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A/N: Between thinking about the timelines for Make Me Bleed, and that Conversations Among Akatsuki with Deidara and Kisame, I got the idea for this little snippet. Just thought it was cute and wanted to jot it down. Don't worry, still working on my other fics.

Kisame no Danna

He just noticed one day, although clearly it hadn't happened overnight, even if it did seem that way. The kid was growing up.

His partner just sneered. Itachi was young too, but in control of it like he was of everything.

Next day Kisame had made up his mind. Getting up, he motioned to the kid to follow him. He did, obedient, though wondering what the shark-man wanted.

"What's going on, un?" the thirteen-year-old Deidara asked Kisame suspiciously, when the older Akatsuki took him into the bathroom.

Kisame didn't speak, feeling a bit awkward, but it needed to be done and who else would do it? He began the way he always did, and then indicated the kid should do the same. He did, still a bit suspicious.

Once that was done to Kisame's satisfaction, he handed one to Deidara, and took up his own.

"Like this."

He went slower than usual, so Deidara could follow what he was doing. When he was finished, he encouraged the kid to copy him. Kisame watched, helping out now and then, giving tips on how best to make the strokes.

When Deidara finished, he rinsed and dried off with the towel like Kisame had done. He looked up at the shark-man questioningly.

"When do I…?"

"Whenever you need to. Usually every day, but it could be more or less, everyone's different," Kisame told him.

Deidara took up the razor again, looking at it for a moment.

"Keep it," said Kisame. "It's yours. Change the blade when it gets dull." He left the bathroom.

Later, Kisame was reading when there was a soft knock on his door. "Come in,"

The door opened a crack and Deidara's blond head stuck around it. He looked at the floor, kicking his feet. "Um… Thanks, Kisame no Danna, un."

"No problem." The head retreated and the door quietly closed again.

'Kisame no Danna?' The shark-man smiled to himself, feeling oddly touched.

A/N: In case you didn't figure it out, Kisame was teaching Deidara to shave.