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Well here is a 300 word drabble, it was done with a prompt from the Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generator.

The Prompts; 250-300 Words / A Teacher / I hope you Forgive me Someday.


Forgive Me

I stare into emerald green eyes as I berate their owner, they looked at me with hatred. I have only seen this kind of hatred from one other person, and that is the Dark Lord. I suppress a shiver as they bore into me once again. I turn and go back to my seat behind my desk. I looked up and find that he is staring at me once again, I berate him to pay attention to his potion. He glares at me and I glare back, taking twenty points from Gryffindor as I do.

I hate doing that, saying that his abilities are insignificant and worthless. I have watched him closely since he first entered my classroom, and noted that he has an excellent grasp of ingredients and their reactions within a potion. His brewing skills could do with a little work, but that would only be to help him achieve mastery in the subject. I would like to take him as an apprentice, he had the right abilities for me to do so. Instead I have to cater to a spoiled brat, Draco Lucian Malfoy, the idiot gets most of his potions wrong, but to keep myself alive, I have no other choice.

Ever since I caught Harry in my Pensive, I have heard the young man tell his friends that I despise him for his father's actions while at school, which couldn't be further from the truth. He may look like his father, but he has the compassion and care that his mother showed to everyone she met, including me. I may not have gotten along with his father to begin with, but during the first war, we were able to tolerate one another, though only for Lily's sake.

I hope you forgive me someday, Harry Potter.

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