Yes, this was supposed to be an Antauri/Otto brother/friendship thing. But then I realized it was the 25th oneshot in Relacien, and I felt I needed to do something special about that.

And what's more special than SPOVA?


Incoming Transmission.

Location: Unknown



Transmission Accepted

"Greetings from the far corners of the galaxy!"

"Sprx! Is that really you?"

"Oh…hi, Nohvs. Yeah, it's me."

"You haven't contacted us in months! We were beginning to fear the worst."

"Come on, Nova. You know you're not lucky enough to get rid of me like that."

"A girl can dream."



"So what have you been up to?"

"Oh, you know. Just kind of wandering. Got some work transporting freight. Did a little bounty hunting. The usual."

"I see. The kindhearted scoundrel roaming the galaxy, righting wrongs?"

"I'm working on the movie rights as we speak."

"Ha. I'm sure."


"How are things going with the team?"

"We're…still adjusting. Gibson won't accept that you're really gone."

"Brain strain did always have trouble seeing the obvious."

"He still does. Otto and Chiro have also taken it pretty rough. They're not sure what to do with a two-person-trio."

"I'm sure their pranks lack the same sense of organization and flair. Is it safe to say that Antauri is more or less unfazed?"

"Mr. Chalk-It-Up-To-Fate? Yeah, he shrugged it off the moment you walked out the door."

"Shocker. What about logistically? How are you guys dealing with the Fist Rocket?"

"Otto refit the Fist Rocket for Jinmay, and she got the hang of it pretty quickly. But she still can't fly it quite as well as you did."

"That's not really fair to her. Nobody could hold a candle to me."

"Still modest as ever I see, Sparky."

"What can I say? Humility is in my nature. And don't call me that."

"I'll call you whatever I want."

"You always did."


"Anything major happen? Zombie invasions or exploding suns?"

"A few minor emergencies. Nothing we couldn't handle, of course."

"There's not much you guys can't handle."

"You'd know that better than most."


"How…how are you guys doing?"

"I already told you. We're still adjusting."

"No I…I mean how are you guys doing."

"Oh…we're fine. Very happy. We have a few bumps here and there, but what relationship doesn't?"

"Yeah. That's…that's good to hear."


"Sprx, if my relationship was what caused you to leave I-"

"Don't even, Nova. It was my decision and mine alone. There's no guilt."

"I mean, if I had just known that you-"

"I said there's no guilt, Nova. No guilt."

"Yeah, sure."


"Can you…can you at least tell me where you are?"

"I…don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not? Why can't you just tell me where you are? A surrounding area, even."

"Just…no. Okay? It's just not a good idea."


"Please, Nohvs. Just drop it."



"Well, uh, I guess I should get going. Don't, uh…want to keep you."


"I'll…I'll call you guys soon, okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

"You, um, you guys take care of yourselves. Be safe, Nova."

"Yeah. Same."


Transmission Terminated


"That always was your problem, Sprx. You never could just tell me something."

And there we have it. Story #25 is in the books.

This story is dedicated to beautybelle. She knows why.

Next story should be Antauri/Otto brotherhood type thing.

Until then: