A/N: Well, here it is, another story. It's going to be a four part series, each having a different season and different pairing. Each chapter will begin with two quotes, each relating to the characters and how they feel towards the aspect of love, or the person they love. But during this story, I won't say any names but the pairings are pretty popular ones and should be obvious to determine.

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-:- Seasons of Love -:-

Love Like Winter

"Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love."

– Erich Fromm

"I get the best feeling in the world when you look at or acknowledge me because I know, even if its just for a second, that I've crossed you mind."

– Unknown (slightly altered)

When people saw them together, one word could instantly sum up what they were feeling.


Why would a beautiful, young girl be with such stiff and serious man that many would shudder and cower under?

But when someone would finally have enough spine to go and ask the bubbly young woman why she would associate herself with someone who obviously didn't notice how beautiful her eyes were or her curves (when there was at least a dozen other men who did and would do anything for her), she'd only laugh and say it just was and no matter what, he would always be her 'sama', which made the public's eyebrows only raise higher.

Finally, they summed it up that she was only a love sick puppy who couldn't stop running after that stone faced (yet handsome, she'd always add) man, and was the only one foolish enough to follow him, they added.

The man that they called a walking winter.

But soon they realized that the man would become more slake around her, that the air around him didn't become so dense. That his eyes didn't always scream that he wanted to kill or maim you (which was very intimidating).

Years followed, and the villagers watched the couple, their curiosity never satisfied.

They remember the first time they'd held hands, the first time he'd have a hand on her waist and not on his deadly sword, and the first time she'd kissed him on the cheek (which was very interesting because she was so embarrassed that she'd ran away).

But, most importantly, everyone remembers the day that everyone had dressed up in pure white.

For their wedding.

And during it, they remember how they'd said their vows and kissed, finally pulling away to look at the crowd. Her smile was so large and vibrant that it covered half her face and she seemed to grow, tears of happiness streaming down her face. And he, well, he was actually smiling. It was a small, ghost of a smile, but it was there and everyone saw it.

They remember watching them walk out to their private garden, the snow from winter drifting silently in the wind and covering the land to a pure white. The odd couple had decided to be different once again, having their wedding not in perfect summer, but cold winter.

And yet, when they saw the two embrace in front of a blossoming cherry tree, it instantly brought tears to their faces and peace in their minds.

For this girl had brought spring to his suffering heart, and had finally ended his seemingly eternal winter.

I know this pairing should have been Spring, but it was already taken by another pair, which will be the next chapter. But you'll find that every chapter will somewhat mix in with the next one.

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