This is for Arya, because she requested an OnuaXLewa story. This takes place when Lewa is pregnant with Layleigh.

Title: Stork?

To: Arya Toa Metru of the Elements

From: Shay Moonsilk

Lewa and Onua were in a newly bought home in Le-metru. Lewa was sitting on a couch, holding his stomach, while Onua was unpacking the last box. The Turaga told them that they should move to Le-metru, because (like Tahu) it would be healthier for Lewa and the baby. After a few moments, Onua sat down beside Lewa and stared at his stomach.

"I can hardly believe it." He murmured. Lewa beamed. "Believe it!" Lewa stated, "Because in nine months the stork is gonna bring us a little boy or girl!"

Wait, what?

Onua blinked. "The stork?" he asked. Lewa nodded happily. "Yuperooni! I'm pregnant, that means the stork is coming. Turaga Matau said!" the last bit he insisted, like a little kid, trying to prove something impossible right.

Onua gaped like a fish out of water. "Lewa," he said slowly, "The stork doesn't exist."

"Yes it does!" Lewa insisted, "How do you think Taka got his baby?" Ah, yes. Taka had a baby. While the others were away at Voya-nui, Taka had been pregnant with his and Pohatu's first born. You could only imagine the shock when Pohatu got when a baby came up to him and started chanting "Daddy!" over an over again at him.

Onua gave a sigh. Lewa was gonna have to learn 'the birds and the bees' the hard way. "Lewa, do you remember when we did IT?" Lewa giggled and nodded. Onua continued, "That was how the baby was made."

Lewa tilted his head to the side cutely and asked, "Then how will the baby come out?" Onua shrugged half-heartedly. "The same way it came in."

Lewa gasped in horror. "Eeeeeewwwwwwww!" He screamed like a frightened little Ga-matoran. "That's disgusting!" Onua shrugged. "That's the way it works."

"I don't wanna be pregnant any more! Make it go away!" Lewa wailed, throwing himself into Onua's arms. Onua tried to calm him down; stress wasn't good for the baby. Afterwards, Lewa fell asleep.

'Well,' he thought, 'That was most unexpected.' Well, it was. How could Lewa NOT know? Either way, it was too late. He was pregnant, and abortion was not an option. 'So… it's gonna be nine months of cravings, hormones, aches, and other horrors.'

Well, this little journey can be summed up in two words: PREGANCY SUCKS!!


-That came out a lot shorter than I thought, but still. I hope you liked it Arya! And anyone else who read!