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I saw this style on a different story, thought it might be interesting.

Characters' Handwriting:

James Potter

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

(possibly in later chapters)

Peter Pettigrew

Lily Evans


2nd Period, History of Magic

James! Would you stop staring at her you ungrateful sod, I'm feeling neglected here!

I am not staring at her.

You are too. You are completely ignoring our tic-tac-toe marathon, and you're looking over there all...dazed...and happy.

I'm not looking at Evans, Paddy. It's just...Binns's lecture is so interesting.



Right, I suppose you know what the lecture on, then, smarty-pants?

Of course I do its -

Well, it's not about Evans's arse, that's for sure.

Hey. There was no need for that.

You're staring at it.

I'm not. She's just standing in front of me. What can I do?

How about...not stare at it? I mean, it's just a suggestion.

Have I hurt little Jamsiepoo's feelings?

Shove it.

Will you not reply to mean, old, Sirius?

Stop waving the parchment under my nose, Sirius.

Well then read your own one!

Binns will see.

Hah! Binns wouldn't look over even if I took off my clothes in the middle of the classroom and started streaking!

Unpleasant images in my head. A lot of them, thank you.

Anytime. So...back to our game?




Ah, there you are.

What do you want?

Wipe your drool off your face, mate.

I am not drooling.

You would have been if I didn't wake you up.

Hey, you guys should pay attention, you know.

Moony! Simply splendid of you to join us old boy!

Yeah, yeah.

Marvelous! Absolutely spiffing!


How really corking to see you -

- That's enough. I'm serious. I won't be letting you borrow my notes this time.

Oh, Moony, what would we do without you?


Most likely.

What's up with Prongs?

I'm afraid we've lost him.

Why is he staring at me?

Don't be alarmed. It's not you. Kindly look over your shoulder.


Yep. We've lost our dear friend to the opposite sex.

Yeah...if only he would close his mouth, I can't say I'm enjoying the view.

I swear, he's going to gag on his own drool.

That would be amusing.

I would like to inform you dimwits that I can still read the parchment. Everything you say is recorded on my copy too, you know.

Oh, yes. I'm afraid that was my brilliant idea.

James, we haven't lost you after all!

Prongs, may I make a tiny suggestion?

I s'pose.

Try to make it more bloody obvious.

Make what obvious?

That you are completely, utterly, entirely, one hundred and fifty percent, head over heals in love wiiiiiiiiiiiith…the lucky girl is – Evans!

Subtle, paddy.

Thank you. Subtlety happens to be my strong suit.

I am not in love with her!

Yes. And I am a flubberworm. And Moony, here happens to be –

- a crumple-headed-snorkack.

Excuse me, a what?

Exactly. You love Evans.

What's that got to do with –

Our prongs. In love. How sweet…

How can you even interrupt me over writing?

I have my ways.

Stop smirking at the paper, it makes you look mental.

Why, thank you!


Yes, Remus?

You love Evans, don't you?

I most certainly do not!

You most certainly do!

Nice, Moony.

Thank you.

Do you guys have nothing better to do than to gang up on me?

I think not. Do we Remus?

Nope. Definitely not.

I thought you wanted to listen to Binns, Moony.

Naaah...History of Magic is even mindlessly boring for our furry little friend here…


Right, right. Sorry, I'm not supposed to say that…

Ok, so I think we should stop with this notes thi –

- Alright, alright, back to your platonic love affair!

Oh, come on!

I agree –

Thank god, Moony!

I am shocked! Shocked I say! TRAITOR!

- with Sirius.

Hah! Take that, Prongs.

I hate you.

I don't believe that.

Yeah, yeah, Prongs, I am hurt and stuff…

I'm terribly sorry, I can see that my words really have affected you.


So, what is your plan, James?

Plan, what plan?

Your devious plan!


The "I'm-going-to-get-the-girl-that-I-love-who-just-by-chance-happens-to-hate-me" plan.

There's a plan?

Well, there bloody well should be!

There is no bloody plan!

Then, how are you going to get Evans?

I will not "get" Evans, because I am not "head over heels" in love with her you nosy old wankers!

My, my. Prongs has started swearing.

You have a dirty mouth, James.

Maybe we should wash it with soap. Or better yet, ask Lily to do it for him…

I want to die.

How sad.

I am appalled.

I will ignore you from now on.

Alright, suit yourself. Moony?

Yes, Sirius?

We should design the devious plan together…as James is…what's the word? "Ignoring" us…

Hah. He won't be for long.

Ignoring…Ignoring…totally ignoring.

So you'd rather listen to Binns then have us annoy you?


Well, that's just fantastic.

I feel so loved.

Me too.

Shut up. My parchment keeps glowing when I don't read it!

Yeah, that was my brilliant idea.

Proud of you.


Is it too much to ask for you people to leave me alone?!

Is it too much to ask for you to stop staring at Evans?

Touché, very nice.

I know.

Bloody hell, I'm not looking at her!

What's she wearing?

Her robes?

AHA! You're staring!

AHA! Shut up.

Guys, class is over.

Thank god.

Don't think you're getting out of this that easily.

Im quivering with fear.


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