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10 years later

"Randy where is that boy of yours, because when I get my hands on him I'm going to kill him." Hunter yells bursting through the locker room door. Hunter retired from the ring a few years ago, but works behind the scenes, making on-screen appearances once in awhile.

"Which one Hunter, I got two." I ask looking at him. I asked Morgan to marry me about a year after we started dating, but Bren was calling me dad months before that. Morgan and I had two kids together, Aiden who is nine, and Brooke who is five. Then there is Brendon who just recently turned eighteen, and signed a developmental deal, and will being training in OVW in a few months.. Morgan had quit her wardrobe job so she could accept the opening on the creative team, and I am still going strong in the ring, even at thirty seven.

"Brendon. Where the hell is he?" He asks looking around.

"I'm not sure, what did he do?" I ask, knowing it couldn't be good.

"I caught him with Aurora again, and the little brat took off before I could kill him." And this is how the usual Monday nights work. Sure, there are a lot of new guys on the roster, and a lot of the old guys gone. Shawn retired five years ago, along with Undertaker. But we still got John, Jeff, Ken, and Chris. Brendon's been sneaking around with Hunter's girl Aurora, who is sixteen, and I don't think he is happy about it.

"Why can't you just let them alone, their not going to do anything."

"But that's your kid, and I know how you were at that age." He says.

"Auroras to smart to fall for his charm anyway." I reassure him.

"I don't know about that." I just roll my eyes at him and continue lacing up my boots. I look up at the door when I hear it opening.

"Dad I got to stay here for awhile, Hunter's looking for me." Brendon says opening the door, which is blocking his view of Hunter. I smile and nod my head telling him to come in, looking forward to seeing his face when he spots Hunter. He walks in and shuts the door.

"Hello Brendon." I watch him jump out of his skin before turning around.

"Hunter, hey, I was just leaving." He says turning towards the door again.

"I don't think so bud." Hunter says grabbing Bren by the shoulder.

"I'm sorry, I will stay away from her."

"Who are you trying to fool boy?" Hunter asks, but lets him ago anyway.

"I'm letting you go this time, but thats it. Aurora's to young to be messing around with boys." He says and walks out the door. I laugh to myself, knowing that he will be back soon when he catches them again.

"Why didn't you tell me he was here?" Brendon asks me.

"You never asked me kid."

"I don't think you need to call me kid anymore dad." He says sitting down beside me.

"You'll always be my kid."

"You got two other kids too."

"Yeah, but your my favorite."

"Yeah right, Brooke got you wrapped around her finger worse than mom does." He says laughing. Its true though. Brooke is a splitting image of Morgan, and knows how to get what she wants from me. She is truly a daddy's girl. Aiden on the other hand, looks like me, and is a badass. He causes more hell at age ten, then most kids do in their childhood. We sit and talk for awhile longer before we have more guests.

"Randy, your child stole the keys to the hall closet and won't tell me where they are." Morgan says, lugging a sleeping Brooke on her shoulder and a smiling Aiden behind her.

"Why is it when they do something wrong, they are my kids?"

"Because if they were mine they would do no wrong."

"I'm sure." I say before pulling Aiden into my lap. I watch Brendon take his sleeping sister from Morgan and lay her down on the couch. He is close to Brooke, but then again, he is close to Aiden to.

"Where are the keys at Aiden?"

"I don't have the keys daddy."

"Then where did you put them?"

"I gave them to uncle Jeff." How did I know? Jeff is the same with Aiden that he was with Brendon, always putting him up to no good. Jeff's as bad at forty as he was at thirty, maybe worse.

"Why did you give them to Jeff?" I ask him, unsure if I want to know.

"Ken said that he would pay uncle Jeff if he could lock uncle Chris in the closet."

"So why did you get the keys?"

"They were in uncle Hunter's office, and I had to get them."

"Alright, but next time don't listen to your Uncle's." I tell him.

"Remind me to keep our kids away from them." Morgan says sitting down on the bench.

"Well they already ruined Bren so there's no need."

"They did not ruin me." Bren says speaking up.

"Dad can we walk to catering and get something to eat?" Aiden asks me.

"Sure, I was going down there anyway."

"You boys go, I'm going to stay here with Brooke." Morgan says.

