Guns & Roses

& ; jason and spinelli

( the perfect team )

Disclaimer: I do not own GH, its characters, settings, etc. These words, however, are mine.

They were so different and yet like the missing pieces of a puzzle, they fit together. Non-stop talking and stoic gazes -- the mentor and his self-proclaimed grasshopper.

"Well, you see... While you, Cold Stone, are my very wise and trustworthy mentor, I cannot ask for your much needed advice right now for this... Overwhelming issue!"

Jason, looking for all the world completely and totally lost to more of Spinelli's on-going saga's shrugged, his brows knitted. "What!?"

Spinelli sighed and sat himself down on the couch. "You," he started, gesturing wildly with his arms. "You, Cold Stone, have your guns and your power," he said speeding his speech up at the incredulous look on Jason's face." And I, the Jackal, would sooner resort to sweet words and roses than... Well, I to you is a mouse to a tiger."


"No, no, no, no, see--" His face lit up. "Guns and roses, yes! That best describes our thriving relationship."

"Guns and roses, okay, fine." Jason agreed, deciding he would rather not question it. "Now, can you please come here and find this information for me!"

"Yes, of course, we would not want to keep the Godfather waiting." He said, plopping down onto the chair at the desk.

Jason shook his head but couldn't suppress the smile lurking behind his eyes.

Guns and roses.

So different, but so fitting.