Mysterious Meets Playboy

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Summary: Natsume and Mikan are complete opposites. It's not just a saying. They really are... well... except for one part. That part is they attract attention. Natsume being the most popular guy attracts attention every where he goes. However! Mikan attracts attention but differently. She's the loner of the school. Always alone and never opens her mouth, that was Mikan for you. Everyone knew their paths wouldn't cross but fate just had to play with them. Suddenly an accident occurs and Natsume and Mikan has to live in the SAME house!!! How will the school girl's population deal with that? Most of all... how will THEY deal with it?!?!

"It's NATSUME!!! EVERYONE!! NATSUME!!!" a fan girl shouted her lungs out and tried to get herself a better look. Hearing the name Natsume every girl ran in that direction. Scrambling and gripping each girl wants a front row seat at the glamourous and most sexiest man alive.

"NO!! HE'S MINE!!" one girl screamed.

"IN YOUR DREAMS!!!" another pulled that girl's hair.

The war begun. All the girls were scratching, pinching, gripping, grabbing whatever they see that screams "GIRL" in their view. Soon it turned out to be a stampede of angry girls pushing and shoving to reach the spotlight first.




Each girl screamed and shouted their words. This continued on for minutes and minutes until she arrived...

"Girls! Girls!" her sweet tender voice reached through all of them as they turned to her with envy and parted for her to get through.

"Don't fight! You have to play like civilized people! We're all pretty young girls. We need to behave like one!" she smiled happily and cherry as she walked down the path parted by the girls and stood at the end waiting for Natsume's car.

The car drove into the parking with a loud engine noise and squeaked badly as it stopped it's incredible speed right on a spot. The door to the driver's seat opened and Natsume stepped out wearing the newest style of clothes.

"KYAA!!! NATSUME!!!" every girl screamed at the sight of him except for one. Still standing in her spot she smiled sweetly and waited for Natsume to walk slowly up the steps to the entrance. Once he got there she greeted him and slipped her arm into his and they walked like that.

"AW!! I wish I was as pretty as Sumire!" one girl swooned at the sight of the two most popular teens.

"Give it up girl! Sumire is the top beauty here. No one can beat her. We should all just perish and die." another girl started crying as her friends cried with her.

Soon the girls started to follow the two to their classroom and continue to swoon over the sight of the two teens sitting in their class. Sumire sat there reading her romantic novel and Natsume placed his feet onto the table with a manga over his face sleeping.

"They're so perfect for each other." the girls all said as they continued to watch the beautiful sight. Suddenly the door slammed open on the other side of the room and a gloomy figure walked in.

"EWW!!" all the girls chorused together as they sighted the being.

The figure walked in and walked to her seat. Placing her bag down on her row (the classrooms are arranged just like the classrooms in Naruto) and slumped into her chair. Taking something out of her pocket she revealed her ipod. Pushing play she rested it back inside her pocket and pulled her hood over her head even more then needed.

"That girl just ruins the mood." one girl snorted. They all were still standing by the windows in the halls all snaring and growling at the new arrival.

"Yeah... She's so gloomy and NOT pretty. I don't even know what her parents were thinking when they named her." another girl joined in while she smiled evilly at her.

"That's just ridiculous. Naming her Mikan. It's just plain retarded. Such a good name and it had to be wasted on this gloomy stash of dump." the second girl's friend laughed as she placed her arm around her shoulder slouching against her.

"EWW!!! Don't even mention her more then ten times cause I heard that if you do that within one day then you'll be cursed for ten years." some girl from the far end said out loud.

"EH! No way! That's creepy!" some other girl replied while shivering.

"Maybe she is a witch!" another girl from the other end barked out.

"SHH!!!!! Don't! We don't want to be cursed!" a girl in the middle warned and all the others started to laugh mockingly at Mikan.

"Girls... we shouldn't be too mean to her. Even though she doesn't look like her name you should respect her. She's after all... human..." Sumire walked up to them as she gave a hurt expression.

