As sakura lays on her bed she thinks of her team and what it used to be. She shakes her head knowing that it will never ever be the same, knowing that sasuke is back but is locked up and naruto is gone and no where to be found.

Through out the night she tosses and turns becoming restless . Finally she gets up and pulls on a tshirt and a pair of shorts and walks over to her window lifting up one foot and putting it on the sill then pushing off and jumping down landing gently on the ground.

Sakura walks through the streets of konaha and thinks about naruto and all that he has been through and then sasuke and all that he has been through too. She knew that she loved them both but could only have one. She hoped the one she picked loved her back.

She passes the building that has sasuke in it and frowns at it then keeps moving towards the forest and hokage mountian. When she finally gets to the top of hokage mountian she stops, sits down,and crys her heart out.

She can't help her feeling now that both of her parent are dead and sasuke is locked away and naruto is gone. She hated orochimaru for it all, It was his fault.

That night she cried until she couldn't cry anymore. Then she laid down on the ground and began to close her eyes not caring if anyone came or not.

As soon as her eyes closed she heard a sound and jumped up asking" w-who is it?...W-who's there?" . She shivered slightly as she felt cold all of the sudden.

"it's me" said a familiar voice and sakura let her guard down as naruto stepped out from behind a tree. She twitched slightly and naruto chuckled silently at it. "n-na-NARUTOOO" she cried out before fainting.

When she woke up she was covered with his jacket laid against a tree. 'So he is still here' she thought to herself.Then she looked farther away and saw clothes laying on the ground. She got up and walked to them then looked up and saw a naked naruto trying to cover himself as he stands in the water knee deep. Sakura blushes crimson and turns away "s-sorry soorry " she sputters" d-do you want me to leave".

Naruto blushes as her covers himself and laughs when sakura turns away embaressed. He thinks about it then answers to her " no you can stay really look like you need to get cleaned off too." he chuckles and then continues" hey i've only been gone a two wasn't that bad was it"

Sakura turns back to him still blushing and then looks down as she thinks of how to answer him "yea it was bad ... worse than i thought it would be ...worse then sasuke" she grimaced when she thought about when sasuke had left.

Naruto frown displeased and then moved out of the water towards her still trying to cover himself. "sakura did you miss me?" he asks as her stands infront of her.

Sakura tells him a simple "yes" and then tears begin to come out again.

Naruto looks at her and then raises enough courage and simply says " i missed you too sakura and i love you " then turns back towards the water waiting for sakura to bash his head in.

Sakura sits in shock ...'so he does love me' she thinks to herself then stands up running into the water after him tears still coming out. "naruto i-i love you too" she sputters out. Then slams into naruto as he turns around .

Naruto hears sakura say that she loves him back and is truley happy to know that he is loved by someone. He turns and then feels something bump into him and then hears a yelp then looks down at her caringly as he asks her if she is okay.

Sakura rubs her face slightly and looks up at naruto and blushes then looks down and turn a deeper color red.

Naruto laughs "you okay" he says and doesn't even try to hide himself this time.

Sakura smiles and nods still dazed


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