Everyone in the village was watching as Naruto was coming home he was carrying Sasuke on his back and limping he fell threw the gate's droping Sasuke down gently and when he looked up at Sakura he got big punch in the face he was punched into the wall.

''What the hell is wrong with you!? I told you to bring Sasuke-kun back alive not half alive''Sakura was pissed off Ino was standing beside her. Naruto stood up to only get kicked in the stomach by Ino he fell down holding his stomach trying not to show any emotion''I brought him back like I promise..and this is what I get..''

''Yes! look at him he's hurt you should have been the one to leave! No one would have cared! no one would have noticed!! you're just a damn demon!''

Everybody was cheering her then Ino got up and left naruto up by the collar of his shirt''What makes you think you can hurt our sasuke-kun! you probably wanted to do this think sakura would date you after!!''She threw him into the wall thats when Naruto howled in pain Sakura and Ino and everyone was staring at him he stood up limpin then Hinata ran from the crowed and ripped Naruto shirt open to see whats wrong she felt like she was about to cry and everyone felt sick what they saw was that a clean hole going threw him blood driping from the top and sparks of electricity going downwards Naruto was pissed off now he push Hinata aside gently and glared at Sakura and Ino leeking red chakra.

''This is what your damn Sasuke-kun did''Naruto said growling.

Sakura was shocked and screamed''YO..OUR LIEING SASUKE WOULD NEVER-"

''Now why wouldnt he!? you thought he would come back here on his own!? or do you think your damn looks would have brought him back''

Sakura was on the verg of tears and didnt have a comeback so she punched him and whispers''Naruto...your a lier admited...you were allways jealous of sasuke-kun! you were allways trying to beat him so...so you tried to kill him admit!!''

Naruto eye's were covered by his hair and Ino pulled his hair back to see empty red eye's with no emotion he punched Ino in the stomach and she fell back crying Sakura kept punching him tell he got up and slapped her.

Two Anbu's came and took Sasuke to the hospital and the Hokage came and threatened to kill everyone in five seconds if they werent gone they scattered and ran about like mice and Sakura helped Ino leave.

Tsunade looked at Naruto and thought'They finally broke him..he will become the demon they thought he was' she healed Naruto and bandaged him up just incase his wound reopened and his world went black.

Three weeks later

Naruto was sitting up on the bed and looking out the wind his hair was blowing lightly in the wind he was in the hospital he told the docter's to turn everybody away they came to see him he was dead...he was broken he sat there thinking...thinking about what nexts.

'Kyuubi...I...want to leave'He said with watery eye's looking up at the giant demon he saw as a father..

'Kit I have a plan...stay here for awhile...go into secret trainning and I'll help the best I can and once stronger well leave...anywhere you please'

'But...But I'm scared 'He ran into the tails of the kyuubi beast and cried like he has not done in years...

'Shh they wont hurt you no more dont let anybody close...Dont let anybody..near your heart..treat them the way they treat you. Three emotion's your aloud to show..Hate,Anger, and revenge..'He said patting the kit's back'Now go someone is calling you."


''Iam listening..''He said in a dead voice still looking outside

Tsunade was puzzled and said''You're better now, you can go..''

Naruto hopped out of the bed and walked past Tsunade and patted her shoulder she felt a cold shiver go up her spine as her eyes begin to water as he left when he walked out the door Tsunade broke down and cried. She felt Naruto cold hands full of pain and sorrow.

Naruto walked down the hallways the glares and whispers he glared at a docter and he fell against the wall scared shit-less as he left.The first thing that hit him 'new clothing' he never really liked orange but thats the only thing people sold him but this time it was gonna be diffrent he walked into a close store door pushed open glaring at everyone in there they were scared the shop keeper was trembling.

