Hey, fellow Warriors fans. I know a lot of you have given me some good ideas for this story. But I unfortunately think I have carried out all my imagination as far as it can go for this story.

It has been a good 25 stories and wow, two years. I didn't expect this story to last this long. I have loved making this story but I think it hay be time to move on so, here's one more for the road.

Dear Squirrelflight,

I hope only you are reading this. We have much to talk about my dear sister. We have suffered through the cold winters of our old home, the loss of our forest, the perils of this second home.

But I never thought we'd face these perils. Our secrets have caused the kits many trials. It is not over for them. You think you can take this secret to your death my dear sister, while I am not so sure. I want nothing more then for us both to be buried as loyal warriors but I'm certain things will change.

Brambleclaw is a good father, and a great deputy, but it is his temper I fear. Once he finds that they are not his he will be on me in an instant. More and more people are figuring it out. Slowly, I fear, the entire forest will find out.

My best wishes go out to you my beloved sister, and may StarClan bless that we can keep this secret.

With Great Love,


Sorry it's so short; this is why I'm stopping. I stop as the ideas do.