Call her a wimp and quickly run away (this is unwise because she will catch you and kill you).

Throw rocks at Tal and tell him Milla did it.

Tell her Tal has a crush on her.

Tell her Gill has a crush on Tal.

Steal her shoes.

Fill the shoes with caveroaches and give her back the shoes.

Put a bucket of ash over her door and watch as she opens it.

Take her picture covered in ash and give it to Tal.

Make her go Light Diving with Tal.

Follow her everywhere singing repetitive songs over and over again until she bursts with anger.

When she does this start crying and say "You can't appreciate the classics."

Whenever you tick her off hide behind Tal or Ebitt and say to them that she wants to kill you.

Play colours with her when she doesn't know how to, change the rules each time you play obviously so you always win.

When she finds out how to play say you simply aren't interested any more.

Say Tal is a much better ruler than she is.

Soak her bed in water before she sleeps in it.

Trip her from behind and blame it on anyone in the vicinity.

When there is no one around act as if you are mentally unstable.

Throw plastic spoons at her.

Whenever Tal comes in the same room as her start singing "When Birds Suddenly Appear"

Push Milla into Tal and vice versa.

Follow her everywhere she goes quietly but breathing on the back of her neck.

Force her to watch sappy soup operas.

Challenge everything she says.

Challenge her to a duel constantly but whenever she agrees walk away slowly.

Lock her, Tal and Gill in a room together and see what happens.

If nothing happens let them out but trip Milla into Tal.

If something does happen eventually let them out but still trip her into Tal

Trick her into believing she doesn't exist by paying everyone to ignore her.

Don't pay Tal.

Get Ebitts bird to bite her on the nose.

When she chases the bird make Tal walk out in front of her.

End awkward silences by acting like a robot.

Dance with her at every available opportunity.

Replace all her clothes with dresses.

Steal her crown and wear it the whole day.

While wearing the crown keep acting like Milla.

When she skates on the ice keep pushing her over.

Claim she fell each time.

Steal Millas crown and give it to Tal

Film her trying to explain to him she needs it back.

Honk a horn in her face whenever she says 'horn'.

Make Merwin noises behind her but stop when she turns around.


Whenever she visits Ebitt topple furniture in her way.

Throw snowballs at her.

Throw ice at her.

Put peanut butter all on the inside of her Icecarl furs.

Make her wear it, or watch her wear it.

Constantly ask her what happened to Crow making her relive it.

Slap her in the face at random moments.

Tell her you saw a fly.