From Last Chapter:

Harry where did you get those injuries? They asked kindly.

I, I m-mean umm I f-f-el-fell down the st-stairs, he said as though scared they knew. But they did they just

wanted to see if Harry was going to open up, obviously not, so they told him.

"Harry, we were watching you all day yesterday in a disguise, and we know you uncle was abusing you," they

stated sadly.

"N-no he do-doesn't, Th-they tr-treated me f-fine", he said, begging them to believe him, he couldn't let them find


"Harry, we saw him. You may not want to talk about it anytime soon, but we will, but for right now let's just work

on getting you better, and settling you in your new home," they said with comfort.

"N-new h-home? No, I don't want to be a burden", he said.

"Harry, you are not a burden, we love you very much and this is your knew home," Remus and Sirius said.

They would show Harry that he was loved, it would take awhile, they knew, for him to realize that he was loved

and deserved a family, but they would do it. They would make up for his horrible life at the Dursleys.

"Harry, you should get a little rest okay? We'll be downstairs," said Sirius, realizing Harry was uncomfortable. They

walked down the steps leaving Harry in the room.

When they reached the kitchen, Moony began making a kettle of tea. He was pouring the hot tea in to the cups

when Sirius said,

"He isn't opening up, we have to find out how long it has been going on for, how bad it was…"

"I have an idea, we serve him the malnutrition potions Poppy gave us, and we give him vertiserium (spelling?!?), I

know we want him to open up, but we need that information, in order to heal him properly, then we can slowly

get him to open up on his own", responded Remus.

"You know what I think your right, I mean how will we heal him if we don't know what we are up against, lets go

upstairs, Poppy left some Vertiserium in that box of potions," I went through it, he said smiling for the first time.

So ten minutes later there they stood at the door to Harry's new room, watching him sleep. It was so unfair, Harry

did nothing to deserve this, even as a baby he rarely cried, and was easy to care for, he didn't deserve the life he


Sirius approached the sleeping boy, and lightly touched his should, about to wake him. The boy flinched away and

began muttering,

"No no pl-please Uncle Vernon, I'll be good, I p-promise, No no no.

Sirius wrapped the small teenager, who tensed at being held and began saying comforting words to the boy who

now had his eyes squeezed shut…expecting to be hit,

"Sshhh Harry, its okay, you're safe here, come on your uncle is not here, he isn't going to hurt you ever again,

now come on and open your eyes, he finished.

He opened one eye, you just couldn't trust adults, they always let you down, Uncle Vernon showed me that. I only

trusted two people, Ron and Hermione, and even they weren't told his secret. But now Sirius and Remus knew,

and they were pretending to care. Pretending.