-:- Seasons of Love -:-

Love Like Fall

"A man in love is incomplete until he's married. Then he's finished."

– Zsa Zsa Gabor

"Fine guys open my eyes, smart guys open my mind, but only a sweet guy can open my heart."

– Unknown





"What's up?"

"You broke it again, didn't you?"


"Come here. Show me."

"It wasn't my fault. Seriously."


"Really, that guy jumped ME. And he was asking for it anyway..."

"Stop making excuses and show it to me."


"You really busted it up this time. It'll take...only a week to heal, if you DON'T use it."


"You WON'T use it WILL you?"

"...sure, why not."

"You know, the only reason I treat you is because you always come running with big, ADORABLE puppy eyes."

"You're kidding Kitsune."



"Oh shut up and take it like a man."

"So says the most femine person I know."

"Do YOU deal with people bleeding all over you everyday?"


"That's what I thought."

"Yeah, well you don't get into fights."

"...you know that merchant who sells leeks?"

"Yeah, the pervert whose always drunk? Didn't he just get beat up recently?"


"No way."


"So, maybe you DO show those sharp teeth or yours every now and then Kitsune."

"Yeah, yeah."

"So...how long did you say I can't use my hand?"

"A week."

"And...do I have to come everyday for a checkup?"


"I'll take that as a yes."


Wow...this one was definantly the weirdest (I HATE IT!) cause this was the only way that I could think of writing something in a different way. I hope you get who two people are...it should be obvious enough DX

ANYWAAAY thank you VERY MUCH for everyone's support on this story. It was pretty fun to do :)