This is the final installment of "Colorful Personalities". It may not be as good as the others, but hopefully it meets approval. At the bottom, I will list the traits I used for this mask color. Hopefully I succeeded in displaying those traits.

Disclaimer: I don't own TMNT

Mask of Purple

I wear the mask of purple. In our "family" I have the reputation of being a techno-geek and scientist. I use this reputation not only to try and keep us safe from our enemies, but to defend ourselves as well. Among my many inventions are the security system we use for the lair, the Shell Cells we communicate with, and the Battle Shell which has aided us in many a fight.

Besides the weaponry, I have also been able to bring life to many of the appliances we use in our lair, most of which were rebuilt items from the junkyard or have been composed of items from the junkyard. Creating and rebuilding such items is second nature to me. I was taking things apart as a child just to examine them and see how they worked. Now when I take things apart I analyze them and see if I can expand their abilities, in a way that may help us, whether weapons or just the mundane. I do have my limits though. I often get tired of repairing the TV or other appliances my brothers Raph and Mike trash (usually when Mike has played a joke on Raph).

I don't really like fighting, in part because as a scientist, I feel that life is more important than anything else. I have had to heal myself and my brothers more times then I care to remember. I live with the fear that one day I won't be able to heal one of them or myself, it has come that close so often. So I try to use my knowledge to come up with strategies for us in the hopes of minimizing our losses. As far as I am concerned, taking all factors into account can lead to the best strategies and if by some chance the strategy does not work and we are successful in escape, then we should learn from it and fix our mistakes for the next time. We judge wrong, and it could cost us everything.

I create the weapons we use and come up with new ways to bring life to old objects. I use my head to help us learn from our mistakes, to determine if we could win or lose in the next battle. I am Purple. I am Donatello.

AN: The traits that belong to purple that I used are imaginative, creative, wisdom and good judgment. I hope I portrayed at least a couple of them well, and I also hope you enjoyed this final chapter.