He went and bough a black Fishnet shirt that had long balck sleeve's and baggy black pants he wrapped bandages around his arms and hands and wraped bandages around his knee's like Kakashi-sensei he removed his headband and tied it around his neck losely letting his natural spiky hair got down it was natural down he just wared it up to attract attation he went to the counter and droped a small black potch full of money and left

He walked to the training ground and leaned against a tree with a branch in his mouth.Sasuke and Sakura came.Sasuke was wearing his usual outfit but he was on crutches and Sakura was swooning over Sasuke.I had my genjutsu up so they couldnt see me.

One hour later...

''Where's the dobe?''Sasuke said in an annoyed voice

Sakura said in an angry voice''Who cared he almost killed you. He deserves to die''

Before Sasuke could answer Kakashi appeared

''You and Naruto take off the genjutsu time for traning''Kakashi said looking at his book,Kakashi was wondering where he learned genjutsu from but shruged it off.

I took it off and walked out of the shade of the tree.Sakura's mouth droped open and Kakashi and Sasuke was in shock the wind slightly blew my hair as my eye's got narrow like the fourth and my blue eye's were sparkling intell..

''Wow Naruto-kun you actually look hot!''Naruto gave Sakura the coldest glare that made everyone shiver she was trying to flirt by calling Naruto ''kun''.

Kakashi tried to break the moment''Ok people we got a mission''to everyone's suprise Naruto didnt jump for joy he just sighined.Sasuke thought he was just acting cool and it iritated him.

Kakashi looked at the sky and sighed''Meet back her at noon'' and with that he dissappered

Naruto was allready walking home Sasuke and Sakura were trying to catch up with him intell Naruto appered infront of them and poked Sasuke's legs and took the crutches and threw them Sakura was pissed off.

''What the hell was that for jerk off!!''Sakura tried to punch Naruto but Naruto cought it and twisted her arm and let her go she was about to cry when.

''H-hey my legs are healed''He looked at Naruto as Naruto was walking again''What...did he do..''Sasuke was happy and then got pissed he figured out Naruto had been doing secret training and had a stronger teacher he was planning on taken it allaway..

Naruto ordered Ramen to the house and begin to eat proper looking at the T.v it was an hour early he went to the place were there supose to met andleaned against the tree waiting eating ramen he finished and toss the ramen aside.

Sasuke was walking away from Sakura''Sasuke-Kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''Naruto winced at the loud-ness and slid down the tree and sat there.''Sasuke-kun will you go out with me?!!''

Sasuke suprisingly said''Yes''Naruto felt hurt inside but dSakura and Sasuke looked at him Sasuke pulled Sakura into his arms and kissed her neck.

'She isnt the one...Naruto dont show any emotion'

Naruto shook his head.

Sakura moaned and said''Eeeep Sasuke!!!''

Kakashi appered and was as grossed out as I was''Ookkk then... well then lets go wait Naruto were's your stuff?''

Naruto said in a dark voice''I dont need them''They all got the chills

They started walking Naruto was way behind staring at the sky as Sakura and Sasuke were flirting up ahead Kakashi apeared by Naruto

''Naruto dont take it the wrong way Sasuke is just giving her a try''Kakashi said.

''I dont care...I never loved her to begin with..It was false emotions...'' Thats when everybody was staring at him Sakura was abit jealous but didnt care she had Sasuke.

''Lets make camp here Suna is a longway''Kakashi said.

Everyone was eating their food they brought Sakura and Sasuke were feeding each other.

''Oi! dobe were's your food?''Sasuke asked with a smirk

I pulled out a Kunai and licked the smooth blade everybody stared at me and threw it and it hit a cute white rabbit right in the neck pinning it to the tree the white fur was staind with red and its lower body was twiching Sasuke and Sakura and Kakashi were scared and disgusted I pulled a wire pulling the kunai back and the rabbit I slowly begin to devoer it with out cooking it or nothing bones were heard crushing and being swollowed.

''Naruto..what happened to you..This...this isnt like you''Sakura said crying and throwing up.

Sasuke was angry and got up and attacked Naruto but Naruto was too strong and grabbed Sasuke and tossed him with one arm and stood up''Its the damn circle of life!..If you can kill one rabbit..you can kill the people that are about to attack''With that said a earth nin came up from behind and smirked.

