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Hichigo sat in the upside down world on one of the sideways buildings. The hollow always wondered why the inner world had buildings but you could never go in them…but then again what really made sense about the inner world anyway? The inner hollow layed back down and looked at the multitude of multicolored stars that went sailing across the night sky in Ichigo's inner world. The hollow smirked, Oh yeah….his king was getting fuck well right now. That always happened with in the inner world. When Ichigo reached an orgasm the inner world would suddenly turn dark and shooting stars would fly over the normally bland world.

Hichigo smirked, yup King was getting fucked. Hichigo didn't really try to take over his King's body anymore. In all reality he got out enough whenever King and his mate fought when they couldn't resolve something with sex. Which wasn't very often but still enough. The idea to fight it out had been Isshin's. The father just ran into the house about to ask them again about making a porno for the illegal yaoi black market and walked in on a fight between the couple. Ichigo was yelling about how Tami shouldn't be allowed to date three people and Grimmjaw was saying and I quote…."The more the merrier." So, in a desperate attempt to get the attention back on him Isshin screamed, "WHY DOESN'T THE UKE AND THE SEME HAVE A BATTLE TO DECIDE WHOSE RIGHT………..AND THEN YOU CAN COME HOME ALL BEATEN AND BLOODY AND HAVE SEX FOR DADDY!!!" Isshin screamed.

The couple sneered and punched the old man at the same time.

"You know….he has a point…." Grimmjaw said.

"Then let's go." Ichigo demanded as Grimmjaw opened up the portal to Hueco Mundo. The two fought for hours and it was the most brutal and fun fight Hichigo had ever been in. The hollow remembered returning very satisfied. Though when the King got back in control Grimmjaw easily won. So, whenever they got in an argument they couldn't solve, they fought and Hichigo would get his blood lust satisfied. The stars were starting to slow down in the sky.

Well, in the end King's daughter got her threesome date. Though it was strange how the inner world had changed all of those years. The sky was no longer a regular blue sky with fluffy clouds flying around. Now it was always in a constant sunset, that had so many colors in the sky that it could be mistaken for an acid trip. Hichigo liked the sky better though. Sometimes the colors would suddenly change and swirl around in the sky. The inner world also began to grow plants soon after Ichigo had his children. A big tree now sat atop one of the buildings. Which Hichigo thought was nice to climb in. The inner hollow sighed out of boredom and decided to look through the King's eyes and see what was going on. It was something the hollow did regularly when he was bored and boy…..was he about to be in for a treat.

Isshin and Urahara hurriedly ran around the shop making sure all of the cameras were in the correct positions for the film shoot.

"So, do you think we should put the background as a barren battle field, a pink teahouse, or a cage…." Urahara said smiling as big as he could as he picked out the backgrounds for the porno shoot.

"Hmmm….I don't know……How about the cage back ground but then put a pink fluffy couch in front of the background and put the real metal bars hanging down from the ceiling…….THE GIRLS ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!!!!" Isshin squealed. Urahara happily nodded in agreement as he put up the cage background. Isshin pulled the overly fluffy bright pink chair in front of the background. Soifon silently applied the metal bars so they would hang off the ceiling. Yourichi walked to the side of the pink couch and put down the giant box of sex toys to the side of the furniture.

"I think the stage is ready…….now what about our actors for the evening?" Urahara asked as he let out an evil smile.

"SON!!! SEME!!!!!ICY!!!!!! WE'RE READY!!!!" Isshin happily yelled into the next room.

"SHUT UP! YOU STUPID OLD MAN!!!!" Ichigo yelled as he came out of the dressing room with a pair of silk black boxers with red hearts on them, with no shirt on, and a collar on that read "SUBMISSIVE" that had a leash that was chained to Ishida's hand.

"Wow! You look so FUCKABLE SON!!!!" Isshin yelled as he hugged his son.

"Idiot!!! Don't say I look "Fuckable" that's gross! And how the hell did I get into this anyway!?" Ichigo asked as he sneered and punched his dad.

"Now, now…Don't get mad! You took the bet that I couldn't beat you in rock, paper, scissors and you lost. BECAUSE I'm THE ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS KING!!!!!!!!" Isshin exclaimed as he started to go into his our little flashback of how he beat Ichigo.


"Stop coming to our house." Ichigo stated as he walked past his father. It had been the fifth time that week that Isshin came in and caused his craziness to the normally crazy house, but when Isshin was there it was insane!

