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Summary: With the approach of her wedding and immortality, Bella's joy seems unlimited. Until her perception of a perfect life is shattered... and then rebuilt with tremendous beauty and love.

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"Phone Call"

"Is it beautiful out there, Bella?"

My eyes were transfixed through the large window in Edward's bedroom as I watched sheets of rain fall on the forest and the small mountains. It was a peaceful, unmoving scene; it almost resembled a painting. The only thing that reminded me that it was real was the beads of rain that slid down the pane and the fog of my breath on the glass.

I looked over my shoulder and saw Edward standing in the middle of the room, wearing a beige sweater with a scarlet long sleeve button up shirt underneath and brown pants. He was drying his hair with a black towel when I turned around.

"Yes, it is," I said, smiling.

Edward ran his fingers through his hair, tossing the towel aside as he walked to sit by me on the floor. I snuggled into his chest, resting between his legs with the blanket still wrapped around my shoulders. He stroked my hair and rested his chin on my head. "It's almost as beautiful as you."

I laughed and touched his nose with my finger. "Because that wasn't cliché or anything, Edward…"

"Bella, anything can be a cliché," his laugh, deep and soft, resonated through the bedroom.

"Mmm," I said with my face nuzzled into his chest. "I guess you're right…"

Edward lifted me onto his lap with my legs straddled around his waist and our faces inches apart. His skin was still slightly damp from the shower and the grey light from the weather combined to cast an ethereal glow about him, as if he didn't already have one to begin with. The red and the brown fused to together in places to create gold streaks and strands, all highlighted now. But his eyes always captured me. The warm topaz drew me into all of its peaks and valleys, always searching and always reading.

He was so beautiful. I would never be used to it.

"Where are you, love?" My mind refocused, the feel of his cold nose touching mine and his hand resting on my lower back, pressing me to him.

"I'm here," I breathed. "I was just… thinking."

Edward nudged my neck with his cheek and leaned me back on his soft carpet, the blanket smoothing my fall. He held himself over me, careful not to press all of his stone weight on me, but just enough to comfort me. Stray strands of his bronze hair brushed against my face. "I could tell. What of?"

I lifted my hands to his neck. "You, of course."

A crooked and tempting smile slipped over Edward's lips as he leaned down to my neck, running his lips over my warming skin. A cold hand traveled down my waist lightly and stopped at my hip. "Nothing else?" His chilled voice stung my ear.

I could feel Edward's legs fighting with mine to open; fighting only because he knew not to push my patience and nerves when it came to us being so close and alone. It was a battle that was wearing my endurance thin, my endurance against his temptations. Of course it was only a week until our wedding, but still…

Our wedding. Knotting my fingers in Edward's hair, I tried the best I could to rein in my thoughts about it, but his smooth skin pushed it farther away. Small glimpses of my wedding dress flickered in my head, along with my imaginings of the people attending, all watching me as I walked down the aisle.

"Wait, Edward," I gasped as his hands strayed across my stomach. "Remember…?"

"I do," he spoke against my collarbone. "I'm not violating that, am I?"

I shook my head. "No, but I wanted to remind you…"

"I keep my promises, Bella," Edward lifted his head to look at my eyes. "Haven't I always?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"This one is no exception; I will honor it, too," he spoke against my ear, pulling me closer against him. "Although you are entirely irresistible…"

A rush of blood to my face sent him into laughter as he sat up from me. He smiled at me, tracing my cheek with his cold fingers, an intense flame in set back in his eyes.

"Where is everyone else?" The words fluttered out as I tried to sustain my breathing pattern.

"Downstairs, I believe," Edward said as he ran a finger through his hair. "I'm sure Alice is locked in her room with her top secret folder of wedding plans."

I laughed, only because it was true. "How far have you gotten on your homework?"

Edward leaned back on his elbows, smiling to himself, searching the ceiling in faux thought. "I wouldn't tell you… you won't be hearing it until the ceremony."

Our "homework" was our written vows. Alice had devised the idea, thrown it out on the table during a consultation of the ceremony. Although I was silently certain that anything Edward said in his vows was nothing new, I agreed with the idea and let it set in motion.

"I'm not asking you to show me them," I said, stretching my hands over my head. "I'm just asking how far you are in writing them."

Edward shook his head. "I won't tell you."

I sat up and leaned my back against the cold pane. "Fine."

"Oh, don't be cruel!" Edward cried, tapping my knee with his finger. "I just know you well enough to know that if I told you something as miniscule as my progress, you'd eventually have me pulling out my work so far."

"You're probably right," I admitted.

"No, I'm not probably right," he said, sitting up again. "I know I'm right, Bella love."

I smiled, stretching, and flung myself around his neck. Edward fell back and caught me in his arms. He watched me, expectantly amused. "I'm hungry…"

"I imagine you are," Edward said, sitting me on his lap and scooping me into his arms. "It's nearly five in the evening and you've hardly eaten anything."

"Keeping up with a family of vampires is difficult," I poked his cold nose and watched him playfully wince back. "I feel like a baby when I go to sleep and I know the rest of you guys stay up and have a good time…"

"Honestly, Bella," Edward said, his voice stripped of any illusions. "I don't go downstairs with my family. I usually stay up here with you."

My ears pricked at his words. "What do you mean by 'usually'?"

Edward shrugged. "Sometimes Alice draws me out of the room, but I always return to you."

I pulled myself against Edward's chest, resting my head on his stone body. I felt his arms circle me and pull me tighter against him. His coldness was soothing; I was admittedly becoming more drawn to the cold than to warmth. Edward drew my hair against his lips, inhaling and caressing. I closed my eyes, trying to still my heart and keep control.

Somewhere in the room, I heard the door slowly open as Edward cradled me.

"Edward? Bella?"

"Yes, Alice?" Edward lifted his head and looked in her direction.

Alice, who took this as an invite in the room, skipped towards us and stood over us. She innocently clasped her hands in front of her, and smiled childishly at us. Edward watched her tensely as I tried my hardest not to bust out into laughter.

"Charlie called, Bella."

I sat up, looking at her. "Does he need me to come home?"

"Yes," she said quickly, her eyes flickering to Edward. "I'm not quite sure what for, but he said to come home when you can."

I stood to my feet and faced Edward. "It will only be a little while, okay?"

He nodded. "That's fine. While you're away, I can prepare a small dinner for you."

I brushed my lips against his. "I like that idea."

"Then so be it," Edward whispered. "I love you. Come back soon."


I ran through the torrential rain to Charlie's front door, wondering what could possibly cause the urgency.

Charlie sat in the living room watching a sports game on television. At the sound of the door, he looked over the chair at me and smiled. "Hey, Bells."

I smiled warily. "Hi, Charlie," I walked into the house, surveying the immediate vicinity; nothing seemed aflame or damaged. "Is something the matter?"

"Jacob called," Charlie said, looking back to the television.

My heart flung at the mention of his name in heartbreak and happiness. I clenched my fists together and headed toward the phone; if Jacob called and Charlie told me about it, I was obligated to return the call.

"What did he say?" I asked as I dialed the La Push number.

"Just for you to call him back as soon as possible."

The phone hardly rang twice before it was picked up and a familiar voice answered.



"Bella, I'm glad you called me back!" He started, seemingly happy enough. An awkward pause settled in. "Um… what are you doing right now?"

I leaned against the counter and watched the rain slide down the window. "Nothing, really. I was over at Edward's house…"

"Would you come to La Push, Bella? I really need to talk to you."

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