''So! You knew that was a trick, huh?''The earth nin said as another nin came from behind him there was six nin's around them.

''...You are..a..loser..''The nins winced at Naruto's cold voice Sasuke was even more pissed off he stood up and gained as much pride as he could dusting invisable dust off and got in front of naruto pulling out a kunai.

''Dont worry Dobe I'll protect you'' He smirked.

''Oh my god Sasuke-kun! your soo cool!!''She yelled

I yawned and just waved my hand ''What ever maybe they'll kill you if I'm luck..'' Before he could finish Kakashi cut him off.

''Naruto! dont say things like that about your teamates''He said angry.

''Damnit Kakashi!! You allways take up for him is it cause he's a uchiha!?! huh!? is it! you are worthless u dont even deserve to be called a sensei! its allways''Sasuke this''Or ''Sasuke that'' Damnit when is it ever, NARUTO! or is it because MY new sensei killed your sensei you treat me like trash..''I smirked.Kakashi was suprised and I stared leaking red chakra''Well damnit I'll make my self get noticed''My whisker marks became thicker Kyubbi was yelling somthing but my mind was to fuzzy to hear my claws grew and I let out the loudest bark I can and glared at the earth nins that was scared shitless

''W--w-hat are u!!'' Yelled one

''Iam your worst nightmare'''I apeared in front of him stabing my claw in to his chest Sasuke and Sakura had there mouths wide open.

Gaara was standing in a tree watching the hole thing slightly turned on by his killer intents he started getting heated towords his groan and let out husky moan and counted to watch.

Sakura screamed and Sasuke was in shock too scared to move.

I licked the blood off my claw and a nin was coming at me nine tails poped out and sliced his bodys in diffrent angles I ran threw the rest of them killing them in one swip I was in the middle of the bodies all of them were standing if not carefully looking you'll even think there alive there bodies fell one by one it made blood ran my hair was tainted red and my anger was slowly gone I lightly licked the blood off of me.

Kakashi came up and punched Naruto right in the face scared shitless''N-naruto whats..become of you''

Naruto slowly got up and stared at him and whispers''A life met you at suna..''

Naruto walked ahead of them leaving them in shock and one crying he counted to walk tell midnight intell..

When he was far enough he smirked and said in his foxs like voice ''Gaara I now you been following me and I know what you want''Gaara couldnt hold his urge any longer he grabbed Naruto forcefully and pinned him against the tree with his knee between naruto's crotch Naruto moaned and tried to get free but Gaara pinned his hands aboved his head.''Naruto..''He said panting''I want you..I dont know this emotion''He clenched his heart area.

Naruto always wanting to be wanted..to be loved..let him''Its...love''

-Skips sexs scene-

Naruto was walking with Gaara when he scents three formiler chakra he grunted two kunai was thrown at him from Sasuke he caught them with ease and countered attacked by throwing them back at him his arm was cut and leg was cut.Kakashi thought Naruto threw them at him first and so did Sakura.

Sakura glared''NARUTO! How can you throw those at Sasuke-kun He done nothing to you!''She helped sasuke up

Kakashi''Naruto your going to have to learn how to control your anger unless you want to go back!''

Gaara steped forward before Naruto could say anything and glared''You Hatake Kakashi is jumping to conclusions thinking Naruto-kun attacked your Uchiha Sasuke you didnt even listen to both sides of the story''Kakashi bit his lip and made his pride again.

Kakashi''I saw him do it tho thats enough evidence''

Naruto''But he threw it first look at the handle my handle has a foxs enabled in it and the trickle gold ''Said boredly.

Kakashi sighed and opened his mouth to apologies.

Naruto cut him off''Go away you did your mission you droped me off in suna. Now be gone."

Gaara couldnt help but chuckle Naruto stared at him then smirked slightly and poked him and then Sasuke had to jump in a ruin the moment.