"IT WAS MY HOUSE FIRST, SON!!!" Isshin whined

"Well it's my house now so stop popping in whenever you like." Ichigo calmly said.

"Oh! Daddy knows what to do! Let's play rock, paper, scissors! If you win I'll never come home unannounced again, but if I win you and your SEME HAVE TO BE IN A PORNO!" Isshin yelled as an overly happy smile began to fill his face.

"Your on old man." Ichigo said as he put out his hand. There was no way he could lose to that idiot.

"ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!" The two shouted as they put out there hands. Ichigo looked down and suddenly felt sick.

"I WIN!!!! ROCK BEATS SCISSORS!!!!!!!!" Isshin yelled as he did a victory dance. Ichigo looked down at his hand again….god was he an idiot…..

End flashback.

The shinigami sighed….it was the stupidest decision he had ever made…Ishida though it would be funny to push his rival's buttons so the spirit archer pulled on the leash that Ichigo was attached to and Ichigo fell right into the quincy . Ishida smirked as Ichigo growled and angrily walked as far as the leash would let him.

Ishida was wearing a black collar that read "SLAVE" on it with a leather wife beater shirt that went down past his knees…the quincy didn't have any underwear on and had both of his hands hand cuffed in front of him, the handcuffs also were attached to the leash that held Ichigo. The quincy had some extra dark mascara on with some black eyeliner. The quincy had though that he could beat Urahara with his power and so he bet Urahara his sweet ass in a porno if he lost…..and of course….he lost. Ishida sighed as he was REALLY regretting making that bet.

Grimmjaw then came out of the dressing room. The arrancar was wearing skin tight black leather pants that had about five chains hanging off of them. The arrancar also wore a skintight black T shirt and a collar that said in bold letters "DOMINANT MASTER". Grimmjaw didn't exactly like the idea of someone having sex with Ichigo other than him…much less twig boy….but they did lose the bet….Though Grimmjaw was going to get them back after this….yes he was…..

"OK! GO IN THE LIVING ROOM! YOU'LL SEE THAT EVERYTHING'S ALREADY HAS BEEN SET UP AND JUST GO CRAZY!!!!" Isshin Hysterically yelled as small dots of blood began to dot his nose. The three actors sighed as they walked into the stage. The two gasped as they saw what the stage looked like and Grimmjaw let out a maniacal smile.

"OK!! THE CAMERA'S ARE ROLLING!!! GET TO THE SEX!!!" Urahara bossily yelled. Grimmjaw smiled as he led Ishida to one of the bars that was hanging from the ceiling and chained him there with the extra chains that were lying around on the stage. Ishida gasped as he hung from the ceiling, this caused his shirt to ride up giving everyone a look at his member. Grimmjaw smirked as he went over to Ichigo and pulled his mate into a kiss. Ichigo opened up right away by instinct. The arrancar nipped at Ichigo's lips causing blood to flow down the shinigami's mouth to drip off of Ichigo's chin. The arrancar began to use his talented tongue to lick off all of the red substance off of his mate. Ichigo let out a low moan at how good it felt.

Ishida watched as he limp member began to quickly become erect at the erotic scene before him. Grimmjaw ran his hands down his mate's stomach and then stopped to put some nipple clamps on Ichigo's buds. The tiny weights causing a slow throbbing pain onto Ichigo. The shinigami whined as the pain was becoming uncomfortable. The arrancar licked his lips and began to lick around the abused numbs. Ichigo panted since he didn't know what to do with all the conflicting sensations. The arrancar picked up a ten inch leather dildo.

"Suck on this and make is as wet as possible." Grimmjaw ordered Ichigo as he pushed the device between Ichigo's lips and gave a sideways glance to the quincy. The shinigami gave his mate a confused look but deep throated the dildo anyways, and began to try his best to coat the device with saliva. Grimmjaw watched Ichigo as the arrancar's pants began to become extremely constricting with the arrancar's quickly growing erection. The arrancar took the dildo out of his mate's mouth and slowly walked over to Ishida who was supporting an erection nearly as big and hard as Grimmjaw's from watching the two. Grimmjaw let out a smirk as be began to slowly push the leather dildo up into Ishida one inch at a time. The quincy cringed as he bit his lip to not cry out in pain as the blood began to lubricate the device, the arrancar smirked at the quincy's expression and continued. When the device was deep inside the quincy Grimmjaw turned the bottom of the dildo on "high". Ishida gasped out at the strange vibrating sensation.