"We won't. But it's tempting!" a girl in the front squealed.

"I know it can be tempting but please try to hold it back. For me perhaps?" Sumire smiled more cute and sweetly.

"Hai!" every girl answered her and then the bell rang. Students began piling into class and the girls all ran for it. Sumire walked calmly back to her seat next to Natsume and smiled at him before the teacher walked in.

"Good morning. No one's late I hope." he glared at all the students. Scanning each and every student in the room the teacher checked to make sure everything was alright. Spotting Natsume sitting with his feet up and sleeping with a manga on his face, the teacher slammed his baton onto his small stand in front of the class.

"Natsume Hyuuga. Please put your feet down and come back to Earth." he snapped at him loudly.

Reaching up and taking the manga off his face Natsume turned to look at the teacher. "Shut up Jinno. I'm trying to sleep. Get on with the class." Natsume glared back at him.

Sighing Jinno moved on. "This is what I get from having the head chairman's son in my class." Jinno whispered to himself as he spotted yet another parasite.

"MIKAN SAKURA!!!" Jinno-sensei screamed her name out without politeness. Not even moving from her spot Mikan continued to keep her head down on the table. (She is asleep)

"MIKAN SAKURA!!!" Jinno-sensei shouted again. Receiving no reaction once more. Everyone turned to the slumped figure and snared. Natsume looked over at Mikan and noticed she was sleeping calmly. Which was a rare sight that he saw unless that person was confident that Jinno wouldn't kill them afterwards.

Stomping to her desk Jinno-sensei pointed his baton upward and whipped it hard at Mikan's head. Not even twitching at all Mikan opened her sleepy eyes and stretched as if nothing has happened.

"Are you awake now Sakura?" Jinno-senei asked her with no patience. Not even looking at him Mikan took out her ipod and started another song. Pulling her hood further down her head, se laid back down and fell asleep.

"MIKAN SAKURA!!! I AM WARNING YOU! GET YOU LAZY ASS UP AND START LISTENING TO THE LESSON!" Jinno-sensei screamed at the top of his lungs. The door to the front of the room opened and another teacher stepped in.

"Jinoo-sensei? What's going on? I can hear you from across the hall." he asked.

"Oh! Mitsuko-sensei... My student won't wake up. Sorry if I interrupted your class." Jinno-sensei apologized.

"It's ok. I don't have a class just yet. But... is that Sakura-san?" Mitsuko-sensei asked looking at Mikan.

"Yes it is. I've been trying to get her to wake up for ten minutes." Jinno-sensei sighed.

"Sakura... Oh! Jinno-sensei. Don't bother about waking her up. I've had her before. It's impossible to wake her up." Mitsuko-sensei answered him.

"I suppose then. Since even you can't wake her up... I guess there's no point in me trying." Jinno-sensei gave up and walked back to the front. Walking to Mtsuko-sensei he thanked him for the advice. Mitsuko-sensei smiled and walked back to his classroom.

"Ok... let's get on with class. Sakura has wasted enough of our time." Jinno-sensei growled at the mention of Mikan. Growling once more he reached into a shelve at the stand and pulled out a book.

"Turn to page 60 in your books. Hurry up. We don't have much time." Jinno-sensei spatted at the class.

Everyone moved as fast as they could except for Natsume, Sumire, and Mikan. Jinno-sensei continued to growl and spat ever chance he get during the lesson.

"Nee... It's all Sakura's fault. If she wasn't sleeping Jinno-sensei wouldn't be like this today." a student said to the person next to him while pretending to concentrate on the book.

"I hear ya. It's all her fault. We should fully blame her for it." the other student whispered back as he passed it on to another student. The message continued to pass on and on even to other classes and by the end of the day everyone and I mean everyone knew.

"It's all her fault!! I heard that Natsume was bugged by her too sometime ago." a male student said to his fried as they walked to their lockers.