''Naruto!!!!! were did you get the strength''Sasuke was angry

''Milk and cookies''Laughed darkly

Kakashi stoped Sasuke from doing anyharm to Naruto''Naruto you know he's stronger dont pick fights you know you cant..''

Sakura jumped in and punched Naruto''Win!''

Gaara glared at the evil beast and was about to kill them intell Naruto stood up and opened his eyes and they all appered back in the village everyone was in shock but not Gaara.

''Naruto...what did you just do and where did you learn it?!''Kakashi glared at Naruto.

''Why so you can teach it to dear lil Sasuke-kun!!Letim make his own jutsu's damnit!''Naruto jumped up on the hokage tower and yelled across the shinobi world''Tonight! Naruto Uzamaki fight Sasuke uchiha Oh and for all you dumb teme's the fourth was my father and he go turned in to the kyubbi and was placed inside his son's stocch by himself! so that is all''Naruto jumped damn and appered in front of Sasuke whispering''No rules...all out..''He dissappered with gaara in the sand.

Sasuke was trembling in fear...

Naruto grined as they appered in his house and Gaara wraped his arms around Narutos waist smiling he nuzzled into Naruto's neck and Naruto mewled slightly

Gaara smiled''Didnt think mr.innocent could be so cruel..''Pushed Naruto slightly on the bed and layed beside him.

Naruto smiled and layed his head on Gaara's chest and let out a happy sigh''I got tired of the damn mask...Kyubbi once told me mask's hinder you..I didnt beleave him at first now..Iam done with masks iam ready to let my true self shine''He kissed Gaara's chin and shut his eye's

Gaara blushed and smiled running his fingers threw his hair''You rest..I'll wake you up when its time to fight..''Naruto nodded and fell a sleep

Somwhere with Teme,Suckura,Cockshi

Sasuke sighed and pretend to be cool,While Sakura didnt care at all she hugged Sasuke and Sasuke shruged her off thinking about.His fight with Naruto and wondering about Naruto and Gaara's relationship and got angry by the minute thinking about it''Why should I care...The Dobe is weak..Icould take him out with my eye's close..but..he said somthing about a mask..I wonder what's the dobe's true strength is..

Sakura looked at Sasuke worryed''Dont worry Sasuke-kun there's no way! dead last can beat you right Hatake Senesi''

Hatake Noded and was pondering if he really was going to win.

Sasuke sighed and practice even so he thought he didnt need to.

Time skip

It was time to fight and Gaara woke Naruto with a little push Naruto smiled and leaned up and kissed Gaara''Its time already?''Gaara nodded and helped Naruto up

Naruto pouted and put his long hair in a ponytail like his older brothers Gaara smirked and licked Naruto's cheek''Mmm I usually perfer a guy but you looking like a girl..It still turns me on..''

Naruto blushed and pushed Gaara slightly''Nuu I cant be sore when I kill the teme I wanna have complete pleasure of breaking every bone in his body.''

Gaara smirked and took Naruto's hand and they dissappered in a cloud of sand,Sasuke was there waiting for them with his go go team behind him he crossed his arms and smirked and everybody was there from every countrie they knew Sasuke was gonna win but the people knew Naruto had other thoughts

Sakura smirked and inner Sakura'Chya! seems like goldy locks chickened out no duh any smart idiot would of Sasuke is like soooo stronger! and cooler!'Sakura''Looks the dobe chickened out''

Thats when everything got silent and she got a chill up her spin Naruto and Gaara appered in a cloud of sand and Naruto was leaning his head against Gaara's chest and Gaara's arm was holding Naruto close protectivly Naruto smirked at the state Sakura was in when she saw them togeather like THAT everyone whispered and some were happy they got togeather but others found in disgusting and Sakura was one of those people.

Sakura made a disgusted face and pointed Naruto and Gaara''Eww gross! Naruto get away from the creepy goth guy''

Naruto gave her the middle finger and she was in shock even more''Hell no you pink haired monster''He said in the coldest voice he could mustered he pried Gaara's hands off and kisshed him on the cheek.

