Everything was quite in Konohagakure no Sato, or the Village Hidden in the Leaves. After all, it was the dead of night. Villagers and shinobi alike were sleeping soundly, save for the few ANBU who patrolled the village since the demise of the Uchiha clan. Yes, it was all quiet, except for one boy screaming into the night.

The boy was ten-year-old Uzumaki Naruto, who was currently running for his life. Once again, for an unknown reason, a small mob of Konoha residents decided to take their anger out on him. He would have made it out fine, had it not been for the few shinobi who joined them.

Naruto winced as several shuriken imbedded themselves in his back and legs. He merely tore them out and kept running. A few shuriken would be the least of his problems if he allowed himself to be caught.

"DEMON!" A voice screamed from the crowd. Others joined him, calling the boy a "devil" or "demon spawn." Finally, an old lady's voice called out. "Die you fucking MONSTER!"

Naruto felt rocks begin to pelt him, as the few shinobi had run out of shuriken to bombard him with. 'Ah,' Naruto thought bitterly, 'there's my favorite name. Idiots, why can't they leave me alone?'

The boy continued running, turning into an alley. Much to his misfortune, a chunin in the mob blurred through hand seals.

"Doton: Doryuheki!" The small boy didn't see as mud flew out of the chunin's mouth, flowing rapidly past him and forming a wall of earth that created a dead end. Naruto ran to the newly-formed obstacle and started pounding on it in vain, praying it would break.

"Come on you stupid wall, you're gonna get me killed," the boy yelled, pounding on the hardened mud wall. Naruto jumped as he felt something massive brush by his head, missing his left ear by inches. He stepped back and saw a fuma shuriken.

Naruto looked at the mob not 20 feet from him. "What is wrong with you people," he yelled angrily.

Some people in the crowd had the nerve to laugh. Their laughs were hollow and evil, doing nothing to quell his fear. "Oh, there's nothing wrong with us, demon. You see, you've been allowed to live for far too long. We've stabbed you, burned you, bludgeoned you, and even poisoned you. But you keep living."

A man with a butcher's smock and large knife stepped up. "You've managed to survive us this long, monster. Now you're gonna die. I don't think even a demon can live without his head!"

Several chunin threw their remaining shuriken at him. The bloodied and cut boy knew he would survive them, until they formed a cross-shaped seal. "Kage shuriken no jutsu!"

Naruto could only watch as the few shuriken became hundreds, filling any empty space in the alley. He was as good as a human dartboard. The Uzumaki crouched down, bringing his knees to his chest and shielding his head with his forearms.

"AHHHHHH!" Naruto yelled as he felt metal slice into his body. Miraculously, his torso and head were fine, but his arms and legs looked more like pincushions.

He cried while tearing the shuriken out, causing him to bleed profusely. Red chakra began to seep out, healing his wounds quickly. After a few seconds, the boy looked unharmed. Completely exhausted, but unharmed.

The mob looked at him in horror. "You see," a chunin yelled, "he truly is a demon! No human could heal themselves that quickly, not even the Slug Sannin, Tsunade!"

More cries echoed out for the boy's blood. "Kill him!" "Sandaime's law be damned!" "We'll be heroes!" The mob advanced on him, ready to kill. Naruto tried to move, but found himself bound.

Nara Shikaku, the head of the shadow-manipulating Nara clan, had his hands in a seal. His kagemane no jutsumade anything his shadow touched mimic his actions. Unfortunately for Naruto, he was the target. The Nara spread his arms out, forcing Naruto to mimic him. Naruto stood as if attatched to an invisible crucifix.

"Good work Shikaku," a large, muscular man said, patting his shoulder with a beefy paw. The man had a wild mane of hair and wore samurai-esque armor. The man's tiny, hateful eyes glared daggers into the boy. "This is for the Akimichi clan, monster!"

"Bubun baika no jutsu!" Akimichi Chouza's fist began the size of the boy's chest and began delivering vicious blows to the defenseless boy's torso.

Naruto screamed out in pain as he felt his ribs being broken and mended just as quickly. His red chakra was working overtime to keep the boy in stable condition.

After what felt like an eternity, the giant ceased his pummeling, pleased with himself. As the Akimichi left, a man with long blonde hair passed him.

"Hello gaki, my name is Yamanaka Inoichi. My clan specialized in jutsu involving the mind. Let's see how much a demon like you can take!"

More pain flooded the already beat boy, this time in his head. He tried to grab his head but his body was still stuck due to the Nara.

"Does it hurt boy? Does it hurt like all those people you killed," the man yelled.

"AHHHH, stop it! I didn't kill anyone! I'm just a kid," Naruto pleaded.

Inoichi frowned. "Of course you did demon, you destroyed half the village!" He focused more killing intent on the boy, magnifying the mental torture he was going through.


"LIES," a woman screeched. Naruto vaguely saw a flash of pink hair before the woman began stabbing him rapidly.

"This. Is. For. My. Husband. And. My. SON!" With each word, she stabbed him harder. She finally grabbed the boy by the hair and slashed his throat.

Blood spilled out from the boy's chest and throat. Pain flooded the Uzumaki. Naruto used the last of the air in his lungs to scream in agony.

"I've done it," the woman yelled, her eyes wide like a lunatic, "I've killed the Kyubi! The Haruno clan will be famous once again! Everyone will love me and my Sakura!" The woman fell to her knees, hugging herself and smiling an insane grin.