"We should do something about this girl."

"She's currently messing with us by staying at this school."

"I hate Sakura!! She's so obnoxious."

"We have to do something! Or else our school's reputation is going to go down!"

"NO! I can't get boys if the school doesn't have a good rep!"

"Guys! Do something! Rough her up a bit!"

"If you get what we... mean by 'rough' her up."

"We get ya."

"Oh! Look here she comes!"

Mikan walked down the hallway to her locker and opened it. Putitng her books inside, Mikan noticed the weird stares she was getting. Sensing something wrong in the air she hurried up and began walking to the main entrance. Just as she was about to reach it an army of students stepped in front of her, blocking her one way out of the school.

"Wait just a second. Sakura-san is it?" the male student in the center asked her.

Moving back a step Mikan got ready to run but as she turned around another army of students blocked her way. Looking to her sides she noticed that they were boxing her in. Having no choice Mikan started to back up only to remember behind her was another army of students. Turning back around she looked at them.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Reo. Nice to meet you Sakura-san." Reo smirked.


"It's not polite to not answer back when someone speaks to you." Reo glared at her. "Moreover, having a hood over your head at all times... is pissing me off! Is your face that ugly that you have to hide it?" he mocked her.

A student from behind made a grab for her hood Leaping out of line he held onto her hood from behind and pulled on it. Acting faster then ever Mikan pulled the opposite way and elbow him in the stomach with her right hand. He stumbled backwards clutching he stomach as he started to cough up blood.

"DAMN YOU!" he shouted as he came again for another grab. Spinning completely around she grabbed his outstretched hand and used it to pull herself behind him. Once she was behind him she kicked him with her right foot which sent him flying into the guy next to Reo.

"WHY!" the guy went for another round. But Reo placed a hand on his chest to stop him.

"REO! GET OUT OF MY WAY!" he spatted.

"You're taking this too seriously. Let's all put our heads together and think of something more enjoyable. Like... this!" Reo emphasized the last word. Once he finished everyone in the front line charged for Mikan's hood. Seeing no way to escape Mikan looked up and decided to jump. Jumping up high she reached about a few feet off the floor. Jumping on all their backs and heads Mikan made her way out of the circle and out the main entrance.

"She got away!"




Most of the students ran after Mikan but when they got outside she wasn't there. She was gone. The parking lot was just full of cars and a few students but none of them was Mikan.

Running down the streets Mikan kept her left hand on her hood and her right hand held onto her bookbag. Breathing heavily she stopped at a park entrance and placed her hands on her knees in a bent over position while catching her breathe.

That was too close

Once she caught her breathe she placed her bag over her right shoulder and walked into the park. Walking calmly while pulling her hood down below her face Mikan heard various sounds. There were birds chirping happily and there were children laughing and playing with each other. Spotting a bench Mikan walked over to it and sat down. Throwing her head back Mikan sat there with her eyes closed while trying to calm her nerves.

"WAAAHHH!!!" a small high voice caught Mikan's attention.

Lifting her head Mikan searched for the crying voice. Spotting a kind standing in the middle of the walkway crying his eyes out Mikan approached him.

Mikan stood in front of the kid and placed a hand on his head. He stopped crying and looked up. Giving him a small smile knowing the kid can see her face, she mentally asked him what was wrong.

Understanding her immediately the kid pointed to something below them. "My..." sniff "ice cream" he said while trying to hold back his tears. Smiling again she took the boys hands and led him to the bench she was sitting on. Putting a hand up that meant stay Mikan raced out of sight. Three minutes later she came back with a strawberry ice-cream cone.

"ICE CREAM!" the kid shouted happily. Stopping in front of him she handed him the double scoop ice cream and smiled a small smile at him. Sitting down next to him Mikan looked at him lick the ice cream hungrily.

When he was halfway there he looked up and frown sadly. "I'm lost. Can I stay here with you until my parents find me?" he asked hopefully.