Sasuke twitched and was getting jelouse/angry 'That damn dobe..he's trying to get me worked up what the fuck is he whispering to that freak?!' Sasuke made it look like he was cool''Ready to fight dobe? promise to go easy on you'

They got in stance and everything got quite naruto undid his hair and ran his fingers threw it''Bring it on!'' He ran at Sasuke making three other clones before Sasuke could activate his eye Naruto made it seem like the others were gonna attack but made them vanish right before they hit, and punched Sasuke square in the face accross the floor.

Naruto's right eye was still covered by his bangs he stood there waiting for sasuke toget up.

Sakura and Kakashi were in shock'W-when did he get so strong!?!'

Sasuke got up and whiped the blood from his mouth he activated his eye and then Naruto laughed''HAH Oh my god! wanna see what my eye can do?''Thats when Sasuke noticed one of his eyes were covered up.

Sasuke smirked knowing Naruto had no bloodlimit''Sure D.O.B.E!''

Naruto fliped his hair back and a red Kyubbi eye showed he grined and his fangs grew ''Lets get it on!''He ran at him in unblinding speed Sasuke could barely keep up Naruto slamed his hand on the floor with out doing any hand signals''EARTH SHADOW:ROCK TOMB''The ground shook and split underneath Sasuke and he got cought he struggled and did a fireball jutsu and bust out.

Naruto been trying to get him as close as he can but he wanted to get closer..He spread out his fingers and his finger bones shot out like bullets Sasuke was in shock and started jumping around dodging was shot in the leg and it poped.

Naruto stood there and crotched low to the ground like Kiba and pulled out his spine everyone heard the sounds of the spine leaving everyone was disgusting and scared to death.

Naruto grined''My bloodlimit his mimkry..and Kyubbi..I copyed soo many I can name them'' He grined sedisticly''Kikai bunshin no jutsu..,Byakugan,Juin Jutsu,Tessenka No Mai,Dance of the camillea,Dance of pines...,Samarabi no mae,Dance of willows..,Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou,Amaterasu,''Everyone Gasped but Naruto didnt stop''Sou-Tou-Rou but with foxs,''Kiba and his family gasped when they heard that''Garou Ga,Hessendan,Hakke Shou Kaiten,Jyuuken,HiJutsu, Makyou HyouShou,HiJutsu, Sensatsu Suishou,Mokuton Hijutsu, Jukai Koutan,'' Everyone stared''I could copy more! Sakura's bloodlimit is innerself,Ino mindcontrol,Sasuke his eyes.. but I spoke to much...''Mokuton! Hijutsu Jukai Koutan! he slamed his hands on the ground and plants and grabed hold of Sasuke tightly and squeezed

Sasuke gasped and struggled''Give it up Sasuke! this is a hokage move! I could get rid of you stupied curse seal..Just give up! show them how weak you are!''Naruto grined and his eye got bigger as purple chakara admited from him Gaara tensed abit Kakashi noticed and being to worry

Sasuke shoke his head''I wont give up..C-cause remeber..I-I-Its are nindo..way''Sasuke struggled and began breathing hard.

Naruto gasped as he got angry and he grabed his head trying to block out Kyubbi Gaara was about to go help but Naruto looked at him with both Kyubbi eye's

Gaara laughed everyone stood wide eyed and shocked thinking'Holy fuck?!'

Gaara smiled''Naruto..you got both your eyes...''

Naruto smiled happly and looked at Sasuke''My bloodlimit is allmost complete..thanks Sasuke..I knew if I fight you I'd get my eyes..''

He used Sasuke,Sasuke got angry but the vines didnt losen''Give it up''

Sasuke growled ''NO!''Naruto shook his head and held Sasuke in the jutsu intill he passed out Naruto let him go and walked to Gaara Gaara let his eye's show showing Shakuku's eye's and Naruto's Kyubbi.

