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When Hiashi Wants Grandkids...

By Chibi Shino

Chapter 1: I'm Neji's WHAT?!

It was early and Hiashi was sitting with his three children, Hinata, Hanabi and Neji. Well..Neji wasn't exactly his CHILD, but ever since his brother died, he thought of himself as his dad...even though he doesn't show it...EVER. When the chef surved the breakfast to the little Hyuga family. Hiashi thanked the chef as they set down the food and left. He watched as the three children in front of him dug in happily then picked up a fork and started to cut one of his pancakes. "Neji." Hiashi said, rather stearnly.

"Yes?" Neji responded.

"How old are you?"

Neji stared at him for a moment before responding. "18."


Silence. Sounds of chewing on pancakes. More silence.

"You know..." Hiashi started, breaking the silence. The three other Hyuga's stared at him curiously. "I've been thinking..."

"About what, father?" Hinata asked politely. Hanabi stared at her father, wating for him to say something. Neji shrugged and took a a piece of pancake and popped it into his mouth.

"I want grandkids." The words slipped out of Hiashi's mouth with liquid ease.

Hinata's eyes went wide, Hanabi clapped a hand over her mouth to supress her giggles and Neji choked on his pancake. They all stared at Neji as he was punching his stomach trying to get the pancake out of his windpipe. A few minutes later, Neji got it out. How could he hold his breath for a few minutes? He's a ninja silly! "W-What?!" He yelled, trying to register what his 'dad' just said in his mind.

"I want grandkids." Hiashi repeated. Neji's eyes widened. "And I want them within a year." Great. Just GREAT. "I want them popping out like bunnies." Hiashi had to put that image there, didn't he?

"Umm..Daddy." Hanabi said. Everyone turned to the small girl. "Did you take your medication this morning?" She asked.

"Well I never!" Hiashi yelled, clearly insulted. Hinata giggled and gave her a high-five. Neji just smirked and started on his cereal. Hiashi turned in his direction. "Oh. And Neji." He said.

"Hm?" Neji said as he took a spoonful of cereal.

"I want you to be the father." Neji spewed out all of his cereal. First the pancakes now this?!

"WHAT?!" Yelled a suprised Neji.

"I want you to be the father. The mother would be of your choice, but of course if you want a pure Hyuga baby, you can take Hinata."

They all turned to him. Did he say what they THINK he just said? Hanabi, once again, clamped a hand over her mouth. Hinata stared wide-eyed at her father. Neji just sat there, staring at Hiashi like he had magically grown another eye or something. Muffled giggling was heard and Hanabi was the culprt. She removed her hand from her mouth. "HA HA! NEJI-NII-SAN HAS TO DO IT WITH HINATA!" She teased, laughing.

Neji glared.

Why was fate never on his side?

"Okay then! It's decided! The mother will be-!" Hiashi started untill...

"NEJI!" Came a scream from afar. Before anyone could even say 'Waffles', the door slamed open to reveal a angry looking Tenten. "Neji! THERE you are! You're late for training!" She stomped her way up to him, grabbed him by the sholders and started to shake him furiously. "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?! WHEN ANYONE ELSE IS LATE YOU NEVER LET US FORGET IT! NOW I WON'T LET YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE LATE! LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE LATE! YOU ARE LATE!" She yelled. The three others stared on in horror. Suddenly Hiashi had an evil look in his eye.

"Tenten..." He said. Hinata and Hanabi stared at eachother.

Oh oh. He finished the sentence.

"Did he just say-?" Hinata whispered to Hanabi.

"He did." She whispered back.

Tenten dropped Neji and turned to Hiashi. "Did you just say my name?" She asked.

Hiashi nodded. "Yes. You are offically Neji's mate/wife." Tenten and Neji's eyes opened wide. She opened her mouth. "No, you do not have any say in this." She clamped her mouth shut.

Silence filled the room. AWKWARD silence.

Tenten, meet the family!

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