Chapter One- Home at the Dursleys

Harry Potter, who just turned fourteen, had been home, at the Dursleys, his only 'family', yea right like the

Dursleys considered him family, he was a burden to them,left, for two weeks. Everything on Private Drive was,

well normal. The Dursleys were a very normal family, except for Harry, he was a wizard, and was going to

Hogwarts for his fourth year in about 3 weeks. He was in his room when Hedwig, his snowy owl came with a

note from his innocent runaway godfather Sirius Black. He took it from Hedwig who then nipped his finger


Dear Harry,

Sorry I couldn't write sooner, I am lying low at Lupin's now so I could finally write. Anyways how are you? Are the muggles treating you right? Well Lupin needs me, Write Back!


Harry was about to write to Sirius that he was fine when, "BOY GET YOUR GOOD FOR NOTHING SELF DOWN

HERE NOW! Sighing deeply, Harry made his way downstairs and saw an all too familiar site, his uncle was

holding something, a leather belt to be exact in his hand and was wearing the most angry face he could possibly

muster, and he slowly walked into the room. BOY! I GAVE YOU A LIST OF CHORES TO DO!! DID YOU FINISH

THEM? Y-yes un-c-cle he stuttered. Oh REALLY? What about weeding the garden, Harry immediately felt regret

he had missed that, he was in for it, he was already covered in bruises and welts, had a broken wrist, 3 or 4

broken ribs and he knew he was going to get it bad this time. The beatings had been going on for a while…since

he was four and he kept them well hidden, in his school days he would fall down the stairs or walk into a door in

Hogwarts, he would, every year walk into the train with his invisibility cloak and cast a concealment charm, and

he would do the same this year. His mind drifted away from these thoughts when he was struck with the belt, it

opened old wounds and created new wound, then several kicks was sent to his stomach breaking another rib,

then he slowly crepted into unconsiousness, the last thing he heard was, "you are not loved noboday will love

you, cause you are a FREAK, a worthless, good-for-nothing FREAK." He would never admit or tell anyone, -

because he believed those words. While all this was happening, the Weasley brothers were having a talk, about


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