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Ask Erik

Ask Erik anything, from relationship questions to what he thinks you should make for dinner. All questions will be subject to publication. Submit your questions via review, PM, or email (in my profile). All (pen)names and emails are guaranteed confidential granted you provide an alternate name.

Dear Erik,

I am not going to drool over you and make you think that I am some
disgusting "Mary-sueish" fangirl who wants to huggle you and do all sorts of
other ridiculous things that would no doubt be embarrassing to both you and I.
I have a question regarding my own awkwardness in the fact that you and I have
one similarity. We are handicapped, (that's what we would call your face in
the modern world.) My friends all say that I am weird because in all of my
Phantom stories you either have found love or will at some point. Tell me, do
you think it's weird that I want you to be happy?


Dear Believer,

That's very kind of you to wish me happiness… Thank you.


Dear Erik,

During my most recent bus trip between cities, I happened to sit next to a
very charming lady. She wore a bonnet and sunglasses for the entire 5-hour
ride. We ended up talking for the majority of the trip, and it struck me that
she had a very pretty, slightly accented voice. Being a musician myself, I
found it natural to discuss my art, and she revealed that she herself did some
singing a very, very long time ago. We then spoke about opera, and she became
very passionate, speaking about opera as though she had performed it herself.
But as soon as I began to show interest in her knowledge of opera, she
suddenly became very close-mouthed and somewhat sad.

On her finger, she wore a ring, though she told me it wasn't from her
husband, but from a very dear friend. This "dear friend" apparently taught
her everything during her childhood, and she was unhappy she had never again
seen him. She only gave me her first name: "Chrissy" and said her last name
was "Daniels." Then, at another point in the trip, she forgot "Daniels" and
said it was "Day." And toward the end of the trip, she said it was "Diana"
before catching herself, saying: "Oh, I meant that's my middle name." Then she
laughed (a very nervous laugh, though quite bell-like in sound) and quickly
changed subjects.

I don't know if I'll ever see her again, but perhaps this was your long-lost

Respectfully yours,

Dear Audacious,

Wow, that's quite a story. It could very well have been Christine. I suppose there's no way to know for sure, though…


Monsouir Erik,

I am curious: what is your opinion on--dare I say it?--rap? Should it REALLY
be considered music? Quite honestly, I cannot stand it. I consider it cRAP
rather than music... there is no tune, just a rhythm! Honestly, how poeple
could confuse the two is beyond me. What is your opinion?

Your humble,


Dear Saloma,

Please, do not get me started on rap. I appreciate the artists' right to self-expression, but could there be any more obnoxious way to express one's self? I think not.


Dear Erik
I have been a singer since the age of seven but lately it seems people have
lost interest of my voice. Could you please help me find my angle of music to
help my voice become amazing again


Dear deformed,

Why certainly. For the low price of 20,000 francs per month, I'll happily lend my AOM skills to anyone.

However, if even such a low price is too much, you could try talking to experts and see what they have to say.

Good luck!


A/N: Sorry if you like rap music, but I'm not a fan, and I'm sure Erik wouldn't be too pleased with it, either.