The Teumessian Wulf


Jack roared as he rushed out into the hall in a fury. He was just in time to see the fleeting canine's hindquarters slipping as he turned the corner too fast. There was the sound of nails scrapping against the high polished floor as Jackson made his get away.

"Get back here you flea ridden walking fur factory!"

The Wulf hybrid bounded down the hall towards the elevator with his tail held high. The people in the hall moved to the side as the pair barreled towards them. Jackson skidded to a stop in front of the closed elevator doors.

"Got you now mutt-butt!"

Before Jack could catch up to his prey Jackson reared up and slammed his paw down on the elevator button. The doors slid open and he escaped into the elevator. As the doors closed Jack could see the mirth in the Wulf's golden eyes.

Inside the elevator Jackson nosed the panel to activate it. He sat down and waited patiently. When the doors opened again he looked cautiously out into the hall before padding out. Coming to a closed door Jackson pawed at the modified handle until it unlatched and then pushed it open with his nose.

Sam was busy at her computer and didn't notice the furry intruder until he came up and placed his stolen gift for her on the desk. Furrowing her brow Sam poked at the piece of fried chicken. Jackson barked and then sat down with his tail wagging.

"Did you get this for me?" Sam chuckled.

Jackson nodded.

Shocked to actually have gotten an answer Sam was momentarily speechless. Jackson suddenly dove under Sam's desk. Looking up she saw an irate General storming into her lab. He didn't even greet her he just leaned over and looked under her desk.

"There you are you fowl thief!"

Jackson whimpered pitifully.

"Saying you're sorry doesn't cut it, Milkbone breath!"

"Don't be mad at Jackson, Sir." Sam interrupted. "It's my fault really."


"He was in here watching me work and I off handedly mentioned that I was hungry."

"So...he came and stole my lunch...for you?"

"Looks that way." Sam smiled and pet the grateful Wulf. "Jackson must be getting smarter. I guess Daniel's rubbing off on him."

" if having one of them around wasn't bad enough."