Fire raged out in the hallway, spilling into the lab room. The red emergency lights were off now, since the emergency generators had gone the same way as the regular ones. But the fire was more than enough light to see by. It was so hot that the walls seemed ready to melt, and the entire room was packed with thick smoke, but the room was still had a living occupant.

Wesker pushed the collapsed shelf off of him and brushed away bits of broken glass. He sat up and managed to get to his feet, coughing slightly from the thick smoke everywhere. He almost had to laugh at that. Smoke, of all things, was giving him trouble.

Other than that minor irritation, he was much better than expected. Even his most optimistic theories on what would happen once he injected himself with Lisa's blood had not been quite this positive. He pulled open his shirt and felt the front of his chest. His entire body was smeared with blood and gore, but all he could feel was unbroken skin. The wound had already healed completely. The bullet wound on his arm had taken only a minute or two to heal, but this one had taken a little bit longer. His body had healed miraculously from the otherwise fatal injury, leaving him intact and alive, leaving no trace of the wound.

The pain, however, had been very real. He had felt real pain when he'd been shot, unbearable pain when the Tyrant had broken his arm, and complete agony when the Tyrant had impaled him. The pain had been overwhelming then, so much that he actually lost consciousness. But the injury was completely gone, as if he had merely dreamed it.

Once he had a functioning laboratory again, he would do some experiments and tests on his own blood to see exactly what was happening. But that was in the future, and right now he had to deal with the present. The lab was in ruins, and the explosions probably had destroyed all the rest of Sigma lab. The fires would probably burn out before they reached the other labs, but it didn't matter either way. Wesker already had everything he needed from this place. The fires were actually a blessing, because it would take longer for the authorities to examine the remains if it was all burned beyond recognition.

He walked through the smoke and felt along the wall for the switch that would open the hidden door. It slid open with a hiss, and Wesker walked through as smoke billowed through the doorway. His white SUV was still there, waiting for him. Thankfully, this secret room had not been damaged by the explosions. Although if it had been, Wesker could just walk home. He had already taken everything of value, and the truck was just his method of escape now. Everything that remained at the labs was unimportant. Even the briefcase he had left in the lab, the one containing other capsules of Lisa's blood, was disposable, since he had more samples already at his new location.

He quickly discarded his bloody clothes and dressed in a clean shirt and pants, which he had left there in advance. He got in the truck and started the engine, and then tapped a button on the remote control stuck to the dash. The horizontal doors at the end of the ramp opened upward and Wesker casually drove out.

He was glad it was finally over. Now he would have some time to plan his next move. Because one thing had still not changed. Even with all of Wesker's scheming and plotting, he knew that he had not prevented the one thing that still hovered over his head. The one catastrophic event that was still inevitable, despite everything he had done

The virus was still going to hit Raccoon City sooner or later, and when it did, he had to be ready. There was still a lot of work to do.


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