"Alright, you want anything?" I ask.

"Just bring me back a water." She says. I take Aiden's hand and Bren follows us down the hall. Inside the cafeteria were most of the other guys, and a few girls. Brendon and Aiden went to get some food while I went and sat down with Jeff, Ken, Carly, Cody, who is the current WWE champion, and a new comer named Chad.

"You got my boy in trouble Jeff." I tell him sitting down beside Ken.

"Um which one?" He asks making me frown. I know what he made Aiden do, but his statement means Bren did something to.

"Aiden. Why would you put him up to stealing keys?"

"He was the only one that would do it."

"Wait till Morgan gets of you."

"She's all talk. She loves me to much to murder me." Jeff says confidently. After a break up with Candice, that lasted about six months, the two got back together and tied the knot soon after. They have their own little girl Sara, who is Aidens age, along with his partner in crime. She is definitely her daddy's kid. She is another hell raiser, and usually where there is trouble, there is Sara and Aiden. I need to remind myself to keep Brooke away from her uncles until she is thirty.

"You keep getting my kids in trouble she isn't going to love you much longer."

"The whole key thing was a misunderstanding. Sara was no where around, and Aiden was."

"How would you feel if I put Sara up to doing something like that?" I ask him.

"I'd be a proud father." He says smiling. I walked right into that one.

"Did you ever think about getting the keys yourself?" I ask. This conversation is going no where.

"Aiden is sneakier than me. I would have got caught."

"Your going to have him in the state penitentiary by the time he is ten." I say laughing.

"C'mon now, Brendon turned out fine." Jeff says.

"Yeah but Aiden does whatever you want him to do, Bren didn't."

" Speaking of Brendon, Hunter was looking for him earlier." Ken informs me.

"Yeah he caught Bren with Aurora again." I tell them, eliciting laughs from them. It was no secret about Bren and Aurora, just to Hunter. Even Steph knew about it.

"You better watch out, you and Hunter might be grandparents soon." Cody says.

"I dare them to, I'm to young for that."

"To young for what dad?" Bren asks sitting down across from me with Aiden with some food.

"Nothing. Did you get your mom a bottle of water?" I ask him, my attention momentarily on Jeff who was whispering something to Aiden who started laughing, then gave Jeff a high-five. Aiden then looks over at Brendon and nods his head, Bren in turn grins at Jeff. What the hell is going on?

"What are you three up to?" I ask looking between the three. I then notice Ken, Cody and Chad left. Something is up.

"Nothing dad." Aiden reassures me, taking a drink of his juice.

"I'm not falling for it."

"Randy, trust us. Would we ever do anything wrong?" Jeff asks.

"You three?, Never!"

"Good, so relax."

"You know what, I don't even want to know. So before anything happens, I'm going to go finish getting ready. The show starts in an hour. Make sure Aiden's in the dressing by then kid." I tell Brendon. I don't want to stick around and see what they are up to. I need to start reminding myself not to let Brooke around her uncles until she is thirty. I head back to my dressing room, which I get to myself because of the kids and Morgan. They come to every show, they all have a love for wrestling, but I suspect they really come because grandpa Vince has money and toys for them every week. That's right, ask Aiden and Brooke who their grandfather is and they will tell you they have two, Vince, and my dad. Brendon had as much love for Vince as the other two, but just calls him Vince. My dad is really close to Aiden and Brooke, but he holds a special bond with Brendon.

I walk into my room and see Morgan sitting on the couch, previously occupied by a sleeping Brooke, surrounded by papers. I scan the room and don't spot Brooke anywhere around. I take a seat beside Morgan, who puts her papers down and looks at me.

"Where's Brooke?"

"Candice came and got her, she is taking her and Sara back to the hotel. She is done for the night and the girls were tired."

"Good." I say before kissing her. We don't get a lot of time alone together, and rare moments like this are nice. I asked Morgan to marry me about a year after we started dating. She didn't even hesitate to say yes. It wasn't long after the wedding she discovered she was pregnant with Aiden. I think she was a little scared about having another child, and was scared of how Bren would take it. He wasn't a dumb kid, and he knew he wasn't my biological son obviously, and once I explained that nothing would change between us, he was fine. And nothing did change, and I made sure to spend time when it was just me and him. Unless someone told you, you really wouldn't be able to tell that he wasn't my soon. He is tall and built, with brown hair and blue eyes. I don't think I have been more proud in my life then when he signed his developmental deal with OVW. He is a natural in the ring, and with the training he has done with Jeff, John and I, there is no doubt he is going to do great things in the business.

"What was that for?" Morgan asks, pulling away from me.

"Am I not allowed to kiss my wife?"

"Any time." She says pulling me into another kiss.

"So I was thinking we ship the kids off tonight, and have a little Randy vs. Morgan time?" I suggest smirking.

"How about we wait until Thursday when your parents are taking them to the beach for a week?"

"Alright, that works to."

"Did you read your script for tonight?" She asks digging through papers.

"No, not yet."

"Randy, the show goes live in an hour. You should know what your doing."

"Relax, I'll go read it now." I tell her. I walk over to the table and pick up the script for tonights show, and flip through until I see my match. I quickly scan over it.

"Hart again, that boys nuts in the ring." I whine. Teddy Hart. He is worse than Jeff in the ring. He is good, but nuts. Fearless, his wrestling isn't my style.

"Teddy is not that bad. Besides, did you read the rest of it?" I roll my eyes and read more carefully through the page.

"It's a title match?" I haven't had a title match in over a year. Having your wife on the creative team really doesn't pay off at all.

"Keep reading." She says. I continue reading down the page and stop when it say the outcome. RKO then cover for the win.

"I get to win?" I ask in disbelief.

"Stop acting like I never let you win." She says laughing.

"Sorry, it's just an odd thing."

"Shut up."

"So I get to face Cody at the Rumble?"

"Yes you do."

"Do I get the belt?"

"We aren't sure yet." Damn, I knew I was getting ahead of myself.

"Doesn't matter, I'm just glad to be back in the main event."

"I know. Maybe now you will stop complaining every week to me."

"I doubt it, it's to much fun."

"Tons. Anyway, where are the boys at?"

"I left them with Jeff in catering."

"Oh god, That cant lead to anything good."

"The reassured me they weren't up to nothing."

"And you believed them? Randy you are so gullable." She says.

"Yeah I know. I'm sure they wont do anything...that bad."

"I'm sure. I got to go meet with the other writers, you finish getting ready."

"Alright mom, don't worry about me."

"Smartass." She yells over her shoulder before walking out the door. I laugh to myself then finish getting ready. I decide to go talk to Teddy about our match tonight. I checked catering first, and he wasn't there, so I went to the mens locker room, which is where he was, along with the other boys.

"Whats up Randy?" Teddy greets.

"Nothing man. What's the gameplan for our match?" I ask sitting down on the bench beside him.

"I figured we could start off easy...do a few shooting star presses, and 360 splashes..." I sigh to myself as he rattles on about moves to do in the ring. I have been wrestling fifteen years and have been around it all my life, and half the moves he is naming I never heard of, and chances are can't do.

"Teddy, slow down. I was thinking we could be a little more technical tonight." Teddy's a high-flyer, I'm a technical wrestler. Teddy would be better suited wrestling Jeff, and I'm sure that would be one hell of a match. Besides, I'm getting to old to do some of those moves.

"Sure man. Whatever you want. What do you have in mind?" Teddy comes from a long line of wrestlers, perhaps Bret or even Owen might ring a bell. So wrestling is in his blood, and he isn't scared to improvise to make his opponent look better.

"Lets keep it relatively simple. Save the big stuff for the pay-per-views." For the next half hour we go over strategy and certain spots to perform in the ring. Even though I'm going to win, the fans will be 100 percent behind Teddy. There is something they love about him. Besides, I'm playing the bad guy, which is what I prefer. I look up when someone taps me on the shoulder.

"Have you seen Jericho?" Shelton asks me. My mind drifts back to the plan Jeff and Ken, along with the kids had. I doubt they would do it though.

"No, I haven't seen him since earlier. Sorry."

"Damn, well if you see him tell him to find me. He doesn't have a match and he already taped his promo, but we were supposed to go out afterwards."