"If that falls out you'll regret it." Grimmjaw's threatened as he turned back to his mate. Ishida nodded. Ichigo was still waiting on the couch for Grimmjaw to return. Ishida continued to watch the scene before him as the dildo was causing the most pleasurable sensations to fill the quincy. Grimmjaw then pushed Ichigo down on the couch, pulling off the shinigami's boxers and began to deep throat the shinigami, Ichigo's skin became flushed as he moaned out in pleasure. The arrancar ran his tongue up the underside of Ichigo's member, and then went back to deep throating his mate. Ichigo moaned and shivered at Grimmjaw's talented tongue.

"Grimmjaw….I'm…" Grimmjaw instantly took his mouth away and Ichigo whined at the loss of pleasure. The arrancar then roughly pulled his mate up and harshly whispered, "make the quincy come and I'll help you out." Grimmjaw smirked as Ichigo nodded in his sex induced state and crawled over in front of Ishida, who was moaning like crazy from the dildo inside of him. Ichigo wasted no time as he began to lick the tip of Ishida's fully erect member and slowly drug his tongue down the side of the quincy's cock.

Ishida moaned and Grimmjaw smirked as he grabbed some lube from the sex toy box. Ichigo continued to suck harshly on the quincy. Grimmjaw walked over to Ishida and put a cock ring around the quincy, who was whimpering and convulsing in pleasure. Then the arrancar went behind Ichigo and put a blindfold over the shinigami and began to lube up the shinigami's entrance.

Ichigo shivered at the cool gel and at the fact that he couldn't see anything. Grimmjaw then lubed up his own hand and stuck all four fingers inside Ichigo at once, then directly hit his mate's prostate. Ichigo gasped out in pleasure and pain. The arrancar removed the nipple clamps and Ichigo blindly began to deep throat Ishida again who was absolutely going insane from pleasure. The arrancar then took off his overly tight pants and slammed into his mate. Ichigo let out a sound of surprise….well as much surprise as he could voice with Ishida's dick in his mouth.

Grimmjaw didn't waste any time before he began to slam back into Ichigo. The shinigami tried to imagine what the next movements would be since he couldn't see. Ishida was simply going mad since he couldn't release thanks to the cock ring. Ichigo tried his best to deep throat Ishida as he was being pounded into from behind. The three continued at this ruthless motion until Ichigo came from his prostate being hit so many times directly. Grimmjaw continued to pound into his mate but Ichigo was tightening around him and the arrancar came inside of the shinigami, who moaned as Grimmjaw came directly on Ichigo's prostate. Ishida was absolutely whimpering for release. Grimmjaw waited a minute to recover from his orgasm and then went over and removed the quincy's cock ring. Ishida came harder than he ever had before and the pearly white substance began to drip onto the floor. Ichigo panted loudly as he came out of his own sex high. Grimmjaw slashed the chains that held Ishida up and the quincy crumbled to the floor still experiencing the sex high.

Grimmjaw smirked as he looked at the two….that was fun!


"AND CUT!!!" Urahara yelled as he held up a napkin to catch the blood that was oozing out of his nose.

The three sighed and went back to change into their clothes.

"Yourichi! Please make the copies!" Isshin asked trying very hard to keep consciousness with all of the blood he lost.

"Wait a minute! We said we'd have sex but we didn't give you permission to put out a dvd of us!" Ishida complained as he came out with a pair of jeans and a snap on white t shirt on.

"Yeah! What the hell!" Ichigo added as he came out with some jeans and a yellow T shirt on.

"SON! WE MUST SHOW YOUR SMOKING HOT SEX TO THE WORLD!!!!" Isshin declared as he ran to hug Ichigo. Grimmjaw punched the old man sending Isshin flying into the stage where they just had sex at.

"Actually….I have an idea." Grimjaw said with an evil smile as he grabbed the handcuffs and chains off the floor.

"Ichigo get the box of toys. Ishida get a tv and dvd player set up in the basement." Grimmjaw ordered as he quickly knocked out both Isshin and Urahara. The two shrugged and did what Grimmjaw said. Ishida went downstairs and hooked up the tv and dvd player and Ichigo brought down all of the porno and sex toys that he could find. A minute later Grimmjaw came down dragging both the perverted shopkeeper and the overly excitable father into the basement.

"What are we doing?" Ichigo asked.

"You'll see." Grimmjaw evilly said as he handcuffed both Isshin and Urahara together, face to face with the seki seki handcuffs.

