I do not own the Power Rangers. Obviously. Otherwise it wouldn't be a kids shows; I'd...Never mind. My mind went into the gutter.

Anyway, I needed a break from all the slash that has been consuming my brain so here we are with Tori and Blake. Thanks for reading.

Let me tell you a story.

"Daddy, we're bored," said the plaintive voice of his ten-year-old daughter Kaitlyn.

Blake looked up from the newspaper to the three girls standing in the doorway and smiled. No matter how old their children were, he was still amazed at seeing tangible proof of his and Tori's love. And the girls in front of him held a special part of his heart, the last planned pregnancy that turned their family of six into nine, the children who looked exactly like their mother.

The triplets were standing there in their perpetually present colors: Kaitlyn in pink, Liana in green, and Marissa in yellow. If it weren't for the fact that those colors were the ones that he and his wife had chosen when the girls were infants to tell them apart, he'd be concerned that it meant that someday they'd be Power Rangers themselves.

Power Rangers. The thought echoed in his head. They had always said that they wouldn't keep their history a secret from the kids but they still hadn't broached the subject with the older ones. Could it really be the time to share it all? He wondered if the triplets could handle the news. Before he could change his mind, he waved them into the room. "Girls, get your siblings and let me tell you a story.