''That was fun''He nuzzled into Gaara

Gaara pated his shoulder and Sakura ruin the moment''Y-You demon! what did you do to Sasuke-kun''Gaara wraped sand around her throat.

Gaara finally spoke''Shut up you piece of shit''Everyone gasped''Its called fighting you will never be a true shinobi if you dont know the three rules and not the dumb shit the academy teaches first rule.Fight to surive if you keep up your act you wont last long.Second rule.Trickery if you dont know how to play the game get the fuck out of it,and Last Kill if you cant kill a fucken rabbit you cant kill a shinobi that will not hesitate to kill you.Tusunda knew this but she knew it to late become a docter play it safe but even a docter know's when its time to pull the plug when its time to kill.''Sakura was about to cry but she understood..he was right she didnt know how to play the game.. she didnt know what she was getting into''Kakashi your the reason for this she had to get the fucking Hokage to train her cause you Hatake cant train worth shit..what would Arashi-sama think?!''Kakashi growled.

''Dont talk Gaara if you dont know-''He cut him off''Know what who the fuck Naruto's fucking father is?! Arashi wouldnt put the beautiful demon an anyone eles body so he had to do it to his on damn son.

''G-Gaara..please calm down''Naruto rested his head on Gaara's chest Gaara sighed Kakashi stood shock with the village and they all felt ashamed of them selfs arashi son..and we did this to him..

''Gaara has a point Kakashi..You were a bad teacher..We each went to legendary to train and they even went out of there way to do it but not you..Sometimes I wish i knew what Iruka saw in you''They vanished leaving ashamed Village and Nocked out Sasuke a Broke Kakashi and crying Sakura.

A new day dawns.

Naruto woke up and noticed Gaara was still and sleep he kissed his cheek's and sat up he wanted to walk to the ramen shop for some ramen.

He put on his black pants and tapes the white bandages around his knees and elbows he slips on a short sleave black shirt and puts on his black sandles he digs around for Gaara's eyeliner and slips some on lightly and puts his headband losly around his neck and walks on the door.

Gaara rolled over to look at the door watching Naruto leave he smiled softly'Dont let them push you around anymore babe'

Naruto looked around the town and several people tried to give him items and say sorry,One lady even stooped so low as to send her five year old daughter to Naruto to say sorry for her.Naruto didnt care he walked to the old training ground and laid there looking at the clouds.He sighed happly and closed his eye's just to open them to see ,Neiji,Shikamaru,Ino,Hinata,Choji,Rock Lee,Tenten,Kiba,Shino,And lastly Sakura..

Naruto sat up and crossed his legs and raised an eyebrow''Umm yea?'' He said in a seme dark voice.

Neiji''Naruto of course it was destined for you to get the demon and all..''

Shikamaru lazly said''But in are hearts and soul we are truly sorry you were the one destined''

Hinata studder''B-b-ut you w-w-will a-l-l w-a-y-s be be be in ar--''She blushed and passed out.

Kiba toothyed grinned''Are friends I think is what she was trying to say.''He scratched the back of his head.

Choji and Rock lee''And even if your father is arashi we dont think less or greater of you,you is you.Yes! and let your youth sprout and grow into the wonderful flower it is YO! no matter how hard you shunn us we will not budge!''

Naruto smirked he could think of a few ways to move them.

Tenten and Ino''We are sorry we treated you bad and were sorry for the whole village and hope then fall oneday but we will stay by your side because-''She was cut off by sad sympthatic voice.

''Thats..are nindo way..''And was Sakura

Naruto stood up and dusted him self off and smiled a real smile at them''I have no hate twords you are no one I bare no grudges,No matter how bad you guys treated me.Cause..thats my nindo way''

Everyone cheered and ran up to hug him Sakura was last and everyone backed off naruto walked up to her and hugged her she sobbed in his arms uncontrolably.He patted her back and whispered''Its ok''.

Far off inthe bush there was a evil and jelouse glare turned to Naruto.