"Hand me the extra triple tight cock rings." Grimmjaw ordered. Ichigo let out an evil smile as he finally understood what was going on. Grimmjaw pulled down the handcuffed ones pants and slipped on the extremely painfully tight cock rings. The pain woke the two up immediately.

"WHAT'S GOING ON!?" Isshin worriedly questioned.

"It's called revenged pops. But don't worry it will be sweet." Grimmjaw stated as he finished handcuffing the two together by the ankles with another pair of seki seki handcuffs, still leaving their pants undone.

"Are you going to put on a show for us?" Urahara hopefully asked.

"In a way…Ishida please put in the dvd that has had all of the porno's Urahara's ever made in." Grimmjaw evilly said.

"Are you sure? That one has over three hundred hours of porno on it. "Ishida pointed out.

"Hmm…not like their going to die anyways." Grimmjaw said and Ishida put the dvd in and Gin and Hitsugaya appeared on the screen.

"SON! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO DADDY!!!!!????" Isshin questioned as he began to grow an erection from the porn.

"SHUT UP AND GET A TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE!" Ichigo evilly cackled as he left the room with the other two.

"Hey, we should get the video they just made." Ishida suggested as he went to one of the camcorders and popped open the video compartment.

"Well…." Ichigo asked.

"It's gone." Ishida stated. Grimmjaw and Ichigo sweat dropped and each yelled…."WE'RE GOING TO KILL THEM!!!!!"


About three thousand miles away Yourichi and Soifon were in their secret underground hideout making ten copies of the GrimmXIchiXIsh sex video. It was the first rule of marketing never make more than ten videos that away the videos cost more and it keeps the yaoi black market a secret.

"Well call it "submissive shinigami" Yourichi cackled as she began to package the videos.


Hichigo was literally drowning in his own nosebleed. It was rather strange that Grimmjaw and Ichigo could stay together, but the couple understood that it was about trust and not trying to change each other….so it worked out. If anything time seemed to make their sex lives better because the trust grew with time.

Rei and Roka had moved to America and Ichigo would have Grimmjaw teleport them there from time to time. They two were living a pretty good life. Roka went to school and worked at a daycare. The teal haired son was trying to become a doctor. Rei was following in his father's footsteps and working as a bodyguard for a strip club and was going to school to become a firefighter. The two were planning on having a baby after they got their degrees and went to work for a couple of years.

Tami was happily living in London and going to school for a degree in psychology. Tami worked at a gym and was an instructor for the aerobics class. Her boyfriend worked at a factory and was going to school to become a policeman, and Tami's girlfriend worked at a pet store and was going to school to get a degree in creative writing. Tami and her girlfriend and boyfriend each had their own apartments, this helped a lot if they got into arguments. Grimmjaw would pop in every week and threaten the boyfriend, compliment the girlfriend and visit with his daughter. So far everything was working out. Tami wasn't planning on trying to get pregnant anytime soon and she still was in contact with her brothers. So life was good.

Gin and Hitsugaya were now both captains and were training Hin with her sword, the girl had inherited the ruthlessness of her father and the brains and work ethic of Hitsugaya (the mother). She was at the top of her class and planned to one day surpass both her father and her mother. She was also drop dead gorgeous and she had already rejected half of the boys in her class, much to Gin and Hitsugaya's delight.


It was a mob scene at the yaoi black market! Rukia punched a girl in the face while running to get the "Submissive Shinigami" dvd. There were only three of them left and she's be damned if she didn't get one! The female shinigami did a double back flip in the air and jumped over the crowd, landing on the dvd stand and quickly grabbing the "Submissive Shinigami" Dvd. The female shinigami was going to jump off but some other girl grabbed her ankle and pulled her down. Rukia growled and kicked the girl in the shin causing the evil ankle grabber to fly across the room.

Rukia then crawled under two girls to the cash register to pay for the dvd. Then she ran as fast as she could out of that mad house! She was so happy now she could watch her friend and his seme have sex…Like a good friend….Yay!


Urahara and Isshin both still sat in the basement. The two tried to rub against each other to get some release, but it proved futile with the triple small cock rings around them.

"CAN ANYONE HELP US!!!!!!" Isshin yelled as he tried to rub harder against Urahara.

"Please.." Urahara added as he pushed back against Isshin. The two cried as they couldn't get release and the blood continued to flow down their noses. It would be a LONG time before someone set them free.

The End


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