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Summary: Hichi is tired of it raining, so he makes it that anyone who smells Ichigo becomes attracted to him, and guess who finds him. Grimmichi, GinHitsu

Sexual Frustration

This is my second fan fiction. Hope you like it! If anyone has any comments or ideas it would be helpful. Thanks!

M/M, fluff, anal, and maybe Mpreg.

"King! Just listen to me." Hichi yelled at his king from inside the upside down world.

"No! What you are suggesting is utterly ridiculous! I'm not even going to justify that with an answer!" Ichigo mentally screamed back.

"I'm tired of it raining! It's all because you're sexually frustrated! Just do something about it!"

Ichigo turned ten different shades of red. "I'm not seducing one of my friends." Ichigo stated.

"Why?" The hollow asked. "You have so many that wouldn't hesitate to let them take you."

"I just don't feel that way for any of them. Plus I don't want to throw them away and use them". Ichigo explained.


Ichigo sighed, today was going to be a long day. Little did Ichigo know that inside his upside down world Hichi was slowly draining Ichigo of his energy and producing a little hormone mixture. "This will teach you not to take my advice.." The hollow cackled as he released the mixture to the King's senses.

Ichigo was walking and feeling very tired and sick. It was like if he closed his eyes for just a minute he would slip away. The substitute shinigami knew something bad was about to happen. He could just feel it in his gut. It could have been the fact that shinigami weren't supposed to get sick that gave him this feeling of dread as well.

Ichigo stumbled down the street desperately grasping the wall to keep his balance. "Just a little further" Ichigo chanted ignoring his urge to vomit. He had come to the conclusion that he needed rest and was slowly walking to the Kurosaki Clinic. Suddenly a black portal appeared in front of Ichigo. Grimmjaw calmly stepped out of the portal, while giving Ichigo a fiendish smile. "Hey Shinigami. Long time no see." Grimmjaw spat.

"Oh Fuck!" Ichigo mentally screamed as he jumped out of his physical body and prepared his Bankai. "If I beat him quick, then maybe I won't get sick". Ichigo reasoned/prayed. The substitute shinigami didn't waste any time attacking Grimmjaw.

Grimmjaw wasn't expecting Ichigo to attack so soon as got hit to the side. Thankfully for him, Ichigo's was starting to feel sick, and Ichigo's attacks had no where near the power they should. Grimmjaw took advantage of this and punched Ichigo in the stomach. The substitute shinigami passed out and landed neatly in Grimmjaw's arms.

Grimmjaw looked at the unconscious shinigami with confusion. "Why on earth was Ichigo so weak?" Grimmjaw questioned. It was strange to see the shinigami that he begrudgingly respected in such a position. Speaking of positions. Grimmjaw was having a not so little problem. With his enemy in the arrancar's arms, Grimmjaw couldn't help but focus on how vulnerable Ichigo looked. Or how innocent Ichigo looked with his skin flushing a light red. However, this train of thought lead to Grimmjaw getting aroused. The arrancar's eyes filled with undeniable lust. His veins filled with fire while looking at his enemy's sleeping face. What was really unbearable was how Ichigo smelled. It was savory, like someone was dangling the finest cut of meat in front of Grimmjaw's nose.

In a trance, Grimmjaw slowly licked up Ichigo's neck to taste him. The shinigami let out a small moan of pleasure. Grimmjaw shot back and smiled sinisterly at his "captive". Quickly flying to the Kurosaki Clinic, Grimmjaw rushed to the shinigami room. He knew that this would be the safest place. The brat's Father didn't care what Ichigo did and it was unlikely that he would show up any time soon. The arrancar carefully laid the still unconscious Ichigo on the bed.

Slowly the arrancar began to strip off his clothes. Throwing the restricting garments on the floor, Grimmjaw slowly straddles the sleeping Ichigo. Quietly Grimmjaw runs his hands over Ichigo's tanned skin. The shinigami moaned in pleasure as he half way parted his eyes in a daze.

"Grimmjaw" Ichigo said as he yawns and tries to sit up. The arrancar smirked an roughly pushed Ichigo back down. Ichigo opened his mouth to protest, only to have it devoured by Grimmjaw. The expada pushed Ichigo further down into the mattress while ravaging his mouth. Strangely enough, Ichigo tasted like waffles. Grimmjaw licked Ichigo's lip asking for entrance. Ichigo however, was still in shock from having an extremely hot, naked enemy kissing him.

Grimmjaw isn't one to be ignored so he bit down harshly on Ichigo's lip. The substitute shinigami gasped out in pain. Grimmjaw took advantage of this and plunged into Ichigo's cavern. Ichigo was lost in a sea of lust, and the thought hadn't even occurred in his mind to fight back. The substitute shinigami began to try to fight for dominance. However, Grimmjaw proved to have the better technique and won.

