For a long time I have been a fan of the Ninja Turtles. Read the comics, watched both series, and have seen two of the four movies. I don't believe this idea has been tried before, and if it has that's my error. I just missed it when reading stories in this category. My idea is this: it is said colors have meanings. If so were the personalities made to fit the colors of the masks? You decide.

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Mask of Blue

I wear the mask of blue. Through my father's words, I am the leader of our small clan. I lead us into battle when I feel the time is wise for us to do so. I go in there, trying to keep a cool head, knowing that the least mistake could cut us down at the hands of our enemies, the Foot Clan and the Purple Dragons. I fight with all my strength behind me, trying to read each move they make before they make it.

I am always trying to keep us together, trying to make sure we don't fall apart. That means remaining true to what I believe in, which is the importance of family. Sometimes that means working them harder than I should. I am always getting into arguments with Raph over that. I wish I could make him understand that I am not just the emotionless machine he thinks I am.

And yet, I pay a price for such actions. I watch Raph, with his fiery spirit, Don with his creativity, and Mike with his jokes and wish I could be a part of them. I think of Master Splinter and how he guides us and wonder what will happen when he is gone. It saddens me and I can neither smile nor laugh. I love them yet cannot show it, which hurts more than I can say.

I am a leader who wishes to keep us stable and together. I am calm, strong, confident and intelligent. I am emotionless, sad and depressed. I am Blue. I am Leonardo.

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