Waking Up Again


"She's waking up!"

"Can she hear us?!"

"Yes," I muttered sleepily, not having a clue who I was talking to.

Then I realized I was waking up. Something that should've been impossible.

I sat up with my back completely straight, my eyes wide. My skin was still unnaturally pale and tough and my senses were still heightened. But then, why did I feel so human?

"What's going on? Who are you?" I demanded, standing up, baring fists, and glaring at the three people who had been surrounding my bed. We were in an RV, I noted, and someone had to be driving.

"Just calm down," said a guy, another vampire, with extremely light blonde hair. "We'll explain everything."

"Says who," demands another guy, glaring at the first.

"Says me-"

"Guys, calm down," a female interrupts. Then she turned to me. "My name is Indrani. We – we mean no harm to you, but really, as for the 'what's going on part', we don't quite know, either..." Then she gave me a strange look.

Through my confusion I was able to tell that she had long dark chestnut hair and a startling shade of eyes – some kind of hybrid mix between gold and crimson so that the end result was a very pale shade of topaz. Her irises looked a steely light blue, on the verge of white. I noticed that all of the other vampire's did, too.

"I apologize if we, uh, came off hostile in any way. I'm Winston, but you can call me Win," continued the lightheaded male vampire, before giving me a playful smirk.

Indrani and Win both gave the other dark headed one dirty looks. He sighed, but added his own bit.

"I'm Ayden. You'll have to excuse my hostility – I don't take kindly to strangers." The look he gave me was stronger proof than any other thing could've been. His attitude got me angry.

"Well then, I'm afraid you'll have to excuse any attitude I might have. Sorry, but I don't ever recall asking to wake up in some random vampire's RV," I snapped.

"Excused," he countered, smiling sharply.

While the other two gave Ayden angry looks, I turned around to map out my surroundings. It was then that I accidentally caught sight of my reflection. I gasped, walking closer to the little mirror on the wall. There, in plain view next to my right eye, was a short, pink, crescent shaped scar, not unlike the one on my wrist. I felt it curiously, and shrieked when I realized it was slightly hot. It was body temperature.

"What is this?" I questioned in dismay, turning around to them in utter confusion and cutting off their silent bickering. "What has happened to me?"

"We don't know," whispered Indrani, her eyes widening in fear and slight recognition at my little scar.

"We found you alone on the ground, surrounded by a bunch of broken trees," added Win, also staring. "Like a bomb went off."

"Like someone left you there to die," hissed Ayden.

And then it all flooded back to me in one big tidal wave of emotions – Edward being restrained, Zana, Micah, Diem dying, and Giovanni. My body convulsed without my consent at the memories. I fell back on top of the bed, putting my head into my hands. I remembered being carried off in my mock attempt at selflessness. I remembered seeing Edward's face as we screamed for each other. I remembered acutely the feeling of wanting nothing more than to die.

"And no one was around me?" I whispered, still recalling the awful day. How long had I been blacked out?


As hard as I tried, I couldn't make myself believe it. Edward would never just leave me. He would've fought free and run after me. Unless he was- With a strangled sob, I stopped myself from thinking that. No. I would know if he had died.

"Can we turn around then? You can just drop me off – we can't be far from Seattle-" I started reasoning pathetically, but their incredulous looks cut me off.

"What?" I asked in fear.

"Honey," said Indrani, and her tone made me gulp. "You've been out for weeks now. We had to force feed you blood. Right now, I think we're in Nunavut."

"As in Canada?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

They nodded at me slowly, and suddenly my world went black.

Yet again.

Though this time my unconscious wasn't empty. My head was swarming with the sound of screams, the smell of death, and the feeling of a thousand different emotions spun up into a hurricane, all come up to eat me alive...