A/N: Those who read this are in for a treat. I have five drabbles written out that I have to post today. Remembrance Chapter 9, is almost done as well. This is a nice change from the last one, which continues to scare me. XD



That might've been the only reason.

She was better than him.


She was his mentor.

His superior.

His better.

He wondered what she thought about it.

Perhaps she couldn't consort with those whom she surpassed.

Maybe she would ignore him.

Maybe she needed an equal.

He wondered if he should train.

Maybe he needed to surpass her.

But then, he wondered, would that make it worse off for him?

Maybe he needed someone better than him to keep him in line.

If he bested her, would the attraction end?

"Come on, Byakuya-bo," she whispers, inches from his ear, "Let's play tag."

Byakuya suppresses a shiver and chases after Yoruichi.