Epilogue: Sunrise Surprise


Laying on his back Daniel's leg jerked in his sleep. He found that he slept far better in Jackson's body than his own. Jackson didn't mind, in fact he seemed to learn faster if he was taught something in his own form and then allowed to sleep in Daniel's.

However, sleeping as a dog did have its disadvantages...

Knock! Knock!!

...like sensitive hearing.

Rolling over Daniel blinked a few times and looked over at the clock. It was barely six am. The incessant knocking repeated itself. Groaning Daniel crossed his paws over his face, hoping that they'd just go away.

Knock! Knock!!

"Alright, alright. I'm up, I'm up."

Assuming it was Jack pounding on his door Daniel didn't bother switching bodies. He slunk out of bed and padded over to the door. The front door had a special tug on the handle to allow anyone in Jackson's body to open it.

"I swear, Jack, if this isn't life or death," Daniel growled "I will bite you."

Pulling open the door Daniel was surprised to find a middle aged woman standing on his front door step. She had an irate look on her face at first, however it quickly dissolved in to one of shocked surprise when she looked down at who had answered the door.

"Uh...you were probably expecting something a little more 'human'." Daniel forced a toothy smile. "I'll be right back."

Daniel closed the door on the woman and went to seek out Jackson. Walking into the bedroom Jackson was nowhere to be seen. The lights were on in the bathroom and Daniel nosed the door open. Looking inside his jaw dropped open.

"Jackson!" Daniel barked. "Do NOT pee in the sink!"

"'Aniel!" Jackson cried happily.

"Don't you ''Aniel' me, Mister!" Daniel hissed as he reclaimed his body. "You know better than that."

Knock! Knock!!

"Coming!" Daniel called. He smacked his lips distastefully. "Ugh, it tastes like you've been drinking out of the toilet again. Whoever said a dog's mouth is cleaner than an humans clearly never had to share a body with one!"

Jackson tucked his tail.

Knock! KNOCK!!

"Who is this woman?"

After a quick swig of mouthwash Daniel made his way to front door. He opened the door and looked the woman over. She seemed familiar, most likely a neighbor he guessed. She held a bundled up blue blanket and a sour look on her face.

"Can I help you?"

"You can keep your goddamn dog locked up!" She spat.


"I believe this belongs to you."

Before Daniel could figure out what was going on the woman shoved the blanket into his arms. He was left standing in his doorway with a look of confusion painted on his face. For her part the woman turned around and walked off.

Furrowing his brow Daniel opened up the bundled blanket. He gasped violently and almost dropped the tiny creature in his arms. Nestled in the blanket was a puppy, no more than a few weeks old. She had a black saddle pattern on her back just like Jackson's, however where he was a tawny colour this little one was a wolf grey. Her face held the standard white and black husky mask.

Whimpering as the cold morning air brushed against her fur the little puppy opened her eyes. She looked up at Daniel with mismatched eyes, her left eye was a bright ice blue, but the right was golden yellow. Catching sight of Daniel her whole body began to wiggle in an uncontrolled wagging.


With his tail tucked and ears down Jackson came slinking into the living room. He sniffed at air. When he saw the puppy his golden eyes widened in shock. The look on the wulf's face spoke a thousand words. The expression combined with the knowledge that wulves only have one pup at a time told Daniel in no uncertain terms that this little creature was Jackson's. Daniel looked down on the quarter-wulf and sighed heavily.

"Jack is never going to let me hear the end of this."