Grimmjaw stopped kissing and begun to lick Ichigo's neck, before sinking his fangs into the tender flesh. Ichigo let out a whimper as Grimmjaw licked at the abused skin as an apology. Ichigo groaned lustfully as Grimmjaw's hands went under his T-shirt and began to pull the garment off. The garment was carelessly thrown on the floor.

The arrancar licked down to Ichigo's nipple. Ichigo unconsciously moaned in pleasure. His moans were driving Grimmjaw INSANE! Grimmjaw licked around the dusty nipple, before lightly grazing it with his teeth. Ichigo gasped and arched his back. The arrancar smirked as gave the other bud the same treatment.

Ichigo could hear a sound of a zipper being pulled down. In his pleasure induced daze Ichigo looked down, only to see Grimmjaw looking back at him with his trademark smirk. The substitute shinigami gaped as Grimmjaw swallowed his member. Ichigo had never felt so much pleasure in his life. In fact, he couldn't even tell when he started thrusting into his partner's mouth. The arrancar let out a low growl as he forcefully held down Ichigo's hips.

Ichigo bit his lip in an attempt to stop moaning in pleasure. This strategy however proved useless. Ichigo could feel himself about to cum. "Grimm……I'm…..Going….To…..Cum….." The substitute shinigami managed to say the only words he could possibly think of in his pleasure driven state. If possible Grimmjaw began to suck harder. Ichigo couldn't hold it in any longer and released with a silent scream.

The sixth expada licked all the cum off, as though it's the best tasting thing in the world.

Slowly raising off Ichigo, Grimmjaw began to search for the elusive lotion. Didn't Ichigo have lotion like most boys his age? Then a brilliant idea hit Grimmjaw. Pushing his hand under the mattress, The expada smirked as he pulled out a small bottle of lube. He knew Ichigo wasn't that innocent. Ichigo was still in a daze from his first blowjob. The arrancar snapped him out of his reverie when he felt the shredding of his pants. One look at those bright blue eyes and Ichigo knew what Grimmjaw was expecting. Ichigo knew that he should push the older away, however the fact that he felt the exact same way prevented him from doing so. Instead, Ichigo layed back down and didn't complain when Grimmjaw began to prepare him.

Grimmjaw was ecstatic when Ichigo layed back down and didn't put up a fight. It seemed if you got Ichigo in a lustful state he was much more submissive. That submissiveness that Ichigo was showing made Grimmjaw feel much more dominant than he ever had. Truthfully, The arrancar didn't want to hurt Ichigo. Grimmjaw knew it was the shinigami first time having sex. So, in an attempt to ease the soon to be pain Grimmjaw began to slide two fingers into Ichigo's entrance.

The substitute shinigami instantly tensed up. "It will hurt less if you loosen up." Grimmjaw warned as a rare act of kindness. Ichigo nodded and tried his best to relax. The arrancar continued to slide his fingers in and out, ignoring Ichigo's whimpers. Grimmjaw continued searching for that one place that would drive Ichigo insane. After a couple more tries, Ichigo gasped and gave a small convulsion. Grimmjaw smirked as he experimentally hit the same spot. The shinigami gave another lustful gasp. Now that Grimmjaw knew where Ichigo's prostate was, the preparation didn't take any time at all.

Grimmjaw lubed up his member with Ichigo's entrance, and sheathed himself in to the hilt. Ichigo clenched his teeth in pain. Within seconds The arrancar found Ichigo's prostate again, and once again the pain stopped. This time being replaced with never ending pleasure. Grimmjaw thrust back in hitting the prostate directly. Ichigo moaned in pleasure and began to thrust back in sync with Grimmjaw's movements. The two continued like this until the pleasure was to much to take and Ichigo came. Grimmjaw came soon after. Ichigo collapsed on Grimmjaw out of pure exhaustion. The arrancar let out a content smirk and pulled the shinigami closer to his chest.

Wrapping his arms in a protective embrace around his enemy, Grimmjaw slowly whispered in the shinigami ear. "Remember Ichigo…. This means you belong to me." The arrancar licked the bite mark that he placed on Ichigo during foreplay. Ichigo unconsciously let out a content sigh and snuggled closer to the expada. With in seconds Grimmjaw fell asleep alongside his mate.


Well hope you like it! You should feel honored, I've taken time out of my bust schedule to write this. I'VE GOT TWO TEST TOMORROW!!! Oh well. Wish me luck. I'll update after my tests are through. Who would have thought that you would have written tests in public speaking? Shame….Shame…