Kanda entered the order exhausted.
There had been copious amounts of akuma waiting for him at his mission site; a minor detail that had somehow ended up being overlooked by Komui; the head of the HQ. But Kanda in the end couldn't have cared less, every single one of them weaklings when facing the wrath of his mugen.

The entrance hall was quiet as per usual, no one greeted him and he likewise; greeted no one.
As he walked further into the HQ, he bypassed the commissary; scowling and grumbling briefly at the raucous din emanating from the vast room worsened his headache.

He decided to pass the report of his mission off to Komui later as he continued past the hallway leading to the research section of the building.

As he ascended the grated stairs, his order boots clanked noisily on the metal. Idly, he entertained the idea of Komui granting him a small break from upcoming missions. He doubted it however; slack as Komui was, he was vigilant in his mission assignments.

Kanda approached the rusty metal door that was the entrance to his room, with a grating sound he opened the door, letting it fall shut with a resounding clang.
The inside of the room was in an equal state of disrepair; a broken stained glass window, a single bed and dresser; of which an hour glass stood encasing a single pink lotus flower.

Kanda sighed heavily as he propped his sword up against the dingy wall.

The bed wasn't all that inviting, but he welcomed it gratefully with his eyes as he removed the heavy exorcist coat. He hung it up on a rack in the corner before sitting on the bed to remove his boots and pants. He folded the latter neatly; setting both next to the dresser. Finally the wrappings on his ponytail came off, letting the sleek, straight dark hair fall down.

The bandages woven around his chest remained. He re-adjusted them, fixing them tightly; unconsciously fingering the dark san-skrit symbol above his heart.

Kanda let out a minute sigh as he flipped back the covers, crawling soundlessly between the thin sheets.
He was thankful for the bed; in any circumstance it was better than the ground.


Two hours later, Kanda was awoken by a light tapping at his door. Although he gave no affirmation that he had heard the visitor knocking, he reached over and pulled on his pants, and quickly bound his hair up, before silently crossing the small room to the door in two quick steps, yanking the door open.
"What?" He asked irritated.

It was Lenalee at the door, she smiled up at him sweetly.
"I'm sorry Kanda," she paused, sneaking a small peek behind him, before continuing; holding her clipboard close.
"Komui-nii-chan has a mission he would like to debrief you on." Her voice had melted into an apologetic tone.

Kanda suppressed a groan at the thought of another mission so soon. He thanked Lenalee quietly, closing the door.

He slipped the remainder of his uniform on quickly; grabbing his weapon and securing it to his belt.
Before closing the door behind him, he gave a final glance at the encased lotus flower as it glowed silently in his dark room.

Mood soured already, Kanda didn't immediately head to Komui's office; instead he made his way down the cafeteria to grab a small serving of Jerry's Soba noodles. It had been a habit of his since first joining the Order under Marshall Tiedoll, to never leave for a mission empty stomached.

As he sat down to eat, he mused over what mission it was Komui was giving him. It wasn't as though he was picky about the missions he was assigned, or for that matter; how frequently he was assigned them.


When Kanda finished eating, he dropped his empty dishes near the kitchen as he exited the vast room.
Still not feeling the need to rush, he made his way languidly over to that section of the order.

When he stepped through the threshold and into the letter ridden office, he was met with an exclamation from a paper stack.
"Ah! Kanda there you are. Have a seat, have a seat. It will just be another moment before your comrades arrive." Komui stated, separating the mass of papers on his desk so he could look calmly at Kanda.

Kanda on the other hand, held his breath. Komui had said comrades…meaning he would be theoretically teamed up with more than one other exorcist. But at least he wouldn't end up being stuck with the annoying moyashi.

It was just as the thought finished passing Kanda's mind that two more people entered the office.

Kanda felt a chill run down his back, before stilling completely at the friendly proclamation of "Yuu-chan!"

Lavi, he was going to be paired with Lavi; the one and only person in the entirety of the Black Order that annoyed him nearly as much – if not more than parasite boy.

He clenched his teeth together as he craned his head back against the couch in the general direction of Lavi.

"Don't. Call. Me 'Yuu-chan'". But it was in that simplistic motion that Kanda caught sight of the other exorcist accompanying Lavi, who gave a meek wave.
It was no other than the small, white-haired, parasitic anti-akuma wielding exorcist, - Moyashi.

Oh hell no.