The crowd erupted in cheers. The boy felt his consciousness slip away. When he awoke, he was in a sewer, standing next to giant metal bars that sealed part of the room off and shrouded it from view.

"Back again, Kit?" A demonic voice shook the room. A four-story tall demon slowly made itself visible.

" It's not my fault, there was a Nara and that bitch Haruno killed me."

"You aren't dead, merely unconscious. You'll awaken soon, much to the mortals' displeasure."

"So if I'm not dead now, probably a Hyuga or someone will finish me with a juken to the heart."

The Kyubi let out a laugh. "I think not, Kit. After all, that clan is still in the debt of the tailed beasts, as you call us. Without the aid of the Nibi long ago, there would be no Byakugan."

"Just like how without you, there would be no Sharingan," Naruto stated.

"It looks like you aren't as dumb as I thought, excellent. I will not tolerate a weak vessel."

"So, while we are waiting for me to wake up, I have a few questions for you, Kyubi-sama."

Kyubi once again roared is laughter. "Such humility is unlike you and your kind, Kit."

The Uzumaki just looked at him, stoic. "You have lived for at least ten-thousand years and are the most feared entity in existence. You have my respect for that, and my thanks for healing me, Kyubi-sama."

"Very well. However, what happened to the loud dobe?"

Naruto looked sad at this, and hung his head. "It was an act. I thought that if I failed and acted weak, the beatings would stop. Instead they've gotten worse. They think I can't defend myself. They think I'm weak."

"Illusion is a necessity to the shinobi, kit. You should embrace that fact."

Naruto shook his head. "No, I won't be weak. I won't give up. I will become respected."

"How, kit? They hate you."

"It doesn't matter. I have people to protect. Their hatred will not stop me from keeping them safe!"

"So what, you want to be the Hokage," the Kyubi asked, chuckling in his terrible demonic voice.

The boy's eyes widened. "YES! That's exactly what I'll be. I'll show the entire village that a 'demon' can surpass them all! As Hokage, I'll protect Iruka-sensei, Ayame-neechan, and Teuchi-oji-san!"

"Kit," the demon said seriously, "you've made an oath, something we demons, especially kitsune, do not take lightly. Protect them with your life." The Kyubi looked toward the ceiling. "Ah, you'll be leaving soon."

Naruto looked livid. "But I didn't even get to ask you a question," he yelled. Naruto could feel his presence dissipating. He had maybe a minute.

"You may ask one thing, and I swear on my honor I will answer truthfully."

After looking at the fox and seeing no trace of deception, Naruto eased. "Thank you. I want to know why you attacked Konoha and who my parents were, if you have the information."

"You are in luck, Kit, I know both. To answer the first, I was summoned. Second, your father was Namekaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, and your mother was Uzumaki Kushina."

"How do you know," the blonde asked, his body slowly fading away.

"Simple, when one so powerful is defeated, one wishes to know the name of their opponent." With that, the room faded away.

The first thing Naruto felt was the antagonizing pain he was in. He checked his body for wounds, but found none. That didn't help the blinding agony he felt. He stood up, seeing the mob walking away with their backs turned. Naruto figured that his conversation had taken up maybe a minute of real time.

'I'll remember my promise, Kyubi-sama. And I'll no longer be the dobe.'

The last Uzumaki stood up, tearing the remains of his blue shirt off. It would only hinder him. The boy was clad in nothing but black shinobi pants and black sandals. Naruto felt oddly calm. It was as if he knew, for the first time in his life, he would be safe from harm. He stared at the mob, his eyes focusing on their retreating forms.

"Hey," Naruto said in a deathly calm voice, causing the mob to freeze, "aren't you forgetting about me?"

The mob stood in shock, seeing the boy standing alive and well. "How are you still alive, you fucking monster," Inoichi spat, advancing on him. "You obviously need some more of my technique." The Yamanaka made a hand seal. Naruto's eyes flashed open for a moment, before retaining their determined expression.

Naruto raised his right hand, signaling for the man to stop his advance. "No." A wild wind began to form in the alley. "I am not the dobe you believe me to be. I won't be your fool, nor your punching bag any more."

The wind picked up, causing the villagers in the mob to be pushed slowly backwards. The shuriken that were stuck in the mud wall were shaking. The rocks in the alley slowly began to move. A dull roar of harsh wind echoed in the alley.

"What is this wind," a random chunin cried. "The hell with it!" He grabbed a large shuriken on his back and threw it. He watched in triumph as it flew towards the boy. "Die demon!"

The boy merely kept his palm out and concentrated, causing a gust of wind to stop it. The shuriken hovered, the points facing away from the blonde. With a flick of his wrist, the shuriken flew back, hitting the man sideways and throwing him and several others out of the alley. The blonde looked in shock as his body acted on instinct.

'It's like my body's acting on its own.' The wind picked up to such a degree that even the sparse shinobi in the remaining crowd had to focus chakra into their feet to keep standing.

The mob looked at the boy in fear. "RUN," the Haruno yelled, having stuck around by holding onto Akimichi Chouza., "THE DEMON WILL MURDER US ALL!"

The shinobi around them seemed to share her sentiment, and even the Nara and Akimichi left in a poof of smoke.

The wind in the alley died down. Naruto felt dizzy and exhausted. He felt darkness overcome him, but not before asking himself one question.

'How did I do that?'

A/N: Remember, and this is important, the nature manipulation he just did was an accident!