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"Mr. Pancake..." Tenten slurred. She bit it with a loud crunch. Neji looked at her with horror, but didn't say anything, secretly amused at his drunken teammate. "... YOU TASTE LIKE SHIT." She threw the rock on the ground. "AH. I'M SORRY I'M SO SORRY." She looked back on the ground. "... Hey... A pancake!"

"TENTEN." Neji spoke loudly, attempting to get the girl's attention. Tenten ignored him, slowly reaching down to get the 'pancake'. Neji grabbed a kunai and used the reflected light onto the ground.

Tenten watched the light in wonder. "I WANT IT. JESUS I WANT." She dove at it, but missed. Neji smirked. She's like a cat. "Now Tenten, pay attention. I want to-"





"MINE, DAMMIT." Neji put the kunai away. Tenten stopped. "Where did my shiny...? Why shiny...? WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY- Is that a pancake?" She went right back to the rock.

Neji sighed as Hiashi came out of nowhere. "Finally! I've found you!" Hiashi roared, throwing his head back at letting out a victorious 'HARHARHARRRR!'.

Tenten stared at him wide-eyed. "... Uncle Jimmy?"

Hiashi stopped. "What, you strange bunned female?"

"Uncle Jimmy!" She tackled him. "It's been so long since I have eaten your delicious fried- Where's the donkey you promised me?" She growled, suddenly serious.

"... Excuse me?"

"Where. Is. The. DONKEY?" Neji had to hold back a chuckle. "You. Said. I. Deserved. A. Donkey."

"Because Konoha totally needs a bigger ass than you..." Hiashi grumbled.

The world seemed to freeze.

Neji sighed. "You idiot."

Tenten silently walked over to Mr. Pancake. "... FEEL MY PANCAKE WRATH, YOU BIDDY!" She grabbed as many rocks as she could and began chucking then at Hiashi.

Neji shrugged.

Better than the plan he thought of.

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