Only A Dream

"It's only a dream," he says softly, caressing my cheek with his affectionate hand, it licks me gently and I smile to myself, my livelihood returning. Slowly I sit up, sleep dust in my eyes, taunting me to wipe it away. I yawn loudly and stretch, clearing my eyes with my sleeve and smile sleepily at him, his bright smile stealing away any thoughts of the nightmare that had frightened me to the point that I woke screaming on the top of my lungs. The sheets beneath us were wrinkled from keeping the same position and I stretch out on them, my arms overlapping Deidara's body. He shoves them aside playfully and I stick my tongue out at him, giggling. He turns his face to me, and for a moment, there is only silence, but not of the uncomfortable type.

"Ino, we'll have to tell them eventually," he says softly, reaching over and curling my blonde hair with his forefinger and thumb, his face thoughtful. I smile to him and lean on my side towards him, admiring his features and so happy that these features were of the one who loves me. For a moment, darkness clouds my mind, if we tell someone, they may try to take us apart; I won't let that happen!

"Why complicate their lives with our troubles?" I ask gently. He stops playing with my hair and sits up, leaning on his elbow, his face a bit upset. The window handing on the wall beside us lets in sunlight and the sound of spring birds chirping in the branches of a nearby forest. I stare at him; did I say something wrong?

"What do you mean by 'our troubles'?" he asks, I look to him, embarrassed, realizing he had thought I meant something completely different than I had. "I thought that you said you wanted to be with me," he looks down, sadly, his features not masking his emotions. I sit up beside him and lean over to him, wrapping my arms around him softly. Tears bite at my eyes, sad that I had hurt his feelings.

"I love you Dei-dei, I only meant that it will be hard for us," I sit back and look into his eyes. "It's not every day that a ninja from Konoha and a rogue ninja become a couple!" I keep myself from giggling at calling us this, and he blushes some, then flashes a toothy grin.

"I know- I just wanted to hear you say you loved me," he smiles at me and I pumble him with pillows; he pushes me off and tackles me, ticking me. We collapse together, laughing and he shrouds his arms around me, holding me against him tightly. "So, do I get to know what the dream was about?" he asks soothingly, staring into my face, his sweet breath tickling my nose. I nod and lean into him, my head on his chest.

"I had a dream that you left me for Sasori, you two went off and got married and I was stuck as the flower girl," I say, trying to keep myself from giggling. His face drops for a moment, then he realizes I was joking and tackles me again, not letting me go this time. He lies on top of me; I bite my lip and pout at him temptingly. He smiles and lifts his thumb to my chin, taking my lip from between my teeth, then leans down closer, our lips touch and-

I awake in a cold sweat; my heart racing and my eyes open wide. My throat aches as I scream on the top of my lungs, unable to contain the terror of what I had just dreamt. My eyes dart around the room quickly; unsure of what exactly I was looking for, but wanting to be sure it wasn't there. After a moment, I relax, realizing it was only a dream, and look at my clock as the bright digital letters shine '3:54 a.m.' I lay back against my pillow, staring up at the ceiling above me; I hate anime crack parings.