Nodding her head Mikan gave him another small smile. Smiling happily, the kid continued to eat his ice cream. Once he was done he got up slowly and walked to the garbage can and threw the ice cream out. Walking back he sat back on the bench, looking at Mikan who was reaching into her bag for a tissue and her bottle. Pouring water on the tissue she grabbed the boy's face gently and started to wipe the sticky ice cream off his face.

"Arigatou, nee-chan!" he smiled brightly as he yawned widely. Mikan threw the tissue on the ground behind his head so the kid wouldn't notice and copy her littering habit.

"I'm sleepy! Can I sleep on your lap? My mom always let me sleep on her lap!" he smiled tiredly. Patting her lap softly, Mikan allowed the kid to sleep on her lap. He fell alseep immediately and began snoring softly. Petting his head slowly and softly Mikan envied the kid.

He has no worries. Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all...

"EH! Isn't that!" a bunch of kids ran up to the two and started to point at the kid on Mikan's lap. They then looked at her from below which gives them the angle to see her face. They took one look and ran away blushing madly. Then they came back with their mothers pointing at Mikan.

Immediately pulling her hood more lower then usual Mikan made it clear that she doesn't want anyone to see her face.

"You must be mistaken." their parents tell them and they leave.

Hearing footsteps walk her way Mikan look up a little which still gave her the privilege to hide her face as well. Seeing it was one of the kid's mother, she looked at her face too and saw sadness and uneasiness in her expression.

"Um... I'm not sure if I should say this but I'll say it anyway. That kid is gonna be trouble to you soon." she said.

Shifting her head to the side she performed the perfect stance of being confused.

"That kid's name is Youichi Hijiri. His parents died in a fire two months ago. He's been living in the streets for a while. No orphanage is willing to take him in because of his special needs." she explained.

Performing the stance of being confused again Mikan began to wonder what she meant.

"His parents used to abuse him severely. They would beat and torture him till he couldn't go to school. They even broken his arm before. We tried to stop them but there was nothing we could do."

Looking down at Youichi, Mikan stroke his hair sadly.

"Are you going to take him in?" she asked Mikan. Looking up Mikan stared at the woman for a long time before nodding her head slowly.

"I see... that's very nice of you. If you don't mind I can bring you to my house to collect his belongings." she suggested. Lifting her head she shifted her head to the side once more.

"His parents dumped him into the streets two days before the fire. All his belongings were thrown out too. I used to live next door so I collected them when I saw him walk away without it. I still have them in my new house. Would you like to get them?"

Shaking her head Mikan bowed her head as in "thank you but no thanks".

"I see... well... should I keep them just in case you need them?" she asked her.

Nodding her head she bowed once again. Sitting down with Mikan and lifting her son onto her lap she looked at Mikan for awhile. Not moving under the woman's gaze Mikan wondered what she was looking at.

"Can I ask you...something.... personal?" she asked Mikan finally.

Nodding her head Mikan looked straight ahead.

"Are....are" taking a deep breath she started again. "Are you unable to speak?"

She didn't receive a reaction immediately, instead a moment passed by before Mikan shook her head.

"I see... then... you choose not to speak?" she asked something different.

Another moment passed again before Mikan nodded her head confirming it. Hearing nothing from the woman she turned to her to see her crying while looking at her.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I just! I just... I don't know. Once you nodded your head I just... started to tear up." she began wiping her tears. Handing her a handkerchief Mikan watch the lady gather herself together again.

"Oh! Look at the time! I have to get home! Come by whenever you need the belongings. Here is my address!" the lady gave Mikan a piece of paper that she wrote on and walked away with her son in her arms.

Looking down at Youichi, Mikan picked him up and placed his head over her shoulder while grabbing for her bag. She then walked her way home with Youichi as her new family member.

I'll take care of you. Don't worry about anything, Youichi. Don't worry.

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