled down to check out more.

There was a list of the teachers all in one photo and the principal in another.

One of them had a huge head that, in Vlad's opinion, could probably hold a stadium in it.

Further down was a brief summary of the school. He started reading.

'Welcome to the Sky High school website. Here you can check up on what's new in school.

Sky High is a safe place where young gifted teens can learn how to control their powers and become the heroes of tomorrow. Our classes are specialized to ensure that the children that come to this school learn everything they can.

A child must go through Power Placement at the beginning of their academic career here to see what sort class or classes would help them harness their abilities the best. After that the rest is up to them.

This school is to teach a student how to use their powers, as to what they do with them is completely up to them after graduation.

Set up in the early 1940's, when radioactivity came to be, the school is always on the move and there for undetectable from any radar known to man so ensure that students can study in a safe environment at all times.

Thank-you for visiting the Sky High school website.

Feel free to look around at our links and if you have any questions please e-mail Principal Powers just by clicking on her link next to her name at the top.'

Vlad starred at the screen wide-eyed rereading it to make sure that it was real. He didn't believe it at first, this was too good to be true for him.

Here was the answer to his problem right in front of him.

Just to be sure though…


"Yes dear?"

"I want you to bring me any information on this school that you can find the names of the teachers as well and the principal, see if you can find out whom they really are and where they possibly live too." He commanded with urgency in his voice.

"Right away,"

'This time my plan won't fail and you won't be able to interfere Daniel…'

It was late and Principal Powers had just gotten home after an emergency run to the school having to do with the lab rats getting into the supply of chemical H8Y12 in the mad science lab mutating them for a while.

It wouldn't have been a problem but the rats had turned into giant ten foot tall fire-breathing rats that could have burnt the school to the ground on which it floated upon.

It was obvious that she was exhausted.

Problems that came in with the new school year always occurred with last minute students arriving late and schedules needing to be changed because a student wasn't supposed to be in 'this' class or someone picked 'this' but got 'that' instead.

It was sometimes a real nightmare to be the principal for a high school of 'gifted' teens but it was worth it knowing that she was helping mold the future heroes of the planet who would one day be the saviors of many innocent lives.

Of course there was always a couple in the barrel that turned out rotten as the memory of last year's Homecoming so kindly displayed oh so well.

But then again who would have ever thought that Gwen had really been Royal Pain.

'Shame too, she could have done some real good out there,' thought Powers settling into her chair with a steaming cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other.

The woman never found that she got a good night's sleep without first reading and having a cup of her favorite jasmine tea before bed.

Opening the leather bound she turned to the page where the climax of the story was reaching its peak at last.


Principal Powers almost jumped out of her skin spilling her tea down her front and on the page she was on and upsetting a lamp next to her that provided her with light.

Cursing under her breath she put down her half empty cup and book on the stand next to her chair, put the lamp back to its upright position and hurried over to her computer.

Quickly she typed in her password making the screen stop flashing red with the word Alert on it.

"New super detected," stated a sexless voice.

"New teen huh?" she muttered under her breath curious, she was sure that they had gotten all of them already and through the next year as an extra precaution. "Location?"

"Amity Park," the computer responded.

'Isn't that where they have all those ghost attacks?' She thought recalling several reports she had read on the city. But it had never been of urgency where the city needed a hero, according to her knowledge the situation was well handled by a few ghost hunters in the area.

Of course… she never really looked to deeply into the matter so she didn't quite have all the details except that there was one fairly powerful ghost there named Danny Phantom, but seeing as to he wasn't an immediate threat to the world it didn't really concern her.

Getting back to the subject though.



This was a new addition to the system that tracked down super powered teens, of course it was easy since most kids these days just inherited their powers from their powers but once in a while there were a few newbies around.

Thanks to their science club, the system could now tell the name of that person and their age as well.


"Daniel James Fenton,"

"Send word to all the teachers tonight that I won't be in school tomorrow,"


"I'm attending a very important conference that came up last minute."

"Sending message," there were a couple of beeps as the information was sent to the correct web addresses, "Message sent, will that be all?"

"Yes, power off,"

The computer turned blank once more on voice command.

Sighing the educator made her way to the bathroom own the hall in order to clean her self off and then head back to bed after she made another cup of tea. The tea had started to burn her skin a bit and it would be nice to not have to go to bed with burned sticky skin and a now ruine night gown.

Tomorrow would certainly be interesting enough and with all the stress of the new school year, any type of rest at all was very much appreciated. It reminded her of the days when she was still a super out there saving the world everyday from villains or sheer distruction. It certainetly got tiring as the years went on.

Though this principal may have incredible abilities that made her and so many others stand out, no one is completely impervious to the ravages of time. Though some may live longer than others, sooner or later one generation will have to pass on the torch to the next.

That was the one of the purposes of the school in the first place when it was built. Only a few govermant officials know about it and all the names of the officers could be listed on just a sticky note. History of the subject was something that students learned in History of Heroes 302.

And as a former hero Powers knew exactly how terrify and exciting discovering one's special abilities could be... and it helps to have a parent or grandparent who knows what to do and can assist along the way as well. Having emmotional support was sometimes the only thing that kept a kid from misusing their powers. It was safe to assume that the child of a hero or villian inherited powers as well and are instantly registered into the Sky High school data base.

But teenagers with powers who don't have super parents and didn't inherited them that aren't registered at Sky High sometimes have difficulty controlling their gifts and sometimes come to fear them and hide them away while others wish to use them for personal gain.

She greatly wished the Daniel Fenton was the first one. She has had enough joy from having to teach future villians to last ten life times.

If Daniel was a person who believed in the greater good and helping people, then it would be easy to convince him to join Sky High.

And it was a good thing that the computer picked up his super power energy now, that way Daniel had the chance to start off at the very beginning as a sophomore at Sky high. It often tended to get complicated with paper work if a student started late or when it was a month into school.

True he'd need to do a bit of extra studying in order to catch-up what he had missed last year but that was easy to fix. A tutor and perhaps some easier classes until he was up to speed perhaps...

Powers stopped herself, she hadn't even met the boy yet and it was up to him if he wanted to go or not. So there is a chance he'd say no.

But if he did say yes then he'd have to go through Power Placement as well to see what they could teach them about his powers and what kind of powers he had.

There was so much to do regarding a new undiscovered super.

But that was going to have to wait until tomorrow, thought Powers climbing into her bed for the night.

Right now she needed to get some sleep for come morning she would make the journey to Amity Park and confront Mr. Fenton when he was alone in order for her to explain every thing.

Past experiences have taught her that it was better to confront the situation in person other wise many believed the whole thing to be nothing more than a joke.

Not many people would actually believe that there was a school floating in the sky for teens with super powers right?

Turing off the light she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

For in the morning a new student might or might not be joining the Sky High student body this year.

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