"Sure man, no problem." I turn back to Teddy, to get the last details out of the way. As soon as I'm done doing that, I decide it would be for my best interest to go see where the boys are. I told Bren to bring Aiden back to my room, but I'm fairly sure he didn't. I check the cafeteria first, and they are all gone. I check Jeff's locker room, and they aren't there. I make my way back to my room and see Brendon and Aiden sitting on the couch watching the latest match, which is the newcomer Chad against Carly.

"Have you guys seen Chris around?" Without even looking away from the monitor they both answer.

"No." They answer simultaneously.

"Where's Jeff?"

"Don't know." They answer together again. I would have better luck talking to the wall, I would probably get more answers.

"Have you seen your mom?"

"The writers are in a meeting or something." Bren answers.

"Did you.."

"Dad shut up, we want to watch this." Aiden says, still not taking his eyes off the screen.

"PUT ME DOWN!" He yells when I pick him up and throw him over my shoulder.

"Tell me your sorry."

"Never." He says laughing.

"Then I'm not putting you down." I didn't see Brendon coming up beside me, but before he could do anything, I had him in a headlock.

"Nice try kid, I might be getting older, but I'm not that old." I had a kicking nine year old on my right shoulder, and and eighteen year old in a headlock. Not as easy as it sounds.

"I can't let you guys alone for a minute can I?" I turn us around and stare at a smirking Morgan.

"I had to teach these two a lesson."

"Face it Randy, Bren's as strong as you, and Aiden's quicker. Given a fair chance, they could take you."

"You hear that dad, mom said we can take you." Bren says taunting me.

"You wish."

"Who dominated in that match we had last week?" He asks, referring to the match we had at our house.

"I let you win." I can't admitt to defeat to my son.

'Whatever helps you sleep at night old man."

"I don't have to take this, I'm leaving." I say jokingly.

"Just wait till we have a match in that very ring out there in two years." Bren says. Two years is generally the amount of time you spend in OVW, and Vince already has Brendon's first match planned out. Against me. I better win.

"Randy, commercial break then your match, we need you in gorilla." A tech man says peeking his head inside the door.

"Alright, I got to go guys. I'll see you later." I say giving Morgan a kiss.

"Good luck dad." The boys yell to me as I walk out the door.

"You ready?" Teddy asks me when I walk up beside him.

"Yeah, just don't kill me." I say laughing.

"I'll do my best man." Soon after, his music hits and he walks to the ring, I can hear the screams for him, and I know that I am going to booed out of the arena, just how I like it. My music hits and I do my signature pose and smirk, before stepping in the ring.

It was a good solid match, with a lot of good spots in. Teddy lost, but walked out the hero. I won, and as suspected, got booed out. I get on the mic and do a promo about how I am going to be the next champion, and that there is no way Cody Rhodes can beat me. After another round of boos, I head to the back. I didn't realize how exhausted I was until I stopped to catch my breath. We had about a twenty five minute match.

"How's your head man? I didn't mean to kick it when I jumped from the turnbuckle."

"It's okay, you didn't connect that hard." I tell him.

"How about you come out with us tonight and let me buy you a drink." He suggests.

"As appealing as that sounds, I think I'm just going to get my wife and kids and head back to the hotel." I say, declining his offer.

"Yeah, I figured, just thought I'd ask." I talk to him for a few more minutes before heading to the locker room and showering. Morgan and the boys were sitting on the couch when I entered.

"That was a good match babe." Morgan says.

"They totally hate you out there." Brendon says.

"I loved it daddy." Aiden says, looking half asleep.

"Suck up." I joke.

"Go shower so we can leave." Morgan tells me. I did as I was told, and soon after we were heading to the parking lot. I just made it through another Monday night, and each week its exciting. I love my life, I love my wife, and I love my kids. I wouldn't do anything different if I had the chance. I'm happy. Sure, Bren's a smartass, and Aiden's a hellraiser, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I still got Brooke to rely on to turn out normal. I just got to keep her away from Jeff. I smile to myself, knowing that would never happen. I don't know where I would be without Morgan, she keeps me in line and straight. Who knows what I would be like without her. My life is perfect right now and there is nothing I would change about it. That is the last thought in my mind as we walk out of the arena, me carrying a sleeping Aiden with an arm around Morgan. Bren following close behind. We were all either to tired, or just didn't care about the distant yelling coming